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For those who work in the vicinity of KLCC and haven’t discover Wisma Sentral yet, this entry is especially written for you. The more seasoned workers around the area would most probably have visited this particular mixed rice outlet for years.

a wide selection of dishes for your choosing

There are at least five eateries in Wisma Sentral offering Chinese style chap fan, and each have their own unique properties to stay in business. For example, the one closest to the Japanese ramen shop has the pretty hot owner’s daughter working; another ground floor outlet is semi outside with a smoking area; yet another serves vegetarian food, etc etc.

My favorite is “Ah Sou” on the first floor closest to the polyclinic (at front-left corner after the stairs). The selection is huge, the dishes are tasty, and they are very reasonably priced too.

each plate of rice was less than RM 5.00

There are at least some 40 dishes to choose from to go with rice or porridge at Ah Sou on a daily basis. I particularly like their luncheon meat, Chinese sausage, stewed pork belly, steamed egg, tofu, and curry chicken. Other yummy dishes include tofu skin (fu chuk), herbal chicken, fried roast pork, and more. To be frank, I haven’t had anything that disagree with my taste buds from there yet.

Ah Sou also started a trend that spread through the other mixed rice outlets at this building by providing self served free soup and Chinese tea (with ice too) to go along with your rice.

map to Wisma Sentral

I usually don’t have to pay more than RM 5 for lunch there. The dish with half a Chinese sausage, 2 pieces of curry chicken and potato, vegetable, and a portion of steamed egg was RM 4.50. Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I wonder if we’re going there again tomorrow. emmm…

Ah Sou Chap Fan,
First floor, Wisma Sentral,
50088 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.158728, 101.714473

Discuss : “Ah Sou” Chap Fan at Wisma Sentral

  1. LOL. Nice post there. Almost felt like eating economy rice from the same stall where we had our lunches on a daily basis back in USM.

  2. Maybe u look handsome .. HAHA … the aunty charge me suka2x … haha sometimes really overprice , once my bf went there with his colleagues after my recommendation was charged rm7/plate which to me the food he took is ordinary.

  3. a good news to them nearly there…quite cheap in KLCC area thr

  4. J2Kfm,
    Hahah economy memang 😛

    LOL but I speaks hokkien to her most of the time, maybe that’s why. lol

    Yess! 😀

  5. Yup, Ah So sometimes charge suka suka and sometimes the dishes have added special ingridents i.e. dead flies, cockr leg, dead baby cockr or dead worms; maybe that what make it delicious.

  6. Oh, this is the Wisma Sentral that you are always referring to on your tweets. I thought why you will go all the way to Sentral (at Brickfields) for lunch. Haha, used to eat here too when I was working during my college days at KLCC.

  7. Ong,
    I never had that kinda problems tho.

    Yess, KL Sentral and Wisma Sentral are very different places 😛

  8. Probably have not been there in a decade or so haha.. there are maybe a few that serve freshly cooked stuff like fried rice and fried hokkien mee (KL).

  9. Oh, how I wish I can have a plate of chap fan right in front of me right now! Anyway, I just want to say hi and tell you that I’ve been your reader for a few months now. I’m a newbie in blogging stuff and hope you can come and check out my blog and give some comments for me to improve. Thanks! Happy New Year!

  10. Oh this post makes me miss the awesome chap fan at SS6 – also a lot of choices, and the possibly the best pork belly ever!

  11. KY : Haha thanks for the trick, will speak to her in Hokkien and see whether the price is still same or not !! U also hokkien lang !]

    Ong: Aiyo !!! Serious or not.. not many food stalls there if eliminating this as well!

  12. Suertes,
    Yah quite a few of them do. 🙂

    Happy new year to you too and good luck in your blogging career 😀

    Huai Bin,
    ooO best pork belly!

    Hahah try it! 😀

  13. i miss the pan mee there….miss this place a lot too …. cheap economy rice …

  14. Wisma Sentral’s the bomb. There are plenty of hidden gems in there. Beats the humdrum expensive KLCC food any time!

    Hot owner’s daughter eh? ROFL

  15. vialentino,
    Yaaa, very nice kan? 😀

    A Lil Fat Monkey,
    Hahahah yeh, the one downstairs. 😛

  16. Looks good. Have you tried the chap fan stalls on the top floor of Sungai Wang plaza? They have a pure vegetarian stall. The variety of dishes are incredible. I have a hard time deciding what to eat. I scooped 4 types of dishes and my plate was full. Can’t get any more on my plate.

  17. Meng,
    ooo interesting, but Suengei Wang is too far to walk from KLCC. lol

  18. wah 40 dishes is a big variety! At RM5, it isn’t expensive. I’m so hungry now…….

  19. KY,

    It is Wisma Central, not “Wisma Sentral” as you mentioned. It is located just besides Menara Maxis. The oldest commercial office building in KL way back to 1970’s.

  20. eiling,
    Yess, eat!

    Yes you are right, I just saw it yesterday, memang spelled as Wisma Central instead.

  21. Hi KY, I will call it ” economy buffet meal” rather “chap fan”

  22. Hi KY, and I also heard that Roti Boy 1st store was setup here many years ago, not sure true or not!!

  23. This old auntie operated initially at ground floor before 2002. However, her stall at ground floor was somehow taken over by a young chinese lady by selling the same “Chap Fan”.

    In 2006, the same old auntie striked back again by setting up another stall at 1st floor. She has been operating her biz till date.

    Hey TE,

    It’s true that the Roti Boy was firstly set-up here in 2004. However, the Roti Boy moved their biz to KLCC in 2006.

  24. TE,
    hahaha same thing, different name You’re right, roti boy started at wisma central

    Wah, nice historical perspective 😀

  25. Hi Ky,

    I used to work in KLCC as well and we never failed to visit Ah Sou every week. Her variety of food is amazing and nice. But i have to agree with some readers that she suka-suka charge and erm extra added ingredients! But oh well, good food with good price is worth much more than those! 🙂

  26. carol.hfl,
    Wah that’s quite hardcore. 😀

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