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Updated (12:30am 15/07/08): The results are out!

Dark Knight competition results

#4 won by quite a big margin, followed by #5. The good news is, both of them are going go walk away with 2 tickets each. Yes it’s a surprised! I’ve been given another pair of tickets!

So congratulations to Yvonne (#5) and Kua Woon Chiun (#4), see you at the event! I’ve already sent emails to you. I would also like to thank everyone for participating! It was a lot better than what I had expected!


These are the drawings submitted by readers of this humble blogs for a chance to win two exclusive premier tickets to watch The Dark Knight sponsored by Nokia. Response has been great, and instead of me choosing a winner all by myself, I’m gonna let you guys vote on it.

Do pick vote for the best submission, and not because one of your friends told you to vote for him/her. The poll is at the bottom of this post. Voting closes on Monday midnight (14/7/2008). Winner will collect the ticket on the movie screening on Tuesday (15/7/2008). Lets get it on!

Some participants submitted more than one pictures, but I am only putting the best one instead. Good luck!

Entry #1:
The Dark Knight

Entry #2:
This one’s very dreamy..
The Dark Knight

Entry #3:
The Dark Knight

Entry #4:
Batman, Joker, or Two Face?
The Dark Knight

Entry #5:
I won’t be able to draw this!
The Dark Knight

Entry #6:
Animated gif, emmm.
The Dark Knight

Entry #7:
This one is a photoshop work more than a drawing, but why not?
The Dark Knight

Here are two quizes for you to exercise that noob brain of yours. Lets see if you can get the answer, noob!

note: the answer might only appear a few seconds after you place your mouse over the image.

Question 1: Mouse that stands on two feet?

Now lets see if you can get the next one. Duck that stands on two feet?

So there were two hunters, they went into the Malayan jungle and hunted a tiger. With a very sharp parang, they divided the dead cat into three portions.

A: head
B: front body
C: back body

One hunter got the front body, the other took the back body home. Now the question is, who took the head?

Mouseover the image, and wait for a few seconds for the answer!

I got this from Val, so don’t blame me if you think it’s a bit lame. hee-hee

So there was this kid in the neighbourhood back in Peanng whose nickname was James Bond, I never did find out his real name even to this day. We were probably around 8-10 when this happened, hence the awesome gray scale nostalgic animation you are about to see.

This happened one day while we were enjoying a game of noob badminton on the road outside my house. As I hit a high shot over to James Bond, he tried to execute a pro smashing move aka Thomas Cup action on me. However, he missed the shuttlecock completely, the momentum of his attempt carried the racquet in an arc, came full circle and hit the it at the opposite end, behind his ass.

The shuttlecock landed on the roof of the house behind James Bond. Without realising that he had done it himself, he started blaming me that I had hit the shuttlecock up on the roof. He demanded that I buy him a new one. I, of course, told him what happened, but that boy just didn’t believe it.

I ended up ignoring him and went home, James Bond, however, cried.

Anyway, if anyone knows him, please show him this website. With my drawing & animation prowess I am now trying my best to explain it. Don’t cry now James Bond.

Badminton with James Bond

This happened once upon a time, when I was actually still going to high school and such, yah I was a teenager, and still remain so in spirit. I kinda had an accident due to an ill advised handling of the motorcycle that was the Honda EX-5 which I once rode from KL to Penang, 7 hour journey that made my butt almost divorced me, but that’s another story.

So I used to ride the bike to tuition. Everything was perfectly routine, class ended, there were at least 50 peers outside the center waiting for their rides, bus, and so forth. I started my bike, and without hesitation nor looking at the road, followed the other bike that was crossing the road.

Big mistake, the guy ahead of me crossed the road with no slack at all. As I look to the side of me, a car was coming, and approaching fast. But somehow while the event was unfolding, I remained perfectly clear headed. To avoid my left leg being crushed by the oncoming car as I was sure that I was going to hit it’s side, I lifted it from the pedal and….. ended up in between the 2 side mirrors.

I didn’t fall, was swaying around and came to a stop. About 100 eyes staring at me and I could hear some laughters. The dude who drove the car that I hit just told me to ride carefully since I only added about 0.5% more scratches in his beat up car.

Moral of the story: take off the side mirrors.