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Since WCE (West Coast Expressway) is now partially opened, the travel time from where I stay in Shah Alam to Kuala Selangor was cut off by quite a bit to only around 45 minutes instead of the usual hour plus, a seafood meal at this part of Selangor is now possible without being a laborious journey.

Makanan Laut Jeti, Kuala Selangor
Makanan Laut Jeti, Kuala Selangor

My last seafood trip to Kuala Selangor was at Restoran Kuang Wah, so I’ve decided to give another outlet a try this time around, and we settled on Jetty Seafood Restaurant, also located at the same general area by the mount of Selangor River.

crabs and snails
crabs and snails

Ordering here is quite a simple affair, they have a straight forward menu with some photos, but most importantly, they prices of those “market price” seafood are clearly written on the white board by the wall.

For two pax, we ordered a couple steamed local crabs, spiky shellfish, a plate of 4 kingdom vege (long bean, okra, petai, brinjal), deep fried seafood tofu, and salt and pepper mantis prawns.

4 kingdom vege, seafood tofu, mantis prawns
4 kingdom vege, seafood tofu, mantis prawns

While the crabs were small-ish in size, they were fresh, having them steamed also kept the natural sweetness intact, the only way to have good quality crab in my opinion.

Those spiky snails were a bit too small, quite a bit of work to eat, would probably skip that next time.

Vege was nice with a strong belacan taste while being only slightly spicy. The seafood tofu was really good, you can taste the bits of seafood within the tofu, I enjoyed it a lot.

I was hoping the mantis prawns came intact instead of shelled, but the dish turned out pretty decent, no complaints there.

Jetty Seafood Restaurant Menu
Jetty Seafood Restaurant Menu & price

Dinner came out to be RM 124.30, with what we ordered, I thought it was a pretty sweet deal. Planning another trip soon!

map to jetty seafood kuala selangor

Jetty Seafood Restaurant
26 Jalan Pasir Penembang
Kuala Selangor
45000 Selangor
GPS: 3.348020, 101.251619
Tel: 017-349 7713

Quite a few moons ago we went to do one of the more touristy things you can do in Selangor – firefly watching at Kuala Selangor.

To be honest, it was my first time doing that, and I had our Singaporean friends Angus & his girlfriend to thank for this experience. Funnily, the attractions closest to us are some that we often never bother to visit.

Firefly watching at Kuala Selangor
Firefly watching at Kuala Selangor

The tour is fairly simple, you arrive at around sunset, pay some RM 30 or so, put on your life jacket and hop on the boat. D’Tour is just one of the many operations that offers similar services.

The boat then take us along Selangor River to the area where the fireflies gather. It was quite a sight to see, the trees by the river were packed with fireflies that seems to blink in sync, like a single colored x’mas tree. Quite neat, and no, we didn’t get too many mosquito bites.

It was quite fun and anyone should at least try this once. The whole journey lasted around an hour or so.

D Tours Kuala Selangor
No 1. Jalan Bagan Sungai Yu,
Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor
GPS: 3.351486, 101.249347
Tel: 019-263 9123/017-639 5017

Kuang Wah Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Selangor
Kuang Wah Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Selangor

After the tour, it was seafood time, naturally.

This part of Kuala Selangor has quite a few seafood restaurants in operation, and many of them are seemingly packed on every weekends. We hop onto the one right next to D Tour – Kuang Wah Seafood Restaurant.

The set up is a carbon copy of many Malaysian seafood outfits – with plastic tables & chairs, and a wall of aquarium and fiber glass containers full with assortment of live seafood for your picking. The prices are also clearly stated.

deep fried mantis prawn, lala with superior soup, drunken live prawn
deep fried mantis prawn, lala with superior soup, drunken live prawn

For the four of us, we started with deep fried mantis shrimp with chili and salt (RM 30). The meat was firm and rather flavorful, a good start.

Then it was lala in superior soup (RM 15). The soup was more spicy than superior, but does tick the checkbox somewhat.

Drunken prawn came in a clay pot (RM 30), and had some mushroom, green onion, and plenty of ginger strips in a soup base that I can’t stop drinking. It was quite awesome, and you can also definitely tell the freshness of the prawns by how sticky the skin is to the meat.

steamed 7-star garoupa, Sg. friends & Haze
steamed 7-star garoupa, Sg. friends & Haze

Our main dish was the steamed seven-star garoupa fish. We chose the simplest of preparation method to enjoy the natural flavor of the seafood, and it proved to be good decision. The meat was smooth and sweet, with the superior soya sauce complimenting the fish meat perfectly.

receipt at Kuang Wah Seafood RestaurantOverall it was a pretty good dinner, our friends from Singapore certainly did not complain. I’d say that Kuang Wah offers very good value for money as well. The dinner came to be only RM 132 to feed four hungry adults, with each of us having a fresh coconut (RM 4.50 each) as well.

If I was at Kuala Selangor again, I’d certainly not minding coming back to this particular restaurant again.

map to Kuang Wah seafood, Kuala Selangor

Restoran Kuang Wah
No 1A, Jalan Bagan Sungai Yu,
45000, Pasir Penambang,
Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
GPS3.351753, 101.249370
Tel03-3289 6719

Last weekends we took an impromptu trip to Sitiawan to check out something a guy was advertising online, and since it’s on a Saturday and we did not have anything planned, I decided that we should take the scenic route via Kuala Selangor to our destination.

And boy did it turn out to be a good decision.

Cendor Bakar at Kuala Selangor
Cendor Bakar at Kuala Selangor

Half way through our journey, Suan and I noticed this place by the road with lots of cars and people, a sort of old school expressway stop-over with a big signboard that says “Cendol Bakar”.

How do you exactly “bakar” (burn/roast) cendol? That question was intriguing enough that we stopped by to check the place out.

As it turned out, the name of the owner is Mr. Bakar, and as part of their preparation for the cendol ingredients, they also roast the gula Melaka (palm sugar).

Cendol VIP & Cendol Pulut Tapai
Cendol VIP & Cendol Pulut Tapai

There are 6 varieties of cendol to choose from:

  • cendol VIP – nata de coco + selasih + jagung + kacang – RM 2.00
  • cendol VVIP – pulut + nata de coco + selasih + jagung + kacang – RM 2.50
  • cendol tapai – pulut  + nata de coco + selasih + jagung + kacang – RM 3.00
  • cendol pulut tapai – pulut + tapai + nata de coco + selasih + jagung + kacang – RM 3.50
  • cendol durian – durian + nata de coco + selasih + jagung + kacang – RM 3.00
  • cendol durian pulut – pulut + durian + nata de coco + selasih + jagung + kacang – RM 3.50

I really love tapai on cendol, you don't find it everywhere
I really love tapai on cendol, you don’t find it everywhere

I tried the cendol pulut tapai while Suan opted for the basic cendol vip. The gula Melaka used was authentic, coconut milk nice and creamy, and ice finely shaven. It was a proper cendol alright, and with the tapai & pulut, makes for a pretty delicious and quite filling bowl of dessert.

Oh, Cendol Bakar also offers free cendol for those who carries JKM cards (the disabled and the poor).

there are other dishes here too, like the delicious mee soto
there are other dishes here too, like the delicious mee soto

Other than cendol, there are also giant curry puff, otak-otak, chicken wings, mee soto, and many other local delights to choose from. We tried the mee soto (RM 4) and it got the seal of approval from Suan, a Johorean who knows her mee soto.

If you’re going pass Kuala Selangor, be sure to check out this place.

map to Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor

Cendol Bakar
Route 54 (just off Jalan Teluk Piah Kanan)
Kuala Selangor, Selangor
GPS3.30344, 101.29778