Our dear friend Margie suggested that we head out to the Inner Mongolia Restaurant for a session of Mongolian Steamboat as a farewell dinner before her departure to some strange place in strange land in pursuit of higher education. About 10 of us readily agreed and headed there. This was a couple of weeks ago, but somehow Margie is still in the country, we might just have another “farewell” dinner..

Update 15 March 2015: This shop has moved to Kuchai Lama

Mongolian Steamboat at Inner Mongolia, Jalan Pudu
The herbal and spicy soup in ying yang pattern

The restaurant is famous for its unique Mongolian steamboat, but offers other cooked dishes too. Of course, we ordered as many different dishes as possible.

The steamboat soup is served in a ying yang pattern, with the herbal soup on one side, and the super spicy soup on the other. The spicy soup has a pretty thick layer of spicy oil on top. Both types supposedly share the same soup base.

Mongolian Steamboat at Inner Mongolia, Jalan Pudu
steamboat items: prawn, mushroom, squid, frozen tofu, fish…

We started out with a cold dish of some sort of ham that went well with the sauce and proved to be a good choice for appetizer while waiting for the soup to boil. A couple big plates of excellent pork belly (Dongo Pork) and roast lamb chop kept us busy at the same time. The pork was just fatty enough, when having it with the fresh lettuce, the contrasting taste and texture was fantastic. The lamb chop too was not disappointing at all.

Mongolian Steamboat at Inner Mongolia, Jalan Pudu
other dishes: lamb, pork belly, ham, fried rice

As for the steamboat, we ordered four big plates of thin sliced pork and beef, some shrimp, squid, mushroom, vegetables, quail’s eggs, tofu, and a few uniquely Mongolian stuff that are probably made of mostly flour. I personally can’t get enough of the hot soup, with the underlying herbal taste and the strength of the spicy oil, it gives a very good flavor to the food cooked in it. The clear soup was very good too, especially for those who prefer their food less oily, or those who can’t take hot food.

Instead of sambal or Thai chili with soya sauce, each person is given a special dipping sauce that tastes like fermented peanut. Pretty weird description on my part, but it didn’t taste odd, but rather quite fitting with the overall taste of the food.

Mongolian Steamboat at Inner Mongolia, Jalan Pudu
the raw beef and pork, a must. century eggs as dessert

We ended dinner with the century egg as dessert. Overall damage was slightly over RM 300, around RM 30 per pax. I would consider that a pretty decent value for the experience, the amount, and the excellent taste of the dishes. The only thing we didn’t finish was Terence’s Mongolian milk tea, which tasted like tea with yogurt, just weird.

Mongolian Steamboat at Inner Mongolia, Map of Jalan Pudu
Map to Inner Mongolia Restaurant at Pudu

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290 Ground Floor,
Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.139589, 101.709961
Tel: 03-2144 9688

KY eats – Mongolian Steamboat at Inner Mongolia Restaurant [Closed]
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