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When it comes to steamboat in Malaysia, tomyam, clear soup, and porridge usually comes to mind. Most people aren’t aware that there is also the spicy Sichuan and Mongolian style steamboat in the valley. Last I had this type of steamboat was more than 1.5 years ago at Hong La Qiao and Inner Mongolian Restaurant at Pudu, so when the invitation to Jin Shan Cheng from foodstreet came in, I was rather delighted to revisit this version of steamboat.

Steamboat at Jin Shan Cheng
steamboat is always best enjoyed in a group

Jin Shan Cheng is located at Sunway Mentari, across NPE from Sunway Pyramid. The restaurant itself is on first floor, but there’s actually elevator for those who are extremely lazy. Interior decoration is rather simple and without much fan fair, but this isn’t exactly a fancy restaurant, we’re here only for the food anyway.

Steamboat at Jin Shan Cheng
the condiments and two types of soup

The steamboat comes with two types of soup, the traditional super spicy with lots of chili oil Sichuan style, and the other without. They are basically the same soup base though. Instead of your usual chicken rice style sambal or chili padi, there is a pretty special type of sauce accompanying the steamboat. I tasted a hint of cilantro, garlic, ginger, oil, and some type of pepper. Of course, there are also fuyu (fermented tofu), peanut sauce, and chili oil. Those usually go very well with meat items.

Steamboat at Jin Shan Cheng
spicy frog legs, spicy fish pot, pepper beef

While waiting for the soup to boil, we were served three traditional Sichuan dishes. The spicy frog legs cos Eiling mentioned to the owner that she likes frog legs, the spicy fish pot, and the sizzling pepper beef.

The frog legs were actually very good, spicy yet full of flavor. The boss explained that they use a type of pepper imported from China to bring out the original taste. The fish, while very oily (wouldn’t be the correct recipe if it wasn’t), tasted pretty good too, I think it’ll go well with some rice but unfortunately we didn’t order any. Though cooked with tilapia instead of cod, it still did justice to the dish.

Steamboat at Jin Shan Cheng
stop teasing with scallop already, Eiling!

For the steamboat, we had beef slice, scallop, vegetable, pork kidney, fish meat, and a few other items. My favorite had to be the kidney, closely followed by the beef. Both items tasted great with the strong flavoring from the soup and condiments. However, you need to make sure that they are not over cooked, a 5-10 second bath in the boiling soup is all you need.

map to Steamboat at Jin Shan Cheng
Jin Shan Cheng is located at Sunway Mentari

The price at Jin Shan Cheng is pretty reasonable, the cooked dishes start from RM 15 for small portion. For example, the spicy fish pot costs RM 20 to RM 35. Not bad for something authentic an different. This place is best for those who love spicy food, you’re advised to stick with clear soup pulau ketam steamboat otherwise.

more pictures at my flickr set

No. 42A-2, Jalan PJS 8/2
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway,
56301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.075284, 101.613053
Tel: 03-5631 8220

Discuss : KY eats – Sichuan Steamboat at Jin Shan Cheng, Sunway

  1. PenangTuaPui

    aiyo.. u wan to make us can’t sleep tonight a?

    or u wan us the fatties to die on hunger… huh?!!

    delete the post NOW?!!!!!…. we dun wan to look at them again…. dun torture us anymore…. can you…??

    looks too delicious and tempting la.. but so far from here…. so sad…”(

    hee hee……

    the steamboat look yummy, ThamCiak and his gf like spicy food a lot and can’t get any satisfaction on Penang Island.. wonder if he wan to go down to have a challenge…

    I am Huat Koay here.

  2. Spicy frog legs! I love frog legs, but I’ve never eaten the spicy version. They usually cook it kinda sweet over here with a clear gravy.

  3. Hey it’s not scallops la. The one I’m holding is a fishball!!! The spicy frog legs is good! The spicy fish pot not too bad but I still prefer frog legs! Yummylicious.

  4. I thought the place to have steamboat at Sunway Mentari is that watchacallit place we went with Tim and Wenqi … Syuen or something?

  5. the thinly sliced beef looked tempting, swish them in the hot pot for a few secs, and you’re done! cook faster than the fishballs I supposed. hehe …

    sad to say, here in Ipoh, tough to find steamboat with Ma Lat soup.

  6. A Ma Lat “forwor” with so many types of uncommon sauces…looks so tempting lor. This type of steamboat is hard to come by in Penang.
    For now, can see (your photos)no touch…haha

  7. My friend and I were just talking bout steamboat last nite !! *LOL*

    Eee… How much per person ah?

  8. PenangTuaPui,
    Hahah I’m from Penang too!

    Huai Bin,
    Here as in Sibu? Next when u’re in KL again we go makan k!

    Ok ok stop teasing the fish ball!

    Ah, that’s for buffet steamboat.

    Yes yes, dunk and eat! 😀

    ck lam,
    Hahaha, I’m sure there are chances.

    That’ll depend on what you order. 🙂

  9. mimid3vils

    Ala-carte style? not charge per head like normal steamboat?

  10. :'(

    we….dun la like this KY…

    now not only i want BKT…i wan steamboat!!!

  11. KY, have you tried the steamboat at Restoran Inner Mongolia at Jalan Pudu? I love it there. The sauce is very special and nice too. The full address is 290, Ground Floor,Jln Pudu. Tel: 21440688

  12. Ah, easier to ajak my kaki that live in Puchong and Bukit Jalil.

  13. mimid3vils,
    Ala-carte. 😀

    Hahaha, have both! 😛

    Philip Hii,
    Yes I did, in the archive. 😀

    Simon Seow,
    True, true.

  14. Looking at the frog legs and fishball, I think I will go again but I’ll give the spicy soup a miss. Too challenging for me! haha

  15. eiling,
    Hahha, you noob. 😛

  16. so? at least he invited me for the shop opening! LOL

  17. eiling,
    I know, darn it! 😛

  18. Hi,I had a bad experience at this Jin Shan Cheng steamboat.There was a cockroach in the ice cubes.Will never ever go there again in my life.

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