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Other than excellent hawker foods traditionally associated with the pearl of the orient that is Penang, there are a number of excellent restaurants on the island offering a wide variety of crusines for those who favors the controlled climeate dining experience. One of my friends suggested we go to Kocha Taiwanese Delight (台湾古早味) for lunch when I was there last weekend.

Kocha Taiwanese Delight, Penang
nice deco, illustrated menu, and the excellent instant noodle!

The restaurant is a converted corner unit house at Jalan Burma, parking can be a bit of a problem but luckily there is parking for only RM 1.00. As the restaurant was plenty busy, we had to wait for some 10 minutes before a table is available. The decoration of the restaurant was pretty flashy but nicely done, with at least 3 sea water aquariums at the premise. My friend told me that the owner is a diver too.

I knew I was at the right place when I saw that they even sell the excellent instant taiwanese noodle (一度赞牛肉面) I blogged about a while back. For RM 6.80, that is only a little bit more than what you should pay for it in Taiwan.

Kocha Taiwanese Delight, Penang
does these stuff makes you hungry?

The illustrated menu is pretty extensive. With so many items to choose from, we decided to have the dumpling in beef soup (水饺牛肉汤), mini spicey pork steamboat (迷你麻辣猪肉锅), and the salty chicken rice (咸鸡饭) and some teas.

The dumpling soup and salty chicken rice were good, but I have to give my recommendation to the mini spicey pork steamboat. The steamboat is served over sterno, with plenty of ingredients such as fishball, beef ball, mushroom, tofu, and a couple types of vegetable in the spicy soup, with raw sliced pork on the side and some spicy sauce (纱茶酱)for dipping. Though I would probably prefer the soup to be slightly spicier, at the end it proved to be just nice as the burning sensation slowly builds as you eat. The pork only took half a minute to cook in the boiling soup. It was a bit too big a portion for a single person though.

Kocha Taiwanese Delight, Penang
was a great lunch, burp

The total was RM 47. There is a 5% government tax but there isn’t any service charge. For the quality of food served and the nice environment, this is a pretty good price. When you’re done scouring all the hawker centers, give this place a try!

Kocha Taiwanese Delight, Penang
the location is pretty easy to find with this map.

229 Jalan Burmah
10350 Penang

GPS: 5.424136, 100.320191
Tel: 04-227 5048

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  1. mightylizard

    gosh….the amount of food you have in your blog!!!
    makes me miss home more than ever…..

  2. wow u managed to ate all those alone?? aduii and how u maintain yr size? :p LOL

  3. babe_kl,

    that was for 3 person laaaa, hehe.

  4. SherAton…

  5. Hungry liao…

  6. RM47 for 3 or you alone?

    Was there trying out their dinner, not bad too. Never had lunch there though.

  7. -__________-“””

    believe it or not i spent like two nights going through all your food posts and suddenly developed a craving for soft-shelled crab.

    and all the food reviews here are for those in west malaysia!

    i dunno why i even bother putting myself through all this torture.


  8. Bryan,
    RM 47 was for the whole thing la

    not my fault you’re not at west malaysia. hehe

  9. i just had there last sunday, the food is too sweet, especially the ‘3 cup chicken’ , doesn’t taste like the one I ate in Taiwan at all. Disappointed…

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