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It’s been a number of months now since the launch of the much anticipated Naza Bestari (rebranded Peugeot 206). One of my friends has gotten her order delivered and had been driving the car for the past few months. Naturally, I test drove the car and are ready to give a full review with some of the minor details that might not otherwise be evident when you look at the car at the showroom.

Naza Bestari, Peugeot 206 review
the Naza Bestari (Peugeot 206)

The performance:
The TU3 1.4 liter engine that is the heart of the car generates about 75 horsepower. As far as everyday driving is concern, it is pretty sufficient and have no trouble going uphill. However, due to the relatively heavy weight of european design (1025kg curb weight), this car isn’t exactly a screamer at all.

As a comparison, the Kelisa is around 760kg while producing about 55 horsepower with its 1.0 liter engine. In terms of horsepower over weight ratio, both cars are almost the same (around 0.073 hp/kg). However, the slightly cheaper Proton Waja 1.6 is 1175kg with the campro engine generates 115 horsepower, 0.098 hp/kg.

As far as fuel consumption is concerned, this car isn’t exactly a super saver’s dream. A RM70 full tank only gets you around 400 km in city driving (RM 1.92 per liter). Not terribly cheap to operate for a 1.4 liter car, but it is over one tonne in weight.

Naza Bestari, Peugeot 206 review
the nicely illuminated meter cluster

The 206 comes with the 4 gear automatic transmission with tiptronic. In my opinion though, tiptronic is a feature that ultimately many will never use. While in automatic mode the car performs pretty much up to expectation, however, shifting into tiptronic mode has a noticable, if not slightly annoying lag. That said, it might be that I am spoilt after testing the 2.3 liter Mazda 6.

There are, however, two other features that might be quite useful, the snow and the sports option. The snow option attempt to give the car more grips, while in Malaysia we are not going to expect any snow, it is useful during heavy down pours. Another use of this option might be during long downhill drives if you do not want to shift down to lower gears with the tiptronic.

The sports option delays gear change till higher RPM, thus letting the engine rev longer to give the car more power for overtaking maneuver. Then again, the relative lack of engine horsepower pretty much limits what you can achieve anyway.

The current gear is also shown on the meter cluster if tiptronic is used.

Naza Bestari, Peugeot 206 review
audio control, head lamp height control, tiptronic gear shift, side aircond vent

Other nice features:
There are several very nice features that comes with the Peugeot 206, some of which you can’t find in Japanese cars of similar prices.

  • engine oil indicator – when you switch on the car, the level of engine oil is displayed on the meter console. no more getting your hands dirty checking engine oil level before any long trips
  • head light height adjuster – you can adjust the height of the head light from within the car. On the contrary, to do the same with most other cars will need you to open the hood and have a screw driver.
  • steering stereo controller – while not really located on the steering wheel, the stereo controller is situated on the right of the steering wheel. Very handy for changing volume, switching radio channels and such without having to take your eyes and hand away from the steering.
  • thermometer – there is a reading of outside temperature displayed on the stereo LCD output, something nice to have though not exactly necessary. Unfortunately, in-car temperature is not available.
  • door indicator – when a particular door is opened, it is shown on the stereo display. In most other cars, there is only an indicator light without any information on which door is opened.

Built quality and the missing headrest:
It is reported that over 200 components on the Bestari are locally made in Malaysia, and not surprisingly, this is shown in the overall built quality. My friend has to send the car back to the dealer twice to fix an annoying rattling sound at the left rear of the car. The fittings in the car are less refined, if you notice the lower right picture above, the gap between the door and dashboard is big enough to fit a thumb.

Then there’s the plastic cover of the oh shit handle on the driver side that keeps opening up. That was solved using glue instead. The last annoying thing is the lack of headrests on the rear passenger seats. Instead, there were hard plastic covering the six holes where you would expect the three head rests. Worse still, there seem to be no way to purchase the headrests from Naza. It is very annoying if you are a rear seat passanger going on a long trip and constantly getting your head knocked on the hard plastic covers.

Finally, the spare tyre is mounted under the car instead of inside the rear luggage compartment like most other cars. It means that the spare tyre gets dirty easily and also makes refilling the spare a slightly trickier affair.

Overall conclusion:
Overall, the car still offers decent value for RM 68,888 including roadtax and insurance. Afterall, it is a good price to get the European feel. Especially you are those sort of person who loves the exclusivity of having something that isn’t as common as a MyVi or Waja.

Discuss : Naza Bestari (Peugeot 206) full review

  1. oh, finally you drove the car… or did you?

  2. Of course I drove the car.

  3. For everyone’s benefit, the rear headrests are available from several sources including Nasim (Bangsar) and the main Naza showroom in PJ for a bit less than RM400.

    As for the engine power, it is comparable to the available cars with 1.3/1.4 auto eg. Myvi, Satria Neo 1.3A or Getz 1.4A. I personally am still disappointed with the fuel consumption. I’m hopeful that it’ll go lower as the engine is broken in.

    Any comments on service KY, either at Naza or C&C service centers? How did they handle the QC problems? I haven’t heard very good things about C&C service centers…

  4. tishaban,

    Thanks for the info. The QC isn’t too great I suppose, but since this particular car is bought from C&C, it is natural to bring it back to them till the service warranty period ends.

    In the mean time, the squirking sound at the rear still lingers..

  5. A lot of people seem to focus on hp, but isn’t torque more important for city driving?

    hp = one of the factors for max. top speed
    torque = one of the factors for max. acceleration (and power going up hills)

  6. found that headrests are available from wat call “NAZA Galaxy Sdn. Bhd.”

  7. aw,
    Agreed, people often overlook torque for hp, thanks to the vtec fad mostly..

    Thanks for the info.

  8. Very late comment but I was in a dealer’s test drive car registered in June 2006 awhile back and it had the same annoying rattle in the rear plus the plastic cover problem on the driver’s side oh-shit handle. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. Finally I got an affordable dream car. I spent just a few hundred ringgits to restore to the original Peugeot 206. 100% no regret cancelling Satria Neo booking.

    Thanks NAZA

  10. Wan1955,

    hi wan…’ll be gettin my bestari 206 soon and plan to convert to peugeot 206 maybe replacing the badges and put some spoiler,skirting,rims and etc…u know any good w/shop with reasonable price.TQ…How much u spent urs to restore peugeot 206 parts..?

  11. Fairul

    just got back from the showroom and most probably will purchase this 206 to replace my 5 yrs old kancil….

    ask the salesperson on converting this 206 to the original peugeot 206 with all the badges and what not…it is possible but Naza wont entertain us on the spare parts later on if anything goes wrong with the car…anyone can clarify this?

    thanks in advance

  12. Izad u can find those bodykits at BUMI Fiber at Subang Jaya ! it cost around rm 1500 without paint ! i just fix it to my Bestari & also 16 inch sports rim ..! hehe

  13. Fairul dont wory about converting this 206 to the original peugeot 206
    coz i aldo did that & i hv been to Naza Academy in kedah, as usual to servis my bestari ! Its Ok just dont forget to bring ur warranty book!

  14. Fairul dont worry bout converting this 206 to the original peugeot 206
    it is fine just dont forget to bring ur warrnty book when u visit naza for servis ! i already converting & thats no promble at all !

  15. mat kapchai

    gua interested to buy a car., my VERY FIRST car!!
    tis chick realy catch my eyes.., but how about d FEEL of driving??
    which one u suggest?? tis BESTARI or HONDA CITY???
    in term of DRIVING PLEASURE??

    n., d problems hilighted above:
    “”My friend has to send the car back to the dealer twice to fix an annoying rattling sound at the left rear of the car””
    is tat realy OBVIOUSE??

    mind to giv any advice to me..,plz


  16. GO for bestari ! Smooth .. Steady & Sporty ( for sportivo ) ahaha

  17. BlueThunder

    How bout the price for the engine parts, its gonna follow malaysia or europe prize

  18. ist waz a good it so much….

  19. gonna follow malaysian price…so dont worried

  20. its gonna be a gathering somewhere in october….there will be in one utama damansara…..hope gonna c u guys there….

  21. KY,

    The termometer serves a purpose, but I’m surprise it’s installed in the Bestari! It’s for Climate Control feature of the Auto Air Conditioning. If you read 206Online forum, someone who plant o convert to Auto Air Con have to install the termometer and the wirings and stuffs.

    The temperature will help the auto air con adjust the temperature in car. The Auto Air Con, “Auto” features is also very intelligent whereby it will auto adjust the fan speed, cooling to match the temperature set by the driver, e.g. You left your car outside on a hot day, you went and start your car, the air con will blow max to cool the temperature inside the car down to the specified temperature,… or in the night it’s very cold, you can adjust it to maintain the @ certain temperature). Very very cool and nice!

    Honestly speaking, the features available are amazing, the LCD are also amazing, if you check out the manual (not sure if bestari manual are the same as CBU), the LCD can actually very powerful, but you’ll need a different head unit (player). Even other features are very amazing and nice to have. For the tiptronic, it’s a NICE TO HAVE features. Whether european feel or not, it’s not comparable with Vios or City, this car is way more class and features.

    Actually, priced @ 68K should be considered cheap, considering it’s a FRENCH import, not an ASEAN car. Else, then it’s the japanese being OVERPRICED. One more funny thing is, notice this CKD drops 30K from it’s CBU price, and people complains. While the Swift CKD drops 10K from it’s CBU price… Well, of course, some may argue the 206 CKD use some local/non-french parts, but the major parts ARE from french. And we should also know the different HUGE TAX structure between ASEAN and NON-ASEAN.

    Finally, the built quality, the assembly (QC) might not be properly done, but the quality of the materials are way better than those japanese (Vios, City, etc). Those simply just can’t compete in your review in detail.

  22. Hi all…
    The bestari really caught my eye and I plan to get 1. But what I heard that is it dont come with reverse sensor. How come a new car can be without the sensor? and I heard that the pick up is not too good becos the car body is heavy.

    Any comment about that?
    And what u guys mean about converting to peugeot 206?

  23. where to find spare part for my bestari?…of course with the reasonable price…i live in seri kembangan…and also is there any club for the owner to join?…

  24. Hi i’m arif. I looking forward to get Bestari(Naza/Peuguot).

    Kindly suggest.


  25. hi all…need to service my bestari…is there any place near kajang?…coz too far to go to puchong or kl…got one place..but only workshop in kajang but doing services for peugeot n citreon…they can do when i asked…but is that ok to go there…?…

  26. hye all…

    I’m’getting my blue 206 next week!!!! Cant wait!!! hehe ^_^

  27. hi all….
    i’m waiting for my 206 bestari to be delivered….as soon as i get my plate number (booking mehh….)…kawtim to have tinted and reverse sensor from the dealer… am planning to convert to the ori peugeot…i mean the badge…anyone knows the price???

  28. lim9333

    i am booking my bestari tomorrow…can anyone tell me where i could find the bodykit shop in IPOh. thanks

  29. Lim9333, what color ur choosing? mine is svelte grey…hehheheh
    cheers to 206 Bestari owners…..!!!

  30. faizajm

    i’m interested to buy naza bestari…but i’m still worried about it’s fuel consumption ,is it ok or not?

  31. faizajm,
    I think the fuel consumption is pretty decent. After all it’s a 1.4 liter car. πŸ™‚

  32. oh my god, sounds like bad reviews for this bestari, i’ve juz booked the car in pj naza branch,…should i cancel it?? hey guys, how long u start seeing problems??

  33. ahmz1969

    Been driving the Sportivo for over a year. The leather interior is worth spending a bit more. Best is the handling, although the suspension setup are a bit on the soft side. 150 on the highway and no floating sensation at all. Even the wife didn’t notice the speed until I pointed out to her! LOL

  34. Hi there,

    Been driving 206 for 2 years, fuel consumption is pretty decent. I touch up with the ori Peugeot badge too, get from the dealer, quite expensive.

    Good for driving in town, which i did…home – college – home πŸ™‚

    But second hand price is not good, been thinking I should have get a second hand one as the car is well built with good engine and expected to last long πŸ˜›


    I’m an owner of 206 Bestari Sportivo since Feb 2007. It’s AFY9595. Haha! For me, it’s the perfect car driving in town- a pretty town-Ipoh.
    The fuel consumption is good comparing to my old Proton Iswara 1.3.
    It’s body is light and has great pick up power. It’s absolutely smoke any 1.3 or 1.5 Wira. Trust me, i tried before, racing with my friends.
    The acceleration is great but low top speed- max 170kmh.
    But that’s enough for a small cute car right?
    Proud with it! Cheers to other 206 owners!


    My 206 come with headrests la…
    Doesn’t has any annoying problem at all. =)

  37. I am from Malacca. Can anyone tell me where in Malacca to change
    to ori Peugeut look?

  38. Yeah me too is getting this babe. I wonder where I can change some parts of it to convert it to Peugeot 206. Hopefully it wont burn my wallet πŸ˜›

  39. I’m naza bestari owner too. I used for almost 2 years already.
    My car had broke twice. First, I have problem with the tensional bearing.
    The car sounds very bad and it make noise while you driving.
    The higher the speed. The sound become more obvious.
    But, luckily it was still under warranty. But, I have to wait for about one month to get it changed. Got problem with the NAZA. They said its take time for them to get the spare part from France.
    The latest, I got problem with the air-cond. They said the compressor got some problem. Luckily, it charge only RM85. They just add the gas and do some cleaning to the compressor.
    For new owners. I already get my service at Peugeot service center at Jalan Chan Sow Lin. The workers there are all very helpful & friendly. So far, I did my service accordingly, every 10,000 miles.
    The best thing, they will wash the car after they do the service.

  40. However, I love my car due to its size and confirtibility.
    Its easy to handle and the suspension is superb…
    The internal design also nice.
    I think naza bestari/peugeot 206 is suitable for lady because the car looks sporty & cute.

  41. Hello frenzz…
    Im wating for my dark blue naza bestari it could beend of this month hehehehe…my first car

  42. Ritz Ariff


    I’m going to buy 1 naza bestari becoz of latest promotion. A few question to ask, hope any frenz who own current bestari 206 can answer:-
    a) What is the best color for this car?
    b) How about maintenance cost & service centre?
    c) Speed?
    d) Any other problem you face it and Naza can’t fix it?
    e) Any media/club for peugeot owner that can be discussed.


  43. Hi…
    Yeah am thinking of getting this car for the recent promotion. But I could not get a test drive.

    Can someone tell me how is the pick-up? I am very afraid of cars with bad pick-up (in case kena chase by baddies :p ).

    I currently drive a 1.6 Wira which has quite good pick up. I have test driven Satria Neo which is OK as well. Comparably, Myvi a bit off.

    How does the Bestari compare to the above cars?


  44. Hi, Ritz Ariff

    i post some comment here before this, check them out.
    i’m also looking for 206 car club or some .net discussion website.
    anyone knows??? thx…

  45. with the recent promotion price, i can said no one same standard car able to compare with this car. i desire to change my Honda City to this car cause the previous car made me a lot trouble.

  46. Ritz Ariff

    Hi Jerry,
    I read your comments already & thanks. Local peugeot club is and international club is

  47. Ritz Ariff

    Hi Jessica,

    If you r staying in PJ or shah alam area, I advise you to test drive at Naza TTDI, look for adzhar. I tested already for around 3 km driving experience, it is good if you like manual transmission as it can create more power early of your driving or alternatively you can use tiptronic gear (porsche technology) Syiookkk wooo….

  48. Ritz Ariff

    Just to share with all of you, if you wish to change naza badge to original peogeot badge and tyre rim cap, pls contact Naza TTDI.. they will arrange for you.

  49. elo….
    i’ve booking the 206 Bestari…..quartz blue…
    hope anybody can answer…
    how about maintenance ?

  50. hi…
    I wanted 2 buy the 206 bestari…
    but in this forum, no 1 mention if the cars parts r expensive onot.
    I hope it’s not expensive as i love this car…
    do any1 noe where 2 get the car parts in seremban area?

  51. Ritz Ariff

    Hi Inaz,

    Quartz Blue looks good also…. I heard low maintenance cost for 206

  52. I already book on 6 Dec 08. Waiting for NCL approval. Anybody know where to get parts to convert Bestari to Peugeot at Penang or Kulim? Book my car at Penang Anson Road Peugeot.

  53. My daughter bought a 206 Bestari two years ago. Recently it was found that the gear skipped at time. Went to Penang Service Center for service, according the lady manager, the problem would be dealt with in few months time because there was a long list. How do you think the service ? What will happen I shall keep you informed.

  54. contemplating on getting the bestari.
    actually,im just wanting an all in all good value for money car.
    i once adored the 206 peugeot but these reviews about bad assembly worry me.
    if i do get this car,will there be anything that i can do to avoid these QC mishaps?
    perhaps a macho man cud reassemble it tighter for me? ; )

  55. my fiancee is interested to buy this car..the price is it a good car?..if she live in putrajaya..where is the nearest service cntre?i think i’m gonna change to peugeot orignal parts especially the badge..where can i get it..
    thanks in advance

  56. Ritz Ariff

    Hi Ban & Freddie, to answer all your question AND if you want to build confidence on this car, please browse all the communication within this web site or you may read practical experience from the current user by browsing or There a real experience and also bad or good thing about the car.

    Anyway, real bad thing is not about the car but waiting an approval from Naza Credit & Leasing…. hahahaha

  57. i agree Ritz Ariff said that very bad approval from Naza Credit & Leasing…!!! Because i already wait for almost a month….. n still did’nt have any answer yet…!!! Why the NCL working slow like hell..!!!

  58. that’s right aric..NCL working very slow…when u book that car aric??

  59. hi kecik, i am booking my car on 2nd december..!!! n wait until now…………still did’nt have any answer yet…!!! πŸ™

  60. wa…. i was booking the car on 26 dec, have u pay the process charge at rm100??….erm…which branch did u booking with?…

  61. it’s also means my loan not approved yet???….:(

  62. Hi Kecik …have NCL call you for the interview?

  63. not yet… πŸ™
    i don’t know why…
    sabrina… do you also buy the car?

  64. yes i pay the RM100 processing fee..!!! i book at Penang Jln Anson branch. until today the NCL still did not call up me…!!! πŸ™

  65. btw kecik where r u from..???

  66. I also book the car…. but until today no calls!!!! πŸ™
    were u submitted ur document to agent or direct to Kg.Baru

  67. Sabrina, when u submit all the document..???

  68. i’m from kl…i book n submit my doc to my salesman…at the first i thought i was being tricked coz my payment did’t have risit..then i call Naza HQ to ask about the risit.. I’ve to wait one week to get the risit……and….NCL call me for interview this evening…about 4.30pm…
    to aric : i think u must call NCL urself to know the progress…
    to sabrina : where u submit ur doc?

  69. Ritz Ariff

    So kecik, now you got your car alreadylah…. anybody know what is NCL contact number… how can NCL work very slow n just keep quiet. I tot plan to buy “Swift” already…. I booked the car on 8th Dec last year, today 1 month already……

  70. No lah…NCL just call me for interview not to tell me about my loan was approved….Ariff..where ur from?? n which branch that yau booked the car?…so..Now you already cencal ur booked bestari??

  71. Ritz Ariff

    I booked from Naza TTDI, not cancelling yet but if swift can offer good prize why not??? now they have special offer…. Salesman told me they are not enough staff, aiyaa… hire temp staff lah, why they bwant customer to wait…. i from klang…

  72. erm…i never expect thet my progress will be this fast…i thought it take 1 to 2 month coz when i read this block booking is the last among the last…i was very upset at first then i was surprise when the NCL called me yesterday evening… but my loan can’t approved yet…i must wait another call from NCL again….

  73. Ritz Ariff

    aiyoo…. kecik, u booked from which dealer/branch? I have a point to belasah my TTDI salesman n branch manager… can’t wait lahh… i can see so many 206 wright now on the road….

  74. i booked from juta ideal(branch), at bukit mewah, kajang…

  75. salesman told me wait for 2 weeks for loan approve but i wait 5 weeks with no answer.i call few times they said less staff and alot people buy i think yes.coz my area alot 206 drive on the road.i cant wait lah when my turn….

  76. Hi bert, when u booking your car..??

  77. hi people out there,

    from numbers of reviews i saw around, seems like the bestari 206 is kinda “off” and “no” for choice.

    anyway, what turns me “on” for this car is:
    1. Tiptronic technology
    2. ABS and EBA braking system
    3. Dual airbag
    4. Sporty and decent look
    5. comfortable driver seat with height adjustable
    6. front headlight adjustable front the driver side

    i intend to replace my ride for this but there there are doubts and pullbacks. i’m having dilemma on certain things such as below. hope that someone could advise on it.

    1. maintenance cost during every service and service frequency
    2. spare parts availability
    3. parts cost
    4. irritating abnormal noise due to assembly
    5. slow processing to get the car and after sales service

    those dilemma i had is due to reviews i’d read but no direct answer to it. hope that there’ll be some kind driver would willing to help me out? i’m currently a p.kancil driver thinking of changing my ride.


  78. Hi Aric Lam

    I submmited my doc on dec….. i cant wait wooooo

  79. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  80. I heard from my uncle… bestari 206 no stock that’s why they late processing our doc!!!! gosh!!!

    To: kecik … i send my doc to naza world near PJ… then they send to kg.baru…

    i think u better call main branch kg.baru 03-2617 7999 and look for Mr.Albert the branch manager..

  81. hi sabrina, i also can’t wait also….!!! but how we can do…???

  82. i book 206 by 2/11/08

  83. haha sorry is 2/12/08

  84. Hi bert… NCL have they call u for r interview?

  85. Hi.. FYI, i bought 206 under the latest offer.. booked on 20Nov at Kg Baru, got it on 30Dec.. Yes, i agree the process is a bit slow, but due to the price (which is cheaper than MyVi after interest) i can hardly complain..Here’s my review after 2 weeks (note that i’m a car noob):
    – tiptronic: used rarely
    – a bit slow to pick-up,but once u reach constant speed, it’s very stable.
    – excellent cornering, superb handling
    – slow ktak2 sound at left rear (to check with SC later)
    – sound insulation: not so good
    For maintenance & service costs, pls refer to forum under NAZA, PEUGEOT & MY206CLUB. Lots of 206 sifus there.

  86. sabrina..bert n aric…..NCL still not call for interview..???

  87. NCL nope they never call me for once also!!!!!

  88. hi all…i’m oso submit my doc and pay rm 100 for the naza 206 bestari offers at my agent Fs Auto Corp Sdn Bhd (ampang waterfront) in dec 2008. but until last friday i call the agent and he said that no status yet from naza frustated answer.. but today (13 jan 2009) i directly call naza credit and the staff said my application ok, but need my bank statement for my sep 08 to nov 08 salary and if can dec 08 salary bank statement. fyi, i already submit my bank statement to the agent. so how come the naza credit did’t receive my complete doc. now, i already submit (fax) my bank statement to naza credit staff and she said my doc already complete and they will call for the interview. i’m very glad to hear that answer compare from the agent answer that i have to call every week to know the status..for those already submit their application still no status, i think better u all call naza credit directly to know ur loan status. hope i can get my 206 before CNY..hehehe..good luck to all..

  89. hi zakie … can u give the NCL contact number!!!Thanks Bro

  90. Hi Zakie.. try google FS Auto Corp Sdn Bhd.. heard some bad things about them.. just be careful when u receive your car..

  91. hi sabrina, this is the phone no for naza credit 03-26910788 and tell the operator for inquiry loan status. : )…

    442…thanks..i will check..

  92. FS Auto..mmm, i think got one branch at ampang

    my i also heard bad thing for this dealer..

  93. zakie…you already got the car??

  94. kecik…i didn’t receive my car yet…coz my loan still not approved..heheheh… did you got ur car?

  95. kecik…what kind of question that NCL call for the interview

  96. not yet…. πŸ™
    he ask…my name..address..where my office…my salary..
    my ic no…n much much more question did he knows the answer already….you? what ques did he ask?

  97. zakie..when you booking the bestari 206?

  98. hi kecik..NCL not call me yet..hehehe..maybe on thursday around 3.30-4.30 pm i will call NCL to check my status..i’m booking on Dec 2008.. before i’m book the car, i go to Peugeot showroom (Platinum…) at Semabok Perdana, Melaka. the sa said customer need to pay rm 300 for the promotion..hahahaha…Rm 100 for processing and Rm 200 for booking…i just look at the sa and leave the showroom..hehehehe..coz i already look at kl showroom that just pay RM 100 only..

    sabrina, did you call the NCL?

  99. Hi Zakie…. they not yet call me… errrr!!!! thanks for the number… i did call the NCL… they told me everything is fine only need to interview…. so long lar… Waiting is make me so tired everyday!!!!

  100. hehehhe..just be patient…

  101. ooo….i just wait my loan approve…
    but..i salesmen not do their work…
    coz..when i ask him..he said my approval pending…
    but actually NCL already call me…he don’t know bout that..
    my salesmen is very lazy….
    stupit person…argh….huhuhuhu…hope so he chage their atitud
    ….amin….. πŸ™‚

  102. hai kecik…the salesmen just want komisyen…hahahaha…

  103. wwwwwaaaaaaaaa..i’m very hepy rigt now…my loan was approve…
    this evening want to sain my agrement…bestnye..bestnye….. πŸ™‚ :))

  104. wa…kecik…congrat…sign agrement at where?

  105. Hi Kecik……… Congrats…. wow so gals to hear tht…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  106. Kecik…..After this dont forget about us …. once a while mgs la yea..

    To Zakie now we have to wait pula…. have to be patient.. hmmm

  107. Kecik if u dont mind when u book ur car date and month

  108. hi sabrina…how yours?

  109. thanks a lot to everyone….
    erm to know korang nye loan approval
    call naza kredit 03-26177888 ext 373( cik liyana)
    she will tell you averything that u all want to know…..
    G.Luck 4 u all…..

  110. i book that car on 26 Dis 2008

  111. cik liana la kecik…hehehehe…haiya…i submit before u, but u get first la…hahahahaha…

  112. ooo ye ke??? ermm.. i think i the last among the last then u all…my approval will the last too..but…im lucky kkoooottt….huhuhuhu
    maybe i stret to manager…cz my salesmen is cheater + lazy…
    n always call to know bout the progress…

  113. hi kecik, u book your car on 26th dec also approve already…..!!!
    my 1 booking on 1st dec n send all the document on 2nd dec, until now still does not call me up……!!!! πŸ™
    btw congratulation kecik……!!!
    what the FxxK NCL….!!!!

  114. erm..i don’t know y the NCL like this…erm..maybe ur salesmen is cheater…try call NCL to know ur progress…ok?

  115. Ritz Ariff

    yiihahh….NCL called already after 6 weeks waiting, but just called. How long it will take normally to approve and getting the car. This is slowest process ever that I gone through. Worst than government service. The NCL staff that called me also seems like dun know what kind of question to ask (temp staff may be). Hopefully everything settle b4 CNY. Kecik, so far u r the fastest and to all be patient especially sabrina.

  116. Ritz Ariff

    For all info, be patient coz 206 has won BOSCH award on fuel efiency.. around 5.9l/100km…. it’s good what..

  117. kecik…did u already sign the doc?when u will get ur car?ready to convert to peugeot look?hehehehe

  118. not yet…yesturday i’m very busy..maybe this evening i sign the agreement..get the car?? hahahah dont know la….i’m book the manual type…if they have at their stor…and i will get it very soon…but did’t have…i will wait..and wait..and wait until get it…
    peugeot look?? huhuhu…no idea lg laa….but i think i will add it
    body kit…huhuhu…the NAZA logo…i think….let it go..bangga sket pakai NAZA…wahkahkahkah….

  119. kecik…sign agreement at NCL or what?

  120. no la..
    NCL was approve the i sign at my branch juta ideal..kajang

  121. hi everybody….. finally the NCL call me n interview me this morning..!!! is it approve already..???

  122. next week confem appove n ur salesmen call u to sign the agreement…don wory…
    if u book type auto…next week also can get it…

  123. congrats on hearing all your NCL approvals.. don’t forget to claim your roadtax rebate after that.. b4 31Mar.. haha.. just got my rm625 today..

  124. Congrats Aric Lam ….

  125. wow…best nyee…..i dont no when i can get my car…
    did’t have stok…so..i must waiting for a week maybe…

  126. thanks everybody…!!!
    i also hope can take the care by next week…(b4 CNY).. πŸ™‚
    i’m booking auto 1…..
    thanks again everybody….!!!

  127. huhuhuhh…my application haved a problem…wawawawawawawa…naza said, my master doc haved been sent back to dealer since tuesday 13 jan 09..but in that day i call liana n she said just my bank statement they need..yesterday i call liana back and she said my doc already sent bak to dealer on tuesday 13 jan 09…this morning i go to dealer and tell the sales person about the result..the sales man shock coz i call naza directly..hahaha…the sales person promise to call me back in this afternoon for stus my doc…

  128. i already called the sales person in this noon..he said his hq at lembah jaya still not tell him that my doc is return back from naza..i take my action to call hq fs at lembah jaya..and the hq said any return from naza has been sent back to funny la dealing with fs..i called naza and talk with liana. liana ask me for the phone no. for the salesman. i already give to her and she promise to call the salesmen regarding my application..i will call back liana on 2.45 pm today..hope a good news from liana.. : (

  129. Kecik They call ur office or H/P?

  130. firstly they call my hp..but i did’t answer that call..then they call my home…my mother tell him to call my office…so they call my office la…huhuhuhuh….sab….NCL already call u?

  131. Hi All…. finally the NCL call Just Now….. Im happy now have to wait my for approval…. huhuhuhuh!!!

  132. i wait for 5 weeks finally i get the call from ncl …i get the loan so happy to have this car…next week

  133. i will change all the naza logo to peugeot logo, and i take manual coz can reduce the maintaince cost after few years using

  134. Hi bert

    That’s Great… Have they approve ur loan?

  135. how yours sabrina….

  136. Hie zakie….

    They call around 3.30 and some question like name nric add… ext… only tht the final result will know next week… how about u zakie wat liana say?

  137. bert…..u take manual car??? u get it??
    my banch said..manual car did’t have i must waiting for a few times…where you book that car???….
    BTW…congrate for you all…. πŸ™‚
    when want convoi together2…huhuhuh

  138. my loan approve already .i get manual car at pj naza

  139. u get already???….

  140. not yet will get car on frebury

  141. hi sabrina…on the friday liana call me in the evening..she said my doc already with her back…after that the salesman call me back and said liana misplaced my frustated… : )

  142. kecik…did you get ur car?

  143. Hi Zakie

    Oh Gosh!!! How come she can misplaced lar is very important doc and P&C .. now u have to sumit again ka?… very careless la this people!!!

  144. bert…i did’t get the car yet…the manager try get the car this week…
    but he not promise…if have he will call me…he said..the manual car not have in must waiting the car from factory…

  145. hi sabrina…the lady has found back my doc…i just waiting for the interview call…how ur loan?approved or not?

  146. Zakie…

    They have send my doc to Final check … wil know the result by this week….

  147. zaki…bert…sabrina……do u know price for body kits naza bestary???

  148. hi Kecik..

    Not sure lar bout the body kit !!! may be we should ask the saleman kot…

  149. ooo…if u know bout body kits price..don’t 4get inform k…leh kongsi2 harge…hehehe πŸ™‚

  150. No Problem Kecik….kita kongsi yea…. hehehe πŸ˜€

    How long u waited for ur approval?

  151. price for full set bodykits is around 2k++ …….!!!

  152. wooo so mahal lar…

  153. price including paint…..!!! honda modulo bodykit around 4k++…!!!
    so the price for 206 bodykits, i think is not so expansive la….

  154. Aric Lam

    did NCL call ur office for checking?

  155. Ritz Ariff

    Hai everybody….. at last my loan was approved. Salesman called me this morning. Expected to receive my LOVE PUG206 by this week…. itu pun kena pakai orang dalam. Phuiii lega….. When are we going to “KONVOI”???

  156. hye all…any johorian 206 owner here??

  157. Ritz Ariff

    Hi Nazri, Im Selangorean….. anybody knows how to get engine logo & key fob? contact person & RM????

  158. Hi Ritz Ariff

    Congrats to You….wow!!!

  159. Ritz Ariff

    Thanks Sabrina…. anybody receiving a calls from your salesman… be patient, just imagine your dream come true… hehe..we konvoi together2….

  160. hello everybody…erm…i get the body kits price around 1.7k full set from my salesmen…so after confirmation..i will tell u all….
    sab…after loan aprove..not more then 1 week u will get ur car..if ur car in stok la…hehehhe
    my car still at have to wait the car arrived…. πŸ™

  161. Ritz…pirce logo & key fob around not more then rm200..survey in internet…

  162. Hi Kecik

    I book Auto.. But my sales man say have to wait another 6days after approval.. i’m jus waitin for approval…

  163. Ritz Ariff

    Hai Sabrina/Kechik,

    I still waiting my salesman to come my office for signing of agreement. My salesman says he still scouting to find my car, should be in rawang warehouse if not sure kat gurun.. perghh.. tunggu lagi. If everything ok, I should receive latest by Saturday (mengapalah susah sgt).. Staf Nasim keja slow kot…. hehe

  164. Ritz Ariff

    Thanks kecik… I ordered already engine logo n key fob…. after this we all konvoi lah….

  165. Hi just change the logo at Peugeot servise centre coz they only charge RM100

  166. don’t no la bile nak dpt car…diorg kate paling lewat jumaat ni..kalo tak dapat gak..malas amek tau dah…tunggu je la die call kot…huhuhu susah tul amek manual ni…takde stok..kalo auto minggu lepas dapat krete dah…huhuhu..sory ar..lmbat ar nak spekong…hehehhe

  167. hi…is there anyone here from ipoh? if u all buy the accessories from your salesman..better confirm the price with naza galaxy…like mine, my salesman cheat me…headrest suppose RM354…they charge RM480 and spoiler suppose RM239…but they charge me RM800…BE CAREFUL

  168. thanks john..!

  169. Ritz Ariff

    For those will getting their car, naza galaxy is having a promotion as headrest, rear sensor plus another 2 items at the price of RM 599 (original price is RM 699)…. the problem is the quality of installation is not satisfying me……

  170. Hi everyone

    Wow Everyone started to talk change the logo lar.. macam macam….

    i pula still waiting for approval…heheheh when la we can convoi together!!! πŸ˜€

  171. hai sabrina..just be patient…hehehhe…NCL just call me around 45min ago…hehehhe…asking a simple question…bla…bla…

  172. Ritz Ariff

    Congrat zakie, from my experience your loan should be approved by Wednesday next week (insyaallah) For Sabrina, harap sabaq…. your time will come. For me everything is okay already but the problem is waiting the car to be out… another night mare. My salesman told me warehouse in rawang having a problem to issue the car. I think all Nasim member is not ready to accept all this order la…..
    Konvoi!!! let’s gone…..

  173. congrat zakie….waaaa….when i will get the car……ariff..ur salesmen said…when u get the car??….white color right?….so long time la must waiting that car……….be patient to all buyes NAZA BESTARI 206……….caaayyookk…!!!

  174. Hi Zakie N Kecik

    My loan approveeee…. So happy wooo

  175. My saleman just call 20 min ago… ask me to sign the agreement!!!

  176. Hi Ritz

    Come all of us convoi together!!!

  177. hhehe…congrat sabrina…..when u sign the agreement? today??
    tommorrow can get u car la….best ooo…..congrat….congrate…

  178. hai….. i still waiting my loan approve…….. πŸ™

  179. hai sabrina…congrate….

  180. when u get u car sabrina?hehehehe…what color u book?

  181. Hi Guys Kecik N Zakie Thanks!!!!

    Tomorrow i sign the argeement…. My silver and auto…

  182. Aric Lam

    Pls call the NCL for ur approve status… some time they approve ready maybe ur salesman lazy or wat lar…

    i give the direct contact number to find out ur status 03-26910788 on the spot they will check for u…

  183. Zakie Kecik Ritz

    I get my car after Chinese New Year…

  184. Ritz Ariff

    Hai Sabrina/Zakie/Kecik/Aric……

    Be patient…. why not after CNY I confident all of us will be getting our car & we convoi together2…..

    For those have sign an agreement, pls be waited for 2 weeks. This was told by my salesman. Queing system warehouse in Rawang KOYAK…. hahaha waiting again…. Sabrina, pls check with ur salesman when you are going getting ur car…

  185. Ritz Ariff

    Kecik.. I booked auto with grey color.. I thought wanna to get red color but red or blue is season color….. anyhow no prob with the color maaa….
    Zakie/Kecik/Sabrina/Aric… do all of you in Klang Valley area…???

  186. Ritz Ariff

    All 206 lover…

    A new info from my friend working with Naza, those who have sign an agreement need to wait for another 2-3 weeks (may be longer) to get the car. No stock in Rawang (cissss, apa raa). We need to wait another batch coming from Gurun plant, I think Nasim is FAIL in their planning & customer service… bad repo already, I tot to get one 308…. but I worry they are fail again in delivery…..

  187. Ritz Ariff

    One thing.. anybody knows how much the cost for each servicing….

  188. that’s right ariff…my salesmen said this evening..they was meeting with another naza branch…he said..have prob..maybe something missing…n he hope i can be patient to get my car..n he said..all car can’t out be4 CNY…n MAYBE in FEB..very frusted babE..!! but no choice…we must be patient…n insyallah one day we can convoi together2…. πŸ™‚

  189. Hi Ritz…

    My salesman said after Cny or 6 working days either 2week… macam macam lar abang…..

  190. Hi Ritz
    I’m from Subang Jaya.. how bout you all? where you all from!!!

  191. hi ritz..i’m from ampang..

  192. im from keramat…

  193. wahhh…kecik…nearby my ofis la…plaza ampang city…hahahaha

  194. yes my fren…can minum2 together2..huhuhuh

  195. wokeh…nanti set time kalau ada masa lapang…

  196. Wawa sudah lupa i huh? dont wan to ajak me for drink…. hehehe

  197. heheheh…belum lupa lagi la sabrina…hehehhehe…

  198. always remember u la sab…all of u…ha…nnt gi sesame la k….calling2 ar nnt….tp kene dpt car dlu la….heheheh

  199. Hi ZaKie Kecik Ritz and everyone ….

    I jus sign my agreement jus 30 min ago… my car deliver next month is FEB… Tht’s sound Great…

    i would like to check with you all… how much to change the Peugeot Logo…

  200. Ritz Ariff

    Hai all my 206 colleague….

    I’m from Klang but working at twin tower KLCC… for sabrina if u would like to change your logo or everything on Naza logo in 206, pls browse tomorrow I’ll getting all my logo already but not a car… hehehe

  201. Ritz Ariff

    Sabrina-Subang Jaya, kecik-keramat, zakie-ampang, me-anywhere..hehehe.. let’s us meet somewhere…. suggestion???

  202. Thanks Ritz…

    Ok we meet up somewhere Bukit Bintang… ke ….KL area lar!!!

  203. hahhaha ok je….

  204. Ritz Ariff

    Hai all… KL area no prob, lagi baguz coz nearby my office especially bukit bintang as suggested by Sabrina…. hehehe
    Zakie, how about you???

  205. hi everyone… i’m from Penang..!!!

  206. hahhaha.aric y so far ur place…ape lagi…come in kl la…huhuhuhu

  207. Hi Aric Lam

    What is ur status on ur loan….. ?

    come down KL… We join together…

  208. Ritz Ariff

    Hei Guys,

    Let us meet once b4 we r getting our cars…. To aric, u r invited too… any suggestion date?? For me to suggest on 2nd Feb…. Cuti Hari Wilayah… any other suggestion date?

  209. Welcome to the world of 206, and congratulation πŸ™‚

  210. For those who are still waiting, please be patient as Naza is having a amount of staff problems to deal with such huge applications. ‘Good thing comes to those who wait’ πŸ™‚

  211. hye all!!
    my loan dah approve
    still kene wait kete lak : (

  212. hi sabrina, my status is ‘waiting for approval’…!!!
    don’t know still have to wait how long….. πŸ™

  213. hi all,

    booked my bestari on 29-11-2008 after a test drive. As at last friday 23-1-2009 only got to know my car is already at the showroom. hope to take delivery next week. Some may say it is a long wait but being a peugeot family fan i dont mind. Previous peugeot in my family stable are 204, 304, 404, 504, 205 Gti, 305 and 306.

    Although the ride of the 206 is not on par with the 504 during the test drive lion is still a lion. King of the jungle (road)


  214. wow 206 forum is hot!!

  215. if u you all want 2 know my auntie now 206 already on the road but ncl call u must summit gurnto ..i dont now how to say!!!

  216. can any bestari owner sumarized abt the car interm of comsumption, performance, ride/comfort , standard of PDI and are you satisfied after the first 1K of travellling.

  217. H’yall,
    Thanks everyone for the reviews and comments. I’ve just paid my RM100 processing fee and can’t wait for the 206. Bit is it probable that the late delivery is due to the colors we choose? I chose a Quick Silver cos I thot dark colours make the car looks smaller (?). The ride was ok, kind of enjoyed it and for the price at RM425per mth, its what I can afford too :-D. Thanks to NAZA for such promotion deal! Just hope NCL approve my application too.

  218. Ritz Ariff

    Welcome to the club for Helmi, Ain & Sue B….. we r planning to make gathering b4 everyone of us getting our 206……

  219. I stay at Kulim Kedah. Just got my bestari 206 about 2 week ago.
    So far so good. Fuel consumtion is about 550KM/40 liter.
    Still waiting for the agreement from NAZA for my first payment.
    Dunno yet how to do a monthly payment.
    Not sure about others but I’m getting a voucher for Free service for first 10,000 km. Labour only for 20,000km. Warranty 3 years.
    My Car Number PJBXXX.

  220. Ritz Ariff

    Congrat Zul & welcome to the club,

    Just to ask u on how long u have been waiting to get your car upon signing an agreement. I heard they are having some problem on stock… too many stock dun know which one need to out first may be or poor warehouse management…. hehehe… anyway be patient to all….

  221. hai ritz..hi kecik…hi sabrina…hi all……….

  222. Hi Zakie Hi Everyone

    Good Morning

  223. Hi Aric Lam…
    Ur loan still waiting for approval… tht mean ok la… tht means good sign dear… dont worry will approve 1….

  224. hi all..naza credit cuti or what today?heheheh

  225. hye all…hepy new year all……sory la..i back to vilage…huhuhuhu
    when want gath? ok je…which area? just call..i will try the best to attend the gath…

  226. Ok Ladies and Gentlement

    Send the ur contact number via my email…

  227. hi kecik…balik kampung mana?heheheh

  228. Ritz Ariff


    when r we going for gathering? as i suggested monday next week, how?? i’m okay je…. how to contact u all??

  229. Ritz Ariff

    Sabrina… I forward my number to your e-mail already…..

  230. hi ritz..monday 2 feb 09 i kerja la…huhuhuh…

  231. Ritz Ariff

    aduss… may be I sorang je kat WP kot… how about u sabrina n kecik???

  232. hi ritz…kerja kat petronas ka?

  233. Ritz Ariff

    Nope… but working together2 with Petronas develop oil n gas field…. I’m with Murphy Oil, how about u zakie??

  234. huhuhuh…i kerja biasa ja…runner opis..huhuhuh…

  235. Anyone here knows how to make payment to NCL? Mine should be due this week.. i don’t have their a/c number.. tried calling them but always bz..

  236. Hi Ritz…

    I work for Oil And Gas la… Petornas use our software for Structural Analysis Computer System, is an integrated structural analysis software package… Engineering Dynamic,Inc

    Thanks for the contact number…

  237. Ritz Im working on WP… My Office kat Kelana Jaya ….

  238. hi guys…206 gathering??? can i join….. am in putrajaya

  239. wahhh…..semua kerja power2… : (

  240. Hi Elle Sure u can join… have u got the car?

  241. Ritz Ariff

    dun worry zakie…. don’t bother on the work but we will sharing 206 for the next few weeks…

  242. Ritz Ariff

    Come on elle… let’s join us… where do u think should we meet, sabrina propose somewhere bukit bintang… do all of you agree we have gathering on 2/2/09….

  243. yup.. for sure…. got my ride back in july ’08… mine is silver color… i joined this club for mynazakia… but it seems like not many of then drive 206… alamak 2/2 eh… seems like i oredi got plan on that day…huhu

  244. elek ar zakie…aku pun kuli2 je….im from keramat…just ym me at

  245. 2.2.09???
    can’t la fren…me at selangor…kerja maaa…..

  246. Ritz Ariff

    hai geng…. tonite i will create our blogspot forum… I would like to name it…. ok tak??? others we have already…..

  247. hai ritz…i try to call naza to cek my status…until now cannot get the person in charge from this morning… πŸ™

  248. Ritz Ariff

    be patient zakie….. i sign already last week, till today no news from Nasim when actually my car should be out….

  249. wow! a gathering wd be nice!

  250. Ritz Ariff

    As promised, I have completed creating basic blog on 206. Please browse Please give your comments…..

  251. Hi guys.. I booked a bestari 206 and I received a call from NCL on 23/1/09. So probably how long it will take to know whether my loan approve or not? thanks…

  252. Ritz Ariff

    Hi william, from our experience it will takes 7 working days to be approved…. however, we don’t have any indicator when we should receive our 206 upon approval & signing agreement….

  253. Ritz…

    I do start my application 2-3 days before Xmas 08.
    First week on Jan.. got a call from NCL .. interview…
    2nd week Loan Approved.. and I’ve got a car on the end second week, consider very fast. But I’ve not much choice on color, lucky I’ve got Quartz Blue..
    Now Waiting for the NCL … dunno how to pay back.. understand from
    salesman that NCL can be pay via CIMB/BSN. Anyone can confirm ?

  254. Hi Zul Kulim,
    Got my car on 30th Dec.. 1st payment should be due this week.. i called NCL yesterday about method of payment..
    1st they checked my car number, not keyed-in to their system yet..
    So, she said i just have to wait for NCL to call for me to make the payment… haha..
    slow to get the car; also slow to recognise revenue.. (fair, no?)

    Mmaybe we could continue our discussion at the newly-created blog for 206 newbies.. credit to Ritz Ariff..

  255. Ritz Ariff


    I can’t imagine how Nasim is working and manage their order, i thought once you got your car everything is over BUT as you said, collecting their revenue also another problem.

    I think all Malaysian today is more concern about quality service, we don’t mind to pay if their product/services is superb…. Customer Services maaaa…..

  256. Ritz Ariff


    Please browse my blog at for current hot issue on 206…..

  257. Thanks Ariff.. What to do.. have to wait for call from NCL… πŸ™‚

  258. Hye All,

    I’ve been monitoring the forum since early Jan 09. I’m one of the victim of waiting since Dec 08. I placed an order at the same place as Kecik placed his order… Same as kecik i ordered a manual, but sadly until 2day i haven’t receive any news from naza… I almost lost my faith in the car already but thanks to this forum, i gain back my confident to wait a little longer… hehe

  259. Hi Krul

    Did NCL call 4 the interview… ?

  260. The best part is… NCL doesn’t call 4 the interview but my dealer told me that my car is otw from gurun… ??? i’m so confuss… n counting days… huhu

  261. I would like to know anything to compare between Getz and Bestari..
    Seems not so good on Bestari..really?? I’m looking for it actually…

  262. krul….same like loan already approve 2 weeks ago..but naza told me my car not in stok…he promise a week n a week n until now did’t have that car yet…serius bengang…
    krul..u also booking the manual car? white color right?…he said when can get it?? n who is ur sales consultant?

  263. hi guys.. do some sneak review at juta dealer kajang yesterday morning..hmm bestari not bad at all..just sharing tat d salesman admit there’s some squeeky sounds fr the rear left but how noisy it is i’m not sure..for zul kulim yes u can pay via CIMB/BSN provided tat u opt for not paying thru koperasi (angkasa)

  264. hi all… i don’t no my loan status until now.. πŸ™ …

  265. Zakie…. have u cal the NCL for status ?

  266. i already call naza n want to talk with liana from wed 28 jan 2009 until fri 30 jan 2009 but cannot talk with her…i called from morning till evening n still can’t get i call her n can talk with her..but she tell me to leave a phone no and ic no coz their system down..after 10 min she called me back and said my doc already sent to naza credit that another dept for verify my application..then she give the another no to call…after ten min. i call that no. and the lady said call back around 11.00am coz their system down..hahahahahha…need to wait lagi la… πŸ™‚

  267. Hi Kecik… i ordered black manual… but at this stage… i told them… i dont care bout the colour anymore… but not red… hehe… wahh.. if kecik got his white and i got my black… imagine black n white convoy… perghh.. sob..sob i hope that will happen this year…

  268. yesturday i call them n ask him when can get my car..he said this week or next week…hahhaha..lawak…dr 2 week ago he said like that to me maaaa….then i told him..”agak2 ujung bln 2 bleh dapat ke?”…die gelak..n ckp i perli2 die…hhahaha…tau takpe….

  269. krol…u book black??? so smart maaa… time i book he said manual white only…but no prob nye la…tinted bg gelap n pasg bodykit dah ok kot…huhuhuhuh

  270. Kecik… white 206 will also look damn cun with black or gold tint n 15″ sport rims, if u ask me when will we get our 206… i would say maybe end feb or march… hahaha… i’m tired of waiting already… tired of hearing “in the process”….

  271. Hi Zakie

    Can u call this number for loan status… 03 2691 0788 or 2844

  272. hahahah…same like me…that’s y t ask juta manager like that…hahaha…but..if get the car on april..we can’t hev rebet maa…
    rm650…so many ma…can change the back lamp like sportivo..huhuhuhu

  273. This is about payment to NCL:
    I received 206 on 30th Dec, so 1st payment should be due around now..
    I called NCL to ask how to make payment.. they then checked my record… Then she said, “According to our record, your loan was registered with us on 25th Jan, so 1st payment is due on 25th Feb..”

    Means i can enjoy deferred payment for the 1st month? Is it normal among other loan providers; sorry this is my 1st ever loan made..

    Payment can be made at BSN/CIMB over the COUNTER only (damn).. pls state your name & car registration number when paying..
    NCL a/c no: 1291632-24
    (Disclaimer: this is what NCL told me)
    Maybe Ritz can post it under the new blog perhaps? Cheers..

  274. hehe… kecik i even deal straight with the director of juta… but the result is still the same… sob..sob

  275. hi sab…sorry for late reply..i just came back from PSR1 Melaka..hehhehe..thanks for the no.. πŸ™‚

  276. Hai everyone, I’mLabuan. I love 206 but sadly my dealer from Kota Kinabalu said Naza company not process my loan because the simply dont do that to me because I work in Labuan. I’m talking about the December promotion. Anyone can confirm this..Iskisk..sad

  277. I’m from Labuan actually..hehe

  278. Daud Kulim

    Haiii…my loan was approved on 20th dec 08 and already sign the agreement.until now im still hoping that my black 206, finally will park at my house..At first i thought delivery process will not be the problem,coz i stay at Kulim and Gurun is that far, i thought shud be faster laa…but then..
    hope my salesman soon will not tell me that,’Black’ 206 is out of stock..

  279. o o…krul…what do u think bout Daud said??
    so..Daud…did u have the car right now?? or u still waiting??
    hush…bagus betul tahap kesabaran ko ni…saba…saba…

  280. hi all….good morning…kecik, lambat tido…huhuhuhu πŸ™‚

  281. Hi Good Morning ………. everyone

  282. Morning too sabrina… kecik… if black doesn’t exist anymore… like i said before, what ever colour will be fine by me… what most important is i’m able to drv my 206 like all of my friends here… hehe… Daud.. you should drv down to gurun and pick the car yourself… hehe… just joking…

  283. hi sab..what the status of ur car?

  284. i already call naza credit..the person said my doc now inside her manager room..n still have to wait for review…

  285. huhuhu…just wait n see la krul…
    zakie…bwk2 besaba….tak leh nak wat ape dah…leh tuunggu je… sory bout that bos chating with you…

  286. Hi kecik Zakie Krul…

    Zakie bout ur review hmmmm think will approve it week ready dont worry.. my car status belum tahu lagi… i tunggu je..

    Kecik chatting dgn boss.. kat YM or Hotmail… hehehe

  287. no la sabrina…my bos chating with you gune my ym…
    you tak perasan ke lain mcm je ayat2 nye…ha so sory bout that…

  288. hehehe … i tak perasan la… any way they say my car next week pula…

  289. same like me la sab…dari 2 week ago asyik this week..this week…until now takde gak…saba je la..krete takde..marah pun tak gune gak kan…hee πŸ™‚

  290. Daud kulim

    Haii still waitin r..but 4 sure, aku da rasa mcm x beli kete pn..mcm mnuggu bulan jatuh ke riba..hehe..

  291. Daud kulim

    hehe..gud idea krul..
    pasal kaler aku pn x kisah sgt dah as long as kaler kete 2 bkn silver.da blambak r atas jalan..hmm..busan2..hehe.

  292. Ritz Ariff

    hai gang….

    Sorry not in the loop for so long… just came back from Labuan, working maa… Daud, u r really orang yang sabar…. closed to 2 months already still didn’t get your car…. i called my salesman yesterday & mentioned to him what is the procedure to cancel the agreement… he just keep quiet…

  293. yep daud…if you go to Manjung somewhere in Lumut area, u all can always see the little lion on the road..hehehehehe… πŸ™‚

  294. Hi Ritz….

    U wan to cancel ur agreement why?… Alamak jus wait lar…

  295. Ritz Ariff

    Hai Sabrina…

    Just threatened my salesman je…. how to get that spec of the car compare with others including RM… hehehe… anyway I got my key fob & lion engine logo already…. put it on my table, as motivasi laa…

  296. wa… much u buy the key fob n engine logo and others? πŸ™‚

  297. Ritz Ariff

    I spent almost RM 600 for all naza logo to lion logo except naza logo at steering…. BUT..isk..isk… no news when my car is ready….

  298. the key fob only how much? i heard there is one spare part for peugoet at bandar tasik selatan sell the front grill logo, rear logo and 4 centers rim cap just only rm’s rite or not?

  299. Ritz Ariff

    woww… i’m not sure but u can try zakie. RM 230 is cheap, u can be distributor too…. hehehe

    All gang, it’s true, my closed friend working with Naza told me that if you want your car faster don’t bother about the color.. so i told my salesman pls take any color that send to his branch… fuhhh… hope it’s work… but damn how can my salesman didn’t told me like that.

  300. hahah…daud ko tggu lagi lame dr aku leh saba lagi ar…
    tp betul la..aku rase cam nak cr krete lain je..kawan2 aku yang book proton bln jan pun dah dapt krete dah…panas je ati….

  301. rits…i don’t mine bout color…mslhnye…all color did’t have…i book white..krol book black…sab book another color but..did’t get it until now maaa…..bosan…bosan…nak menunggu….

  302. Latest news guys… whoever order manual, it has to wait for a little longer… Kecik… i’ve changed from manual to auto… and the only colour available is silver… btw ritz… after looking at ur pic in your blog… i think we have met before…

  303. Ritz Ariff

    salam krul… phehhh.. we met b4? kat mana ya??? which company or area you working at?? apa full name u krul??

    Yup.. current available color is silver, i hantam je color apa asal dapat…

  304. wa….katakan TAK NAK…!!!
    don’t like auto maaa… u know? u book at juta ideal right?
    who said that to u?…serius bengang..!!!!
    why they did’t call me??…

  305. hi…i’m a frequent visitor here…and i’v been monitoring for quite sometime too…i also hav problems with my booking…my loan has already been approved(according to wht my SA said laa)…but they said they dont have the colour that i want at da moment…they only hav silver!!!duhh…i mati2 cakap i tak nak i might hav to wait summore…tension.last time before i placed my booking they said the colour that i want is available,after i paid then only my SA ckp takder…i tot of cancelling tapi i hav already bought all the accessories..maklumlah exited…Ritz…where did u bought the fob and engine logo ahh??mine telling me…i oso want to get 1 lah..

  306. krul..aku ngah panas gile babas ni…..waaaaaaa

  307. salam balik ritz… i’m not sure where about we have met… but are you by any chance ex-itm melaka or segamat… kecik… i dont care anymore, auto or manual… as long as i get the 206… colour can repaint later ma… dont worry kecik… juta ideal is working very hard for our car… but if the factory haven’t deliver the cars… what can they do… let us pray hard for the delivery to take placed as soon as possible..

  308. Ritz Ariff

    sabau kecik…

    I think Nasim is playing tactics… nak atau tak nak… kalau u nak u amik silver color (now), kalau tak nak with existing color wait another few months… its clearing stock sales maa… isk..isk… aku pun tak tau nak cakap apa.. aku dah cakap dgn SA aku, bagi jelah apa2 color…. itu pun minggu depan… cisssss…..

  309. Ritz Ariff

    Hi gienie.. i got my key fob & engine logo from Ming… malaysia peugeot club.. pls browse for details…

  310. Ritz Ariff

    hai krul… kalau itm-melaka its me….. tak salah lagi…..

  311. aku tak kesah…masalhnye…die kate ade..kalo takde..ckp je la takde maa..takde la aku letak harapan…mase nak jual…sume stock..bile dah book..mcm2…aku cam nak cr krete lain pun ade gak ni…nyampah ngan janji2 kosong…

  312. Ritz,
    ohh…yeah,i bought set 1 from him too..but too bad he said the engine logo is out of stock….m getting the fob soon from ethan….u guys bought from juta ideal tooo???waaa..samelah…..
    abis tuh kalau only left silver y do they convinced us at the first place yang other colours are available…yalah,maybe this is their tactic to clear what they hav nw…but i dont care i still stick to my choice..

  313. yeshhhhhhhh…i agree with kecik!!

  314. memang ko la ariff… kekeke… u guys call me KE or KF during itm time… i drove black toyota at that time… btw if u have a ym id.. just add me… my id is…

  315. gienie..u book at juta too?? hahahha πŸ™‚

  316. Ritz Ariff

    aisey krul… i kureng pakai ym… pakai facebook… mohammad rizal

  317. Next week Isyaallah i got my 206 yey

  318. Congrat amar… Pls keep us inform once u got it…

  319. hahaha… u know u will get it next week???
    my branch from last 3 week promise that i will the it..but until not..still did’t have it..huhuhu….jgn letak harapan tinggi sangt…kiciwe cam aku nnt kamu….

  320. kecik,
    yup at Juta-juta janji kosong to be exact..huh..what colour did u booked for kecik??

  321. Ritz Ariff

    What to do… for Nasim they call it “Jualan Penghabisan Stok”… so they expect us to take any stock what they have….. apa raaa… dah lah BN main jahat kat Perak….

  322. huhuhu…it’s rite ritz…orang lain semua dah sign agreement…eden punya x tau apo status lagi..huhuhuhuhu… πŸ™‚

  323. gienie…i book manual..white color…
    don’t trust what they said..just wait n see when we get the car….
    so now..saba je la yg bleh skrg ni….

  324. Hehe… Kecik will be the only white colour 206 in malaysia… Wow… I envy u la kecik…

  325. hahahha…tau takpe….
    we will see….we will see….hhahahha

  326. Zakie… Don’t worry.. U r not the only one haven’t signed the agreement, me too… And I’ve just changed my booking yesterday…

  327. krul…changed what?

  328. hush..krul….u change yet???
    waaa…mampos lame nak tggu approval plak maaa…
    saba lame bleh..takkan next week tak leh nak tggu kot….

  329. I’ve changed to silver auto… They say it is a ready stock… Hopefully they r rite this time… Have sabrina got her 206 yet…?

  330. Ritz Ariff


    I will be getting my car soonest tuesday.. i change to silver color already, ready stock ma… salesman called me this morning plat no selangor or wilayah, i said wilayah… yahoo & aminn…. vrooommmmm……… hehe.. those yg tak kisah color, tukar je…. nak tunggu siksa batin wooo

  331. huhuhuhuh.. i lagi tersiksa nak menunggu..hahahahhaha πŸ™‚

  332. uuyyoo…ritz…congrate…congrate…
    don’t know bout my car..i call their maneger..but he did’t pick up the phone..niway…congrate to you all who’s will get the car urself…

  333. Hi all.. i already call naza…the person check my loan status approved..but they need guarantor…waawawawawawawa… πŸ™‚

  334. if don’t have guarantor how?

  335. Zakie… If no guarantor… Means loan not approve la bro… Carik la guarantor cepat2…

  336. uiks…bkn ke yg ngah promotion ni tak perlu gerento…??
    pelik ni..baik tanye balik…

  337. today call naza one more time to double conform about the guarantor..and alledy call saleman..they have the car stock..huhuhuh..tuesday will go to naza corp to submit guarantor doc…huhuhuh…

  338. this forum here compared to those ridiculous bashing at paul tan forum on city..can i join guys…salam..

  339. itu la pasal..tetiber jer nak guarantor… πŸ™

  340. Ritz Ariff

    hi zulims… u r most welcome… paul tan is for bashing others car forum.. here we r supporting each other….

  341. I think whoever loan have been approved… Do not care bout the colour, will surely get the 206 within this 2 weeks coz my info says that the car have arrived from the factory… Klu info betul la… Kekeke… Slalu tk betul…

  342. Krul , you’re right… my case also .. I just take whatever color available.. lucky I got Quartz Blue… cantik jugak…
    Now still waiting NCL agreement… Dah sebulan pakai .. belum start first payment lagi… hmm…

  343. Daud Kulim

    asslmkum,haiii everyone..i juz call my salesman 3 days ago and been ask him about my black 206.He said my car is available and told me that NAZA has technical problem where they cannot move out manual 206 from parking area at NAZA factory in Gurun.They only can keluar auto transmission dulu..bcoz manual trnsmission was parked too dalam..i dun know whether to believe or not but its sound like merepek laa..

  344. i booked my car when before christmas last year,and my salesman tell me the car will coming b4 chinese new year.
    now i after a week after chinese new year and there is no any response yet.
    the official bestari website is down for now…
    is anyone here experience the same here?
    i heard the rumors say tht,all the stock need to be re-con and re-spray bcoz they have kept it for long enuf.
    dun know…
    wat say you all?

  345. Ritz Ariff

    hahaha… I think Nasim “CON” us lah… from all the reason are illogical & not accepted (funny reason). They thought all of us are stupid & accept all their reason. I think it’s a time for Nasim to promote all peugeot series by having good customer services. If 206 also they cannot layan us, how they want to sell 308 or 407. They spoilt their market by CON us… they should deliver and they can promote other car to us. But now I don’t believe to their customer service anymore. Give logic answer lah, but don’t CON us by giving 1001 illogical reason… what say u all….

  346. yes or no…tht’s the i answer i want from them.
    now chevy has release a new promotion,9 year 0% interest.
    i need to know is it worth to wait for it or approach for other car.

  347. Ritz Ariff

    Hai Chai Yih,

    Do you know that some of our friends booked late Nov and signed an agreement early January but until NOW, no news about their cars…..

  348. Ello chai… The idea of getting a different car have cross my mind before.. Coz I’m tired of waiting and futhermore my friend ordered his mazda3 have got his car within a week… But I’ve fallen in luv with 206 made me wait until today… I don’t know bout u… And I think ritz is rite… Naza have been playing us like a fool… If they told us the real story… I think all of us would heve believe them… Instead giving us 1001 reasons…

  349. ello chai…
    just wait ok…we in this block booking on nov n dis..but until now
    can’t get car already..and u book b4 think…u must wait 4 a month to get ur car…hee πŸ™‚

  350. zul kulim…
    in the web of promotion bestari 206…
    first 3 month payment is free…so…
    just drive ur car n after 3 month u think bout the payment plak..huhuhuh πŸ™‚

  351. Ritz Ariff

    Hi guys….

    I thought to cancel my order lah….. change color also they can’t guarantee when we suppose to get our car…. any penalty to cancel booking as I sign loan agreement already….

  352. hai house i just about 10minutes from the factory at i went there a couple of weeks ago..i think what naza told is true..huge amount of 206 tersadai..about 2 football fields..half of them are silver color..n some of them in bad condition(head lamp tercabut etc)..some of them at naza academy for re-spray and re-con..FOY naza factory jz beside petronas fertilizer factory(kilang baja) may affect the cat kereta..since the car terbiar at the outside of the factory for a long time..

    so just wait for a month maybe..herm..i dun know..i also one of their victim..huhu..

  353. ritz…u really want to cancel ur order?
    i also think like that…but..i really like 206…n must to get it..
    but…. πŸ™

  354. Ritz Ariff

    hi kecik & whatodo…

    I believe to whatodo story, if the syory is like that I would like to cancel my booking NOW.. i dun want to accept spoilt car & to drive for another 12 years…. haiya, gila ke keta tak laku recond, repaint, remodified & sell to us…. dah lah servis buruk…..

    Kecik, even though u like & even me also like that car.. from wahtodo story, i want to cancel it….. that’s why they have stock problem… betul, wa cakap sama u all…..

  355. huh…betul3….
    tp leh cancel ker?…if already sign the agreement??
    u have call ur salesmen? what he said?

  356. Ritz Ariff

    cancel je lah… maybe it’s proper in written… we still didn’t get the car what…..

  357. naza is not like proton..they just buat buat buat,then kete tersadai..not like proton..who used to get the order 1st then baru buat kete..

    but..r u sure u want to cancel it?u dah tunggu lama wut…what to do??haishhh..

  358. For those who already signed the agreement… please refer to the agreement regarding the cancellation… whatodo… did u take any picture of the factory condition… We should let the public know bout the situation… if this is what is happening at NAZA… the public should know bout it… and what is the ministry of domestic trade is doing apart from creating issues in Perak…

  359. hi all…on 2.45pm today i go to naza corp to send guarantor doc to Liana..but i can’t meet her coz her in solat i just meet her colggue name Johari and pass to him that doc..hope can process mine asap..hehehehhe…

  360. Ritz Ariff

    One of our member called kg baru branch, branch manager said don’t worry as all 206 are coming from Rawang. What the &*%* are they talking as all 206 are manufactured in Gurun… We hope Nasim will tell us the truth?? anybody knows if we cancel the agreement, what is the implication…….

  361. Hi Guys…
    Regarding the Gurun stock… i have contact fren of mine branch manager in Kg.Baru… i told him about the Gurun stock matter… He laugh and strongly say no such thing like that…. and he jus got his bestari 206…A very good question he ask why naza have to do like that.. All the customer can sue the naza if such thing like tht.. All the car is branch new made and is 08 and some is 60-70% is 09… whether car engine is gd condition watever… ok fine if there is stock in Gurun not move at all of course is not a second car which other ppl used. ONCE AGAIN IF THE CAR ARRIVED B4 THAT OF COURSE THE SALESMAN WILL BRING FOR INSPECTION AND PUSPAKOM ALL THT..

  362. Ritz Ariff

    hai zakie…. kena byk2 doa cos I sign middle January pun x atu apa citer lagi…. my salesman says in process, takan nak proses tu makan 1 bulan….. do you all knows that it portrait no good image towards their parts & services, what happen if one of our spare parts spoilt and need to wait for another 3 months from French coming to Malaysia…. Sorry, I became -ve already but pls think…

  363. Dear All

    Kindly check with your salesman on this matter… Why think negative on bestari 206….

  364. owh..i’m sorry if i had created issues here..i’m here hometown at gurun..went back for CNY..

  365. Ritz Ariff

    hai all… i’m not negative towards 206 but their customer services…. still keep 90’s style salesmanship…..

  366. ritz… their factory is in gurun… but their warehouse is in rawang… all car have to reach rawang 1st then only it will be distributed to the dealers…

  367. Ritz Ariff

    Info from my friends working in bank… any cancellation of agreement will be penalized around 1.5% from loan…. cissss… i’m not sure what NCL policies…..

  368. To Whattodo??

    U didn’t create issue here.. u have done a good job… Atleast we all share the acknowledge each other… maybe u have c the stock which is really cant sell to customer for the safety purpose thts why they park my dear…

  369. Sorry to hear all the grumblings.. i guess this all started when SA promised u all to deliver the car within a month or so.. if they said within 2-3 months, then your expectations may be lower; thus less complaints..
    If u’re planning to buy other cars, IMO it is difficult to get offer like for B206 at the moment.. e.g. Chevy is offering 0% but with downpayment and only for 9 yrs..
    I bought mine at Kg Baru and i know the manager there, Herbert.. he also bought it (received his car 1 week earlier than me, cos he ordered earlier).. he also had problems at 1st with NCL.. setted after numerous phone calls..
    Pls be patient if u love the car (and the offer) so much.. even NAZA branch manager got problems.. haha..

  370. betul3…if they said in 3 month will get the car..maybe nobody can mad..hee πŸ™‚ but..they promise next week…next weekk…until now… did’t get the car yet…soo hot la like this…janji cap ayam…hehehe

  371. i really need a car right now,for convinient.
    206 is a nice car to have,but have to wait too long.
    if still have to wait 3 month,i dun know how gonna live this 3 month with no car.
    i am so so suprise that i am not the only one who have waited for months.
    the gurun factory issue is true,tht’s wat i heard from fren of mine,too.
    as long as car internal part is new,tht wont be a big problem for me.

    my wish is…getting the car asap.

  372. by the way…
    did you guys know tht naza bestari official website is down?
    this making me think…
    is tht naza gulung tikar.

  373. I dont think NAZA gulung tikar la Chai Yih… The response toward their promotion is so overwhelm… and all department is being asked to assist the credit dept doing their processing… thats why nobody is maintaining the site… hehehe… i actually understand the delay in delivery of the car… coz it involved production… but what i dont understand is why the processing of the loan is sooo slow… no one call me for the interview after 2 months submitted the documents….

  374. To krul

    Can u call this number for loan status… 03 2691 0788 or 2844

  375. sabrina… i called… they said it is still in process… well… it had been in process for the pass 2 months… no solid status…

  376. 15th of february is the due day for booking.hopefully naza can summarize all the booking and process it quickly.

  377. We are quite fortunate if we could get our 206 within this month or next month.. I remember those days when u placed a booking of proton, u have to wait for 6months or so. That means u already forgotten that u bought a car… Hehe

  378. big news…
    my salesman juz call me…
    he told me tht 0%interest is no longer available(i think is for those who havent sign agreement).

    but they can bought the car for 50k with low 2++% of interest.
    anyone getting the same news as me?

  379. Ritz Ariff

    Hi guys…

    My salesman called me this morning that he’s going to JPJ to register my car.. Alhamdulillah… expect to receive my car tomorrow, anyhow little bit worry on quality of the car (after reading whatodo comment).

    About no more 0% interest rate I’m not sure, most probably they will introduce it to control their cash flow…. 2++% interest I think is quite high….

  380. Patience is virtue.. good luck..
    If 50k + 2.5% interest for 9 yrs, total payment is still around rm61,000.. okla..
    But if the price is still being lowered, bad news for us in terms of 2nd hand value.. not that i’m going to sell it anyway.. =)
    Probably they want to attract ppl paying CASH for rm50k to improve cash flow..

  381. hush..rits…
    good news….congrate..!
    u get auto or manual type?…erm…
    bile pulak la krete aku nak dapat ni agaknye…. πŸ™

  382. hi all…congrats ritz…sabar mu berhasil jua..hehehehe…my loan pula is on processing on guarantor site..all doc haved been submitted on tue this my salesman send a new form with guarantor detail…so wasting time coz naza only told yesterday evening..hahahahh…waiting again.. πŸ™‚

  383. i hope u all bersabar k.. u all kene push your salesman..
    i booking my car on 12 dec.. and i da pegi amik my 206 on 10 feb..
    at least 2 month kene tunggu..

  384. one more thing..
    sesiapa da dapat kete, kite boleh claim road tax ke??
    rm 625.00..
    klau bole kite nak kene bwk ape??
    kat post office kan??

  385. Ritz Ariff

    hi mimie… suggest you to try first at post office, kalau tak bley celah jelah…. one reason is road tax name is belong to us what??? mana tau bley plak…. i agree with u mimie, need to himpit ur salesman sampai dia tak bley gerak. i ugut my salesman kalau minggu nie tak dapat gak i going to cancel it….

  386. Ritz Ariff

    mimie, cepatnya u dapat… u pi branch mana???

  387. i buat kat kajang.. my sales name shah..
    sebelum chinese new year i da pegi sign agreement.. then after two days die call warne yang i nak takde.. only silver je ade.. i pilih selvete grey.. so, i kene tunggu, dlam 2 minggu kete da sampai stok n i da dpt kete i.. n plat no i wsg…

  388. kite nak bwk ape ek utk claim??

  389. yes, u can claim at post office.. just bring ur IC, provided the car is under ur name..
    early Jan09 was WSD; mid Feb09 dah WSG.. that’s fast..
    what recession?? =)

  390. Ritz Ariff

    mimie… wsg206 ke??? sebenarnya everything back to salesman, kalau dia efficient & accountable sure process tu jadik cepat macam kes mimie…

  391. hi from Penang,
    after reading the feedback from all of u i just made a trip to the dealer and the promotion is still on. have decided to order 1 too.
    the salesman tell me it is for government employees but i can try, not sure if will be approve as i am in the private sector.

  392. Hi from muar johor
    Dah nak masuk 3 bulan tapi masih belum approve… πŸ™

  393. anybody from private sector got approved?
    also where to buy the front grill logo and rear logo in Penang?

  394. hi all … i sumit my document on 11 feb 09… i saw above ur all said wait till 3 to 5 month like that me have to wait untill when???? i think a year ….. haizzzzzzzzzz… nw i just 20 years old dont know will affect my loan or nt??? i think too young they wont approve my loan lar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. mimie..u got the car already??
    10sion nye…tp betul ar..aku rase sbb aku ambik manual…sbb tu tak dapat lagi kot….mimie..shah tu ok ke???

  396. hurmm… ingatkan nak beli this car but tengok cam lambat je benda nie nak settle… mimie can i get ur salesman number… weh private sector susah ke dia nak lluluskan loan nie ek…

  397. hi all…good morning… to su, the private sector staff oso can apply this loan..x da masalah…just provide complete doc to ur salesman..about the processing need ur saleman follow up until u know the status…hahahahha…don’t be like me, not my salesman done his work for the follow up..but i’m always call naza corp n NCL for my loan status…hahahhahaha…’s sound crazy rite…but i’ve no choice n do like that..kakakaka…to ritz, leh la round2 ngan little lion u tu…huhuhuhu…to kecik, be patient… πŸ™‚ ….

  398. hai sue.. i pun dari swasta.. make sure gaji atas dari rm1500.00..
    nanti saya akan bagi no shah.. tgh charge batt hp jap..

  399. kecik.. u pun buat ngan shah ke??
    shah ok..
    setiap soalan i tanye pasal kete die akan call i balik..
    so, setiap kali mesti ade feed back..
    x delaa i tetunggu2..
    n die bole tolong kite wat bodykit.. runner ape2 accessory yang kite nak..
    maybe manual x de stok kot.. i kalau tak dapat lagi awal.. tp, sbb i punyer warne x de.. nasib baik shah tolong..
    plat no i x beli laa..
    x de duit.. tp, shah tolong dapatkan i 3 angka jugak..

  400. mimie……..terima kasih ya….
    pergi submit documents hari ini…… happy…….can’t wait!!

  401. mimie and zakie……..terima kasih ya….
    pergi submit documents hari ini…… happy…….can’t wait!!

  402. Anyone here can help whether i should go for the 1st service at 2,500km or not? or is it at 10k km?

  403. hahahha…
    sory ar mimie…aku ngan syapik…
    oo bagus la shah tu cam tu…sbb mase ngan aku die tak cam tu pun
    ngan pompuan je kot die cam tu… almaklum jantan kan…
    so u dapat 3 angka la? bapak best!…

  404. zakie..aku tak leh saba dah ni….
    aku dah panas smlm..aku call meneger die terus…
    leh plak die ckp tak tau bile krete ade…kalo bln 5..bln 5 la die bg aku krete…ayat cam siot je….panas ati siot….

  405. shah ckp ngan i first service 2,500km.. tue pun tuk tukar minyak itam je..
    second services barulaa 10,000km….
    tu untungnye jadi pompuan..
    sape tau tukar lambang yang harge murah..
    shah punye harge rm300.00..
    so, ade sesape lagi murah..
    ni nombor shah 017-3078056..

  406. apa naza buat ni????? just called to check my status, she said still in processing… she even shocked during i telling her i had been interviewed 1 month b4…it sound like my application kena abaikan…no body take care on it!!!!
    i think all for you should keep follow up calling with naza about your status..if not hah, ur doc will be found dekat ‘recycle bin’ laaa…

    to kecik : kat muo ada sebiji naza warna putih…it is nice

  407. To owners of 206B: I’m going to book it, but IS IT WORTH THE WAIT?

  408. hai..i’m new be here, i book to 206 manual at last november, my salesman said need to submit doc to kl to proceed, then wait until jan haven’t satatus yet, same as zakie, always follow up the salesman. at last my salesman said my loan is approved but don’t have stock for manual, so at 7 feb a get my black 206 car….

  409. to den.. my experience its.. after i interview( dia just call comfirm gaji, keje and etc) from naza credit.. 4 hari lepas tue my naza shop call to inform my loan dah approved.. so, i just wait only 1 week for jpj session.. so, u all kene betul2 follow up k..

  410. Den : nnt kat kl aku punye je…to krul….jgn jeles yer….huhuhu

  411. car register at batu pahat branch coz my salesman said, only bp branch have a stock..

  412. mimie, maybe my luck is not good as you…. πŸ™
    i will kejar my salesman muntot after this….kasi panas sikit baru tau nak wat keje…
    kecik…i ordered manual white oso..:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  413. anybody get for manual salesman said the manual haven’t stock…

  414. Hehehe… there will be very limited white 206… congrat to Den n Kecik… Den… naza have something like more than an thousand application to process… so just imagine how is their credit office… i ordered in Dec n yesterday i found out my document missing n need to resubmit… my frustration is sky high now… but what to do… mungkin ada hikmah disebalik penantian ini…

  415. ryna, manual memang tak de stock..only auto je yang ada..

  416. den… they want to clear up the auto… then the manual will be delivered… if you dont want to wait… just take whatever they have…

  417. Do you want to buy this car solely because of the finance offer, or u really interested with the car..

    If u only wanna buy this car due to the 0%, think again. because later on, u will regret. peugeot, is not a common car, and the brand itsef, has carry more than 100 years of reputation. their product, has been in motorsports industry since 1894. 206 lineup, have been in market for 11 years, yet peugeot still not stopping the 206 production until 2010.

    the quality, the finishing, the driving experience, has a unique quality, not like other car. when Naza took 206 and assemble locally, im so glad that i have a chance to buy it much more cheaper. but when they make a 0% deal, sigh… i think thats the best thing ever happen for peugeot here in malaysia.

    but, we may face a problem, whereby the owner not really interested about the car, just the loan offer. it may happen to hardcore japanese car fans, when they will not find what they want in 206, and condemn it too much, especially when they can’t find cheap parts, and much modification option (perhaps in kedai abang), compared to local and japanese car.
    if u really like this car, it doesn’t matter what’s the loan option might be, u will definitely go for this car.

  418. and, Proton Neo CPS is out today!! Go and check it out… judging from all of your language here, most of u are more suitable to the Proton brand, seriously..

  419. krul..even the ‘manual’ have to wait for few months…im wondering if i change to ‘auto’ nak re-processing lagi…mesti sampai tua, gigi dah tak de, pakai pampers baru dapat kete lol…my salesman told me naza’s staff not lazy but they are VERY lazy one….haha.. tell u this, i tetap with my choice..manual white… πŸ™‚

  420. sape tau kat mane nak dpt badge murah n kunci skali..

  421. ok u guys go to solat, we girls go to mamam..mimie, why dont u just ask ritz..i think he bought the logo and key fob b4

  422. Den..first my choice is manual first..after mt salesman said the manual haven’t stock, i change to auto,coz tak blh sabar lagi..and proces at same day, only submit one doc to buy the auto..sign doc at 15 jan and 7 feb i get the car… much you get the lion logo…

  423. ryna….so fast u got the car….
    perh..panas gile denga…

  424. mimie..kat sini kebanyakkan tak tak dapat car lagi…dah berbulan dah menunggu..takde sape survey lagi brg2 tu…u buy first..nnt weall tanye u bape harge… πŸ™‚

    Tat’s right DEn…i also with my choice…biar beribu tahun..aku akan menunggu..wahkahkah…stock mmg takde..but at gurun have it.. just must wait a lot of times to get it…(penyabar nye aku)

    krul….pE lagi…manual White/black 206!!! cayookk…!! πŸ™‚

  425. hi all…. the logo with the runner fee is rm300 is it cheap or exp??? anyone can let me kow????thx

  426. Luan..mahal la…it’s around 160…u try cek at website…

  427. the sales man cheat me… he say the cheapest ler………

  428. eh………i check with 2 salesman from 2 dealers and they tell me different prices, Rm58,808 amd Rm61,200 and both salesman say is basic model….. anybody can feedback??

  429. 56,150 for manual n 61,150 for auto….

  430. luan, ur salesman not cheat u, if u ask to all salesman..they will said the same price…u must survey urself to get it with the low price…

  431. ermmmm… how ur all nego with them???? but now dont know when can get the car….. i just sumit loan..
    hey is it younger will not so easy get loan approve?? my sales man told me like that wor..i 20 nw

  432. Hi Ritz

    Congrats !!!! Wow So happy for u!!!

  433. hai..all… by the way i baru balik dari post office..
    i da dapat rm 625.00…
    so, i ingat nak tinted kete..
    so, u all make sure dpt on march..
    april u da x boleh claim coz i pun da comfirm kan balik ngan officer post td..
    my sales bagi harga badge rm 3oo for logo lion depan,blakang,stering and 4 logo untuk tyre cap..
    so, untuk kunci i tak dapat lg…

  434. logo nt only can change for front and back only meh??? stering pun boleh tukar??? my sales man told me only front and back can change to peugeot logo….. so confuse……

  435. Luan, chek at peugeot 206…all prive at there..

  436. pergh..mimie..relex la..dlam ni sume org panas tak dapat car..ko leh plak nak tuka sane sini…relex2..tggu sume settle br cite la beb.. u already got ur car?

  437. no laa.. u bagi email u.. i email gambar kat mane u bole tukat logo..

  438. kecik.. sorry rrr… jgn laa marah…
    byk2 bersabar..
    u pun penyabar org nye..
    nanti u pun da dpt kete, kite bincang same2 ek..

  439. Hi Kecik..

    My no casis sudah dapat.. tgh tunggu kereta je…

  440. hehehe… kecik yang penyabar, she is so loyal to white lion with manual trans, if you change colour… i’m pretty sure you will get ur car by next week… i wonder how does ryna capture her lion so fast… any tips for us ryna who is trying to catch the lion since Dec 08…

  441. kecik i dah tak percaya salesman i… minggu lepas die ckp this week… hari nie i call dia ckp minggu depan tuesday… tapi my casis no sudah dapat … tu salesman cakap la… mana betul!!!!!

  442. hai mimie…email to me oso…… πŸ™‚ …hi sab..only casis no ka? how about the engine no?hehehehehe…joke only… πŸ™‚

  443. mimie, i pon nak juga ni…….RM300 utk tukar logo depan, belakang, dalam dan bawah, mmg murah….kot hehehhehehhee….just guessing..tak dpt kete belom survey…
    kecik you are guy ke girl? i tot u r guy kot..pasal krul named u ‘she’…hehehe…

  444. kecik…i agree with krul.. my salesman said only outo have stock..i no the way my salesman said only have blue colour have stock..i don’t want, i want black last i get my car…

  445. blak color loooook small laaa…but smart and ganas oso πŸ™‚

  446. den… sori bro kecik… salah type… hehe..

  447. mimie..i also want for tukar logo..rear and front only..hou much…

  448. first time i tgk, i jatuh cinta dgn warna putih..
    waa.. tapi i x reti bwk manual..
    n i x pnh tgk lg wane putih kat jalan..

  449. I envy u ryna… I ordered black manual.. But recently changed to silver due to unavailability of stock… Black with gold tint and black rims… Perghh… I’m standing infront of 308 now… Cun

  450. itu i x sure.. tp x sampai rm200 kot.. kat tayar tue kan ade naza.. u tak tukar laa.. i pun tak tukar lg.. tp nak tukar jugak..

  451. wau.. but 308 mahalkan..
    ade turbo kan..

  452. Hi all..ada satu tempat kat bandar tasik selatan ada jual logo depan belakang n tyre center cap x sampai 300.00…original punya logo…to mimie… betul ker harga enjin logo,logo depan belakang,center cap n stering logo tuh rm 300…. πŸ™‚

  453. krill…if u get the black colour can join convoi….hehe…mimie…i want to change the logo first..pastu baru nak tukar kat tayar…can get the actual price?

  454. tak sampai rm300.00.. murah laa tue.. to zakie.. my sales yg jual harge tue..

  455. wah…kalau mcm tuh nak order la kat salesman mimie tuh…tapi pelik logo kat stering tuh mcm ner dia tukar?hehehehe

  456. arini dah braper banyak kali dah tepon naza nak cakap dengan liana pasal loan i…doc guarantor pun dah pass..ada juga ku cakap direct ngan manager dia kang… πŸ™‚

  457. Sabar zakie… Arinie dh jumaat… Alamat diorang start process pun next week… Mimie.. With only 300 for everything… Memang murah…

  458. hahahha…tak nak tau dah pasal car ni….wat darah aku mendidih2 je…2blan aku tggu car..nak cr assesori pun dah takde mud..
    to sab : saba la banyak2…nasib kite serupe…
    (ceewaahh..wat berite sedey plak)…huhuhuh

  459. mimie my e mail add is but u change 4 logo only less than rm300????

  460. Ritz Ariff

    hai guys… aiseyman, sori tak sempat nak nyampuk sembang hangat nie…. korang baca tak komen MICK tu.. korang buat tak tau je.. ntah2 dia nie ejen proton… hehehe…

    congrat to mimie coz dah dapat keta, to sabrina hope u sabar coz berkat kesabaran i dapat keta besok…yaaahooooo…!! tapi masa aku tulis nie keta tak dapat lagi, ntah2 salesman mainkan aku, nanti aku announce bila dapat… hihihi… gurau je, nampak semua macam tension je…

    mimie, you can browse untuk dapatkan key fob n enjine logo… aku dah beli tunggu nak tampal n tukar je….

  461. Ritz Ariff

    to kecik, nanti aku join mimie ronda2 pakai 206…. hehehe… sapa nak tumpang bley book…. ADIOS..

  462. Hi Ritz,
    If u can ask ur salesman tomorrow about service intervals for 206B, that would be great.. tq..
    Sbb kat service booklet xde service b4 2500km, just ade 10k km only..

  463. Ritz…ko gi la konvoi dlu..survey mane tmpat best nak jalan..
    nnt dah dapat car aku..kite sume senang jalan ko dah tau..ko leader lagi..rombongan en ritz!! hahahha

  464. hi all,

    From reading comments from website 206gang, some of the cars received were damaged, dented & even engine has been faulted. What do u think?

    My loan has been approved, already signed agreement waiting for stock 2 come.

  465. Ritz Ariff

    hi all, just came back from Naza TTDI to take my small lion 206…. DAMN it!!! feel like to decline the car, I’m not sure from where they are getting the car and I feel like don’t drive a new car coz:-
    a) no smell of new car (I worry showroom car)
    b) My honk is not fuction (Honk sound weird) – to change BMW sound
    c) Front light cover is not shining (macam dah terbiar lama under sun)
    d) A few thsings inside the car I feel like being cheated.

    That’s the bad news, good news:-
    a) Geram punya pasal I tak perasan dah speed 130km/j kat NKVE but the car macam selamba je & bley pegi lagi
    b) Good Handling
    c) Interior plastic is look good.

    The most I hate is my salesman, I give him RM 360 to change all logo & tyre cap, but he said no stock. Bloody hell, I manage to get key fob & engine logo for just 2 days… then I told him, I don’t think I want to order 308 from you….. eeiiiii, tgh geram nie.

  466. Ritz Ariff

    To kecik, sabrina, 442, zakie & others….. please be patient, I don’t think we will receive PURE new car, byk lagi kena touch up….. sure something yang u tak puas hati…. if u see on the road WSG4322… it’s me…. hehehe

  467. to ritz ariff…
    is it true?i cant imagine how bad is this new car.

  468. Ritz Ariff

    Dear All,

    After few hours, I’m trying to accept whatever I receive from NASIM and I also confident after few touch up I will satisfy with my car…. hehehe…. for me right now 206 is having good sound system, stability, good speed ( u can play with auto manual gear) etc..etc..etc… will explore more tonite…..

  469. jealousnya aku… ritz

  470. btw, congra to u pasal dah dapat kete yg lama ditunggu2…

  471. mmg le auto manual..tak gi test drive dlu ke be4 buy the car ritz?
    td ea u dpt ritz…color ape?

  472. congrats ritz, sudah dapat kereta……..
    i just submitted my documents yesterday and now will just have to wait and see if approved πŸ™‚

  473. Ritz Ariff

    kecik.. my car color quick silver…. tried on sport mode… phewwww….fantastic….

    I dah test drive dulu kecik, but last 3 months, dah hilang feel nya pun.baru nak rasa balik….

  474. Ritz Ariff

    anyway according to my salesman yesterday…. Nasim will approve for 2000 unit only… I’m not sure what happen to your order Sue… hope still within 2000 units…

  475. my salesman call me yersturday…he told i can get my car next week..but putih takde ar…so die bagi manual black…
    tak kesah la ape color pun..asalkan manual…tp tak tau la..malas nak berharap sangat..nanti kecewe lagi….btw…congrate ritz…

  476. Dear All,

    For those who is wondering what happen to NazaCorp website which promotes the 206 Bestari, it has been moved to official Peugeot Malaysia website:
    You will see 206 Bestari there. It is afterall, a Peugeot 206.

    The first inspection is: 2,500KM (just inspection, no oil change)
    The Service Interval is: 10,000KM (just use SEMI Synthethic; cheaper and not too thick for the 1.4L engine)

    Please have a read here to know more about the 206:
    Maintenance Information (IMPORTANT!):

    Other Important Information:

    Things you need to know:

    Good Luck!

  477. hi all..just joined..:) i also still waiting for approval from NASIM..
    almost 3 weeks SAD!

  478. i mean NCL for kechik hopefully you can get your’s next week πŸ™‚

  479. hallo…. owner 206 and bakal owner 206. I just waiting my car come out…. hopefully by tomorrow. My car is already register…now just waiting for the car. I booking for black colour but no stock for black… My SA offer for silver colour…it’s okey. For me ….206 is a nice car…apa-apa colourpun tetap cantik dan menawan. Bagi yang sedang menunggu…terima jelah apa-apa colour yang ada…seperti Ritz..komen the car is very good handling…tak sabar rasanya nak test power.

  480. Daud Kulim

    Haloo Kecik,tahniah ko dah nk dpt kete..ko pye kete black kaler eh?? sama la cam aku,tp aku xdpt apa2 berita lg salesman aku..harap2 ada la black 206.anyway,dah dpt nanti jgn lupa share ngn kitaorg pasal 206 ko tu ye..

  481. orite babE…tp tak tau la..dr 2bulan lepas pun die kate next week next week..aku tunggu smpai skrg pun takde die call smlm cam serius je..tunggu je la..taknak letak harapan tinggi sangt..pape pun..aku akan roje korang punye la..jgn risau…

  482. Ritz Ariff

    kecik.. pada firasat aku ngko akan dapat next week.. hehehe, mcm nujum pak blalang plak….
    ari nie aku puas ati dapat lenjan keta tu, ada satu kelisa nak challenge aku kat NKVE so apa lagi aku balun auto sport mode… kekekeke… bye2 kelisa… memang power beb…. cuma satu je, kalau korang dapat tayar NCT5 memang bising… aku tgh plan nak tukar rim 185/55/15 dgn tayar michelin…. pehhhh
    aku baru amik semua logo tadi, tgh kolokai kan lambang naza….

  483. gila ar ritz…dapat krete terus langsai duit ko…baik gak tak dapat krete lagi..jimat sket..huhuhu…
    kire ko puas ati ar ngan keadaan krete tu ea…? aku tunggu je la ni…
    nnt same ar kot..melayang ar duit aku…huhuhu
    ko cek naza ar..brg2 sportivo smart2…

  484. Ritz Ariff

    kecik… ko browse je naza galaxy punya web.. semua ada. tapi kalau ko call diorang, ada pakej special tapi x tau ON lagi ke tak????

    aku dah siap kolokai kan lambang naza kecuali kat front grill tu tak tau nak unscrew camana, tapi bila aku refer balik kat my206club…. laaa kena pakai allen key ghopanya… bila buat tadi ada sikit calar lak sikit kat belakang tapi tak pe bley cover bila polish nanti…. kecik, minggu depan kalo ko dapat kita lepak lah dgn mimie….

  485. hi morning semua…seperti salesman i bagitau, kite boleh bagi 3 pillihan warna, kalo pilihan warna pertama tak de, mereka akan bagi warna kedua, kalo color kedua pun tak de juga, so mereka bagi color ketiga…so ritz, kecik dan mimie..adakah korang dapat color yang dipilih semasa booking?

  486. Ritz Ariff

    Den… kira salesman ngko the best lah coz dia bley advise, aku tukar color pun lepas satu member kita dalam forum nie inform don’t go for color kalau nak cepat… so aku pilih quick silver, dapat dah pun…..

  487. hah, best apa? aku dah 2 bulan masih ‘in-process’, e2 pon aku yg follow up sendiri dgn naza…salesman aku dah tido..oh ye hey ritz, jgn lupa gi pos opis claim rm625 tue..masukkan spoiler dan skirting..pergh..cun giler..

  488. hehehe…tah ar ritz..aku cam tak semangat je ar…kalo de nnt diorg call ar kot…ritz..ko duk mane ae? mimie duk mane? kod ah jalan ngan mimie ke?..sian kat den n krul..2bulan tggu approval..lum tunggu krete lagi..aku tunggu krete pun dah ilang saba..tak tau la kalo aku jadi diorg..mesti aku baka je naza tu…huhuhuh

  489. Den..same ar..aku book white..aku dapat Black…takdehal la..coz still manual type…tu yg aku accept kalo die bg red manual..aku taknak kot…huhuhu sanggup aku tunggu white…

  490. hi all…laju tul skang ni…x terkojar eden..hahahhaha πŸ™‚

  491. hehe, merah memang totally out bagi saya pon, kecik..hehe..hey zakie, loan u dah approve?

  492. ko nak keja mende nye zaki oi…takde sape yg lari…huhuhuhu

  493. hi kecik,waaaaaaaa…ur getting ur car already??..bestnya…m still waiting for mine.ntah brapa juta tahun lagi i hav to wait….dah hilang mood dah….how long is the whole process from placing booking till u get the car???…tension lah tunggu2 nie…i think we booked we from the same SA..

  494. lum la…ngah tunggu lagi ni…dah bejanggut dah aku tunggu krete nak dpt…tah bile tah..diorg saje mainkan perasaan aku kot…

  495. Hi den, belum lagi la…i dah smpai call manager liana..hahahaha…to kecik, x terkejar laju orang reply dalam ni da…jemput makan…eden ada kat toyota service centre sg besi…hahahahha..

  496. Ritz Ariff

    aku pun tak tau nak cakap ape… nak konvoi setakat nie pun dgn mimie je, apa ke jadahnya konvoi 2 orang… nak tunggu korang ntah bila… heheheh.. sabau2…

    apa2 pun, bagi aku modify keta aku dulu, tukar rim; tukar tayar taruk rear spoiler; tinted; apa lagi kecik? ko tolong bagi tau..haha, macam keja aku chop duit plak..malam tadi aku gagal tukar front grill dgn lambang singa tu, cuba lagi malam nie….. apa pun BERSABARLAH KENGKAWAN……

  497. Ritz Ariff


    any news about your car????

  498. ritz..ym ko ape?

  499. Ritz Ariff

    ym aku tak function kat office…. kena block beb…..

  500. i called my SA juznow…dia cakap most probably next week they can release my car…huh!!!macam aku percaya jer.apply loan pon ambik masa sebulan.apalagi nak dapat keta!!..taknak dah mengharap,m now in the process of surveying for other car…m eyeing for i10 hyundai…just buat back up plan incase i didnt get the bestari…whut do u guys think??should i waittttt??cuz i really like the small lion,but i cant wait any longer…

  501. hek elle…lambat ar chat sini….

  502. kecik..luckly u get black colour manual…i yg nak maual tak dapat. my salesman said no stock…
    Ritz.. i feel kalau nak reverse kat bukit tekan break ada bunyi…atau i tekan break kuat dia bunyi mcm tu..
    pastu i perasan kat bumbung keta cat ada bintik2 putih…kalau nnti polish hilang tak..apa pun handling dia best…

  503. Ritz Ariff

    ryna.. my car pun sama brek bunyi…. dah lama terbiaq kat padang pasir kot… semua kena touch sendiri….

  504. erm…betuah ke??..tah ar..u book bile ryna?
    maybe i dr mule dulu pun mmg book manual..n diorg tanye nak tuka auto untuk dapat cepat ke tak pun i taknak…tu yg bejanggut tunggu sampai skrg tak dapat2…tak tau bile diorang call ckp nak masuk jpj…

  505. Ritz Ariff

    genie.. kalau u bley sabar u sabar…. anyway berbaloi bila dapat dgn kualiti of engine dgn handling… tolak tepi body lah (kena touch up balik) Naza jual enjin kot…. hehehe

  506. Ritz Ariff

    kecik… diorang kelentong, mana ada keta local masuk JPJ. keta masuk JPJ keta CBU je… nie yang aku menyampah dgn salesman nie, asyik nak nipu kita jee…..

  507. wei ko tau padang pasir?? padang jarak padang tekukur je gurun…hahahhah

  508. tah..die call tadi..tanye aku ade beli no ke tak..aku ckp je takde..
    pastu die ckp nak masuk jpj…aku iye kan aje..malas dah nak amek tau..aku nk menghitung bulan ni…bape thn nak tunggu krete kuar…
    hahahahah….ritz..ko nye road tax dah tampal mase dapat krete?
    cam ne nak pasang tinted kalo dah tmpal road tax?

  509. gienie… sabar kay… everybody will get their lion… just time jer… don’t worry… u will get urs soon… Kecik… klu ko nk g lepak ngan ritz ko kena bawak aku skali… jgn tinggal aku… huhuhu

  510. lu jgan risau bro…gua takkan tinggal lu punya kan sumber expirasi gua…doa lu ar wat gua nak dapat car ni….thanks ar bro krul…..

  511. just to inform that u need to go for inspection at <2,500km.. just did mine last weekend at Volcare MRR2..
    Thanks Andy..

  512. Ritz Ariff

    kecik..aku belum betul2 tampal lagi, pakai selotep je baru… untuk tinted aku dapat e-voucher ECOTINT diskaun 15% dari my206club… aku nak tau berbaloi ke dgn ecotint nie atau apa2 je asal tinted…seribu lebih woo….

  513. kecik..i book last dec..pastu hantar kl submit..i book for manual first..after my loan approved, my salesman said manial takde stock..i no choice terpaksa amik auto..i tak biasa pakai auto…
    ritz..oo memang mcm tu kaa…so nak touch mcm mana..
    442..its true need to inspection at <2, salesman said at 1,000km..

  514. Ritz Ariff

    442, thanks for info 2500km is for inspection. They used TOTAL oil as engine lubricants… expensive woo TOTAL oil….

  515. Ritz Ariff

    ryna, keta aku cam tu lah, tak tau lah yang lain.. aku rasa sama je kot…. besok aku cuti nak touch up keta aku dgn pegi NASIM blue box nak komplen pasal tayar bising, honk and inside panel not fix very well….. malam nanti aku update gambar small lion aku dalam blog….

  516. Ritz Ariff

    so far yang dapat keta aku, ryna, mimie… tgh tunggu keluar kecik, sabrina.. others camana??? 442, zakie, krul, genie….

  517. they only inspect my car.. no oil change yet.. so sume FOC..
    only check using computer with Peugeot Planet 200 software.. sort of car diagnosis.. everything’s fine so far..

    and they tried to rectify the ktak2 sound from my left rear end.. but the sound still there, but dah slow sket la.. less annoying..

    I took some pics around the workshop, maybe can post it in 206gang blog?

  518. Ritz… Ko pakai mobil 1 best gak…

  519. Aduss… Forum nie tk purge ka chat lama2… Lengoh jari aku nk scroll down..

  520. Ritz Ariff

    442, I’m okay if you want to posted into 206gang…. ur u may e-mail me at

  521. Hi to all 206 geng….

    Please to share, I just book the cute lion yesterday at TTDI. The car indeed is very high-quality in terms of design and performance as well. I had followed this forum for quite sometime, so I kinda know, kechik, ritz, sabarina, memey, krul etc.
    Because of you guys also I made my decision to proceed with 206.
    Mimie, do you mind to email me details of how to get those accessories. TQ. My email is TQ much…

  522. Ritz Ariff

    welcome to the club izack…… u booked from who izack at TTDI? is it Adzhar? i got my car from TTDI…

  523. ryna…salesman tipu ko ar
    saje nak suh ko amek loan byk…kat tmpat aku ade 3 org book manual..dapat je 3 3 org…
    ritz..maksud aku..road tax tu die siap tampalkan ke??

  524. ritz….aku book from zulhelmi….boss dia adzhar…..
    they’re now in the midst of checking my loan…clear or not…..
    not yet submit my full doc….tinggal bank statement and epf…..
    harap semua ok…..

    ritz keter ko warna apa?

  525. Ritz Ariff

    kecik : road tax belum tampal proper lagi…

    Izack : keta aku color silver, aku amik dari adzhar punya slow dia keja…aku mintak dia amik logo lionpun 2 bulan order tak dapat, last2 aku dapt dari PUG Club….

  526. To Ritz:
    My suggestion is to create a CHATBOX in 206gang blog… so that ppl would be able to discuss in that blog.. one such chatbox can be downloaded from here:
    Think it’s easy to sign-up and do it.. instructions are self-explanatory.. otherwise, the blog won’t get enough attention.. alang2 dah ade blog sendiri..

  527. ritz,m now still waiting for my car,my SA said the loan is already been approved…on the final stage…dunno whether true or not…loss hope aldy….i booked for quartz blue..but my SA said that its not available i guess i hav to wait til they hav stock for this colour…..yang peliknya when i go to other dealer elok jer dorang kata ada colour yg i nak tuh.siap untk display lagi,tgl tunggu org beli jer,…but my SA cakap kat mana2 pun dah habis that colour….hishhh…menyirappppp i……

  528. The TTDI people said I could change the lion logo for rm400:-
    1. Front Grill emblem (change)
    2. Rear emblem (change)
    3. 4 rim cap (change)
    If I need to change the steering logo, I’ve to add another rm200. So all together would be rm600 to change the main logo from naza to lion…..

    Is it a good deal anyone?

  529. To izack,
    Expensive.. u can get No 1,2 and 3 for RM250 at Asli Auto in Batu Caves.. try google them.. about steering logo, u have no choice cos other than naza to do it, it will void ur warranty…

  530. Ritz Ariff

    izack.. if we change steering logo, how about the waranty??? the person that TTDI guys contacted is my friends, that guys sold at RM350. Adzhar n gang failed to get the logo from their supplier….

  531. Ritz Ariff

    All gang… starting from today, all of us can chat in 206gang chatbox puas2…thanks to 442 advising…. for those who still new n wanna chat with others, pls browse our group website at

  532. aii.. ritz.. so, u da tukar logo ke??
    u punye plat no pun wsg.. samelaa kite..
    so, u kat ne???
    le la kite kuar lepak2 nanti..

  533. hi ritz, how’s the handling of the 206? with current tyre ok?
    bad economy so will try to save on modifications if my application is approved……….just change the emblems and logo and maybe add a spoiler to the back……..hee.

  534. Ritz,

    Total Oil price is not much different from Petronas. Bluebox glenmarie uses Petronas only, and the price is similar to Total.


    You’d be surprised how well 206 handles with such thin tyres, and the grips, road holding.

    Do check on the tyre condition when you collect your car, if it’s old and bad condition, demand for a new set of tyres.

    All others,

    Please do read the important information below as an advice to maintain and taking care of your BB Lion:

  535. For the steering logo, check with NZ Galaxy; Heard they change it for RM200 (change whole cover), and it will not void the warranty. (Do keep the receipt tough).

    The price is good, and it’s definitely worth the “restore”. It makes a big difference when you change “restore” it back to the lion.

    FYI, if you remove the Naza logo on the steering, you will see lion patch for the lion logo. Naza simply cover it using it’s own logo. But please do not remove the Naza badge yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing because there’s 3 “legs” holding the Naza logo, and if you do not remove properly, it could drop inside the steering with the air-bag.

  536. thanks Andy……… great can save some $$.

  537. kecik..tipah tertipu rupanya…
    mimie..bila nak lepak kat jb…

  538. ryna…mane ko tau ko tetipu?..sape bg tau ko?

  539. rasa mcm tertipu je…sbb my salesman said kalau tunggu pun memang takde..

  540. die mls nak push amek manual kot…aku tunggu mmg lame pun la nak dapat manual ni…aku nye salesman turun naik HQ untuk dapatkan manual untuk costumer die..mungkin kat tmpat ko tu..ko sorg je nak manual kot…tu yg die malas tu..kat tmpat aku amek ni..ade gak kot yg book manual…tu yg nak taknak..die kene rajin gak amek manual tu…

  541. hi izack… i’m from taman tun too… but i ordered my 206 at Kajang… maybe we can have a drink at rasta later after we’ve got our 206… kecik said he will only eat cha kueh tiaw… kekekke

  542. hi all…today sudah pergi jumpa liana 2 kali..tadi pagi tanya status borang application n ambil new form..suruh dia cek dealer ada hantar borang baru or not n give a call before 3 pm today..but x da apa2 feed back n tadi pukul 2.52pm go to her office n give her new form..huhuhuhuh…nampaknya salesman x buat keja sebab dia cakap x da apa2 doc yang dealer for those want to buy car, don’t buy at FS Trading or FS Auto Corp or any of their branch..hahahaha……

  543. hahaha… berusaha keras nampak nya zakie nie… nanti dapat keta kena wat kenduri kesyukuran la nampaknya… memang penat zakie klu lepas satu… satu document yg diorang mintak… tkmo mintak skali pulak tuh…

  544. 442 Says:

    January 13th, 2009 at 3:24 pm
    Hi Zakie.. try google FS Auto Corp Sdn Bhd.. heard some bad things about them.. just be careful when u receive your car..

    U have been warned..

  545. Hi krul…it’s a great idea to lepak at rasta..others also should try…food is great..ambience also cool….
    Well..krul..ko pilih warna apa? Why book at kajang? U heard bad thing about ttdi? By the way….i just submitted my complete form today…they said it’ll take 1-2 weeks to know if i’m clear to apply for loan. Then have to wait another round for loan approval etc….then have to wait another round for the dream car…..penantian yg berbalo i guess coz i like the car very much….hehehe

  546. hi krul…why ordered at kajang? u heard bad thing about ttdi? i just submitted my complete form today. They said have to wait 1 week to know if i’m ok to apply loan. Then have to wait another round for loan approval from naza..then have to wait another round for the dream car…hehehehe

  547. hehe..bagus izack..anta telah memilih untuk meningkatkan tahap kesabaran anta dengan membeli krete ini..same la spt aku n kawan2 yang lain…bersabarlah kawan2 ku…moga2 pilihan kita semua adalah pilihan terbaik untuk masing2…..amin…

  548. hi 442…thanks..i’ved google they after i submit the application..hehehehe… πŸ™‚

  549. hi all..yeap.kat cni dapat bnyk info psl kete idaman semua org kat page nih..just sign kete maybe dpt lmbt.dlm 3weeks lagi..:(

  550. Ritz Ariff

    Hi All,

    Penat I buat blog untuk u all chat & 442 teach me how to create chat box in my blog tapi u all masih chat kat sini…. meh le beralih ke blog 206 gang at hehehehe….

  551. hi ritz..xdpt pon go to given link..:(

  552. Hey guys… Any idea and where to get the cheaper peugeot emblem and key fog for naza bestari 206? i just signed my loan agreement and now waiting for my car. Btw i would like to prepare all those logo first before i get my car… thanks…

  553. I izack… No bad things bout ttdi, its just I’ve relative in kajang… But sadly even relative could not assist to speed up my application… Hehe… Tp tkpe bole layan kecik nya black manual…

  554. no hal la bro…dapat silver auto kite lenjan ar pulak nnt…huhuhuhu

  555. zakie, leh bagi email atau YM? ada something nak cerita dan tanya dengan u nih…thanks

  556. takkan zakir je kot..aku nye takmo ke?? hahaha… ko ape?

  557. ritz…3 ari tak leh settle jpj n lelain ke?? aduhai bengang pulak aku tunggu krete ni…baik takyah call aku bg tau krete dah ade…dah siap sume br call suh amek krete..kan senang..takde la wat hati aku ni tenanti-nanti…panas tul la aku cam ni….

  558. kecik… arinie dh rabu… pe citer black lion ko nie… jumaat dh dekat nie… minggu dopan la nampaknya kita makan char kueh tiaw nie…

  559. kecik, ada sedikit bende nak discuss dgn zakie ye..rasa2 nya i kenal dia kot..dulu ada join room chatting melaka..hehe…i nak tanya dia pasal loan kete dia tue…emel i yelah >>> kecik nak add i utk ke utk YM ke? id yang sama i pakai ni…

  560. nk wat cam ne…nampaknye mmg betul2 kene lupekan segalanya la ni…gua nak becuti sepuas-puasnya ni…huhuhu

  561. den..aku dah add dah pun….

  562. Ritz Ariff

    kecik.. aku cakap dah… salesman Nasim tak de etika… mana ada keta local antar JPJ…. konon mcm kita tak tau le tu…. anybody tau kat mana nak source rear spoiler kat klang valley tak selain naza galaxy….

  563. kecik…masa i dulu 2 minggu baru dpt keta…huhuhu

  564. hi den…dah add ko..acept la…to all today i ada kat lumut rite now…stay kat Orient Star Hotel until Friday…huuhuhuh…bawa bos meeting kat naza dah call i for second interview n oso call my guarantor for interview… : )

  565. Ritz Ariff

    zakie, panjangnya perjalanan ngko nak dapat keta..sampai 2nd intvw & gurantor bagai….

  566. Hi geng…best ler zakie pi holiday yek.. Glad to know that changing steering logo will not void the guarantee…

  567. penyabarnya si zakie nie… siap 2nd interview… i just submitted the epf statement 2day… harap2 lepas nie no more document yg tk cukup…

  568. hahahah…tau takpe..ryna..ko tunggu ape yg dua minggu? aku tunggu krete dekat 2 bulan dah ni…skrg die mainkan perasaan aku plak…

  569. kecik nie… col la si syafiq tuh tanya… rasa2 nya keta lion itam ko tuh dh ada kt kajang… abis tinggi pun seminggu ja puspakom tuk inspection… and jpj for registering…. puspakom = 2hari max… jpj = 1hari max… pastu salesman lepak = 2hari… abih2 pun 5 hari… campur 2 hari nk cuci karat2 n sawang labah2 kt keta tuh… total 7 hari…

  570. doc dah complete submitted to them 2 days ago..tapi dah tak sabar nak tunggu call from NCL. I think I should learn from kechik macam mana nak jadi seorang penyabar…hehehehe

  571. 2 bulan…kalau i pun dah angin satu badan…i lepas loan approve..sign salesman ckp dlm satu minggu..campur cuti raya cina…dua minggu gak baru dapat

  572. tapi kalau nak ikutkan sume skali 2 bulan lebih gak…

  573. during the promotion NAZA received 5000 over orders, just imagine nk bagi keta without any downpayment plus longer loan period… furthermore under their own expense… other companies memang dh dapat duit awal2 dari bank or finance company… jadi diorang lebih berhati2 dlm process… dlm berhati2 pun diorang boleh hilang kan documents… n ramai gak credit staffs yg kena dismiss keja…

  574. im oso one of the victim…dah 2 bulan tunggu tapi belom approve lagi…nasib baik tuhan kasi i signal, suruh i kol NCL tanya..kalo tidak tentunya borang i dah masuk stor room naza…huhuhu

  575. ryna…sekejap nye azab ko tggu krete….
    kami2 ni dah patah semangat dah…aku nye saba tak tau la tahap ape dah ni…ape lagi krul, zakie n sesape yg tunggu loan aprove sampai 2bln lebih..betape penyabanye mereke2 tesebut…syabas2….ningkatkan lah pahale2 yg sediada dengan cara besaba….huhuhuhu

  576. tak tau lah..kalu salesman tipu i ke tak..dia ckp dlm byk2 yg apply ngan i..hanya 3 org jer yg approve…tapi tak tau ler yg apply lepas i tu approve ke tak…

  577. hi all…i bukan pergi holiday la…keja juga ma..huhuhuh..izack, mana tahu kalau tukar logo x void warranty?hehehehe…to all yang x dapat call tuh bersabarla…kalau nak cai liana memang susah nak dapat..eden sampai pi opis dia…huhuhuhuhu..terkedu2 dia…hehehhe…kalau masuk bln 3 ni dah kira 3 bln la nak tunggu process jer…sign agrement lum lagi…lum tunggu keta lagi..mau2 6 bln gak…hahahahahha…. : )

  578. ryna… mungkin betul gak apa yg dia ckp… klu yg lain diorang ilang kan documents… cmna la nk approved…

  579. hish..nak tggu keta bestari nih macam rasa menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba lah pulak……..i called NCL to clarify on my loan status today.My SA dandan jer cakap my loan has already been approved,and boleh release keta next week. and dia siap mintak payment for my car accessories lagi,and paling bestnya i dahpun given him the payment since last month lagi masa dia claimed yang my loan has already approved.padahal masa i call tadi org tue ckp my loan is still under process…!!blom pun confirm kena approve lagi,cuz yhey havent sent me the agreement yet.sakit hati betul lah.rasa macam ditipu bulat2..apa nie!!..brapa lama lagi nak tunggu!!!smthing wrong smwhere wit my SA….macam x betul jer……what should i do,guys plz help me…iskisk…

  580. hi krul n ryna…cakap pasal doc hilang ni, i pernah ada application ‘missing’ for 3 days…tanya liana dia kata dah hantar ker dealer lik..bila cek ngan dealer dia kata x da dapat apa2 return doc dari naza…last2 dapat tahu liana salah letak my doc…hahahha…so sesiapa yang x dapat aper2 information lebih dari la naza…hehehhehe…

  581. apsal korang seksa sgt tunggu 206 ni? best sgt ke? keta lame, kejap je dah rosak.. byk lg keta murah blh beli.. saga, savvy, myvi, viva etc..
    bagus sgt ke 206 ni?

  582. Gienie… Cm pelik jek SA u nie… Dealer mana ek… Entah2 dia dh pakai duit u… Kecik pun penah kena gak cmnie… Duit processing dia diamik… Document tk submit…

  583. to azman…setiap kereta ada peminat dia…kalau orang minat saga dia bli la saga dan seterusnya..pada peminat setiap jenis kereta ada nilai2 yang mereka cari..myvi, viva etc tuh pun bukan pembuat kereta seperti proton..dia orang ambil juga produk dari daihatsu n just buat sedikit perubahan pada penampilan kereta tersebut..mcm proton mula2 buat usahasama dengan mitsubishi…aku bukan nak kondem sesaper..tapi percayala setiap orang ada kereta idaman mereka..dah mereka harusla mencari sesuatu kenderaan yang mereka pikir sesuai dengan mereka n mengikut kemampuan x da la masalah kalau mereka memilih 206 ni untuk kegunaan, pikir2kan la…

  584. Ritz Ariff

    Bravo Zakie….. aku sokong kau…. aku rasa ada pengacau yang saja nak test the water….. to azman, I got my 206 already… it’s damn good… kalau nak rosak, mercedes pun rosak…. i used satria b4 tapi tak bley lawan 206…. tak caya, test drive sekali..pasti fall in love mcm kitorang..lambat pun masih sabar…. hehehe

  585. hi zakie…i better check with Naza before do any changes as i do not want the warranty to be voided…and thank you for the defence….bravo..bravo…..

  586. Hi ritz..i think the 206gang blog created was down since yesterday… however i managed to see your car pic two days ago….it’s damn great and can’t wait for my own lion….

  587. sorry guys.. aku pun terpk gak nak beli actually.. tp 206Bestari ni dah lame kuar.. aku tau sbb offer 0% interest + 12thn ni yg menyebabkan krg beli.. if Myvi or Savvy offer 0% interest, aku rase ramai gak interested..
    Bg aku, if aku beli keta ni skrg, mmg sbb offer tu je.. lps tu baru aku pakse diri aku utk suke keta tu.. cari all the +ve things.. cube ignore benda2 -ve psl keta ni..
    Kia Spectra pun ade offer same.. mesti krg compare; tgk2 Bestari 206 xbyk -ve mcm Spectra, so krg pilihla 206.. btl?
    Mmg utk yg beli ikut offer ni, most important consideration is the MONEY.. right? Kalau bkn, dah lame beli awal2 dulu..

  588. pls don’t get me wrong.. aku bkn nak attack krg.. just nak tau the real reason je..
    xsalah if pk psl duit 1st and minat keta tu 2nd..
    Brape ramai yg order keta ni cos of this offer, tp rase xberbaloi beli keta ni b4 this offer?
    Maybe more than half..

  589. Azman..i think you’ve seen the whole issue in a wrong perception. The main reason for most of us buying 206 is because of the car itself. Design, performance, reputation etc. The offer is a bonus for us to purchase it much faster or it’s like a dream come true. Whatever it is, we LIKE this car very much. If we don’t afford to purchase it (let say there’s no offer like this), its still be our dream car…:)

  590. Fully agree with izack. For my case pun .. Memang I minat 206 ni.
    Tambah2 ada offer plus point la.
    Bagi yang tertunggu-tungu tu .. sabar .. memang best kereta ni…
    I dah 1 bulan lebih pakai.. Just that .. belum bayar lagi pasai belum dapat apa-apa agreement/ way to bayar dari NCL. :).

  591. Ritz Ariff

    hi azman… sori if get u wrong pasal ramai masuk nie just nak test the water… actually all of us here fall in love with peugeot 206 becoz of the performance & design… suggest you to test drive the car & feel it. We have a blog also for us to share.….
    to all, i have a new photo of my car in my blog after minor change…

  592. thanks to all for the good explanantion.. maybe mmg aku kena test drive.. aku xprnh tau pun psl keta ni.. b4 this, aku mampu pakai keta proton or perodua je.. heh..tu yg risau, if aku beli cos of promotion only, maybe tkt aku xsuke in the end..

    BTW, if krg search 206gang in Google, krg punye blog ade kat No 1.. Syabas, keep up the good work!!!

  593. gienie…aku rase ko kene tipu cam aku dulu2 ar…
    baik ko call maneger die aku..skrg dil ngan maneger die je..salesmen aku..aku anta surat layang…padan muke die..hahahahah….tp maneger die pun lembab gak..kate NCL lembab…takpe la..sabe je la..krete idaman kan..nak taknak pun kene tggu la…kuatkan kesabaran mu wahai kawan2 ku…huhuhu

  594. hai…gang206……setelah lama menunggu akhirnya keluar juga my baby lion ari ni. kena collect kat naza kampung baru tapi dah ptg tak sempat dan jalan jem so tomorrow morning pi ambik my car. Bagi yang lain tu …sabarlah menunggu saatnya akan tiba. Anggaplah baby lion sebagai kekasih… kita akan setia menunggu..jika kita benar-benar jatuh cinta dengannya.


  596. hi all..congrate to sham…toaday i call liana to ask about my application..she said the application in process..huhuhu…but after a while which i’m at inside TLDM, the NCL people call me to conform that i want to change from FS Auto to Naseem..huhuhuhu..coz the form that i passed to liana state the doc from after that she said that if want to change dealer i need to write a letter..but i said just continue with FS.. (no time for write letter) my application is under process for the loan already approved on 5/2/2009..but they want the guarantor…huhuhuh..glad to hear that from NCL.. : )

  597. pelik la zakie… cmna loan bole approved klu need guarantor… emmm…

  598. kecik….kalau kita ambil loan dgn bank memang cepat..sebab bank banyak cawangan dan staffnya ramai oleh itu cepatlah proses loan tu.. tapi dgn NCL ni staff yang proses loan tak ramai dan diorang proses loan satu malaysia punya application. Sebab tu loan lambat lulus. Tu yang tercabar kesabaran kita. I booking kat kampung baru dan NCL pun kat tempat yang sama.After i pass my document kat my SA dan dia terus hantar kat atas tak silap office NCL tingkat 9. Walaubagaimana pun kena rajin follow up terus NCL. Bila loan dah lulus barulah follow up dengan sales manager dia untuk dptkan keta.

  599. ntahla…ni sama mcm bank gak..member pun penah kena masa buat loan keta ngan maybank…loan dah approved but need guarantor..

  600. Orang Beli Proton kerana harga murah, tetapi orang tahu tak harga proton sebenarnya tak murah.
    Orang Beli Proton kerana rekabentuk gaya, tetapi orang tahu tak kualiti proton sebenarnya sangat teruk.
    Saya Setuju rekabentuk pesona gaya tetapi harganya dari 50k to 60k
    buatan malaysia harga masih tinggi.tahu tak honda city di jepun baru jual harga RM 45k to 55k .
    Jadi sekarang 206 baru jual harga ini apa anda fikir.

  601. Daud Kulim

    hai sume..Td aku da dpt kol dr salesman aku,dia ckp 206 aku dah ada n skrg ni diorg bwk g JPJ..hrp2 dlm 2,3 hari ni tamatlah segala penantian aku..hehe.sykur alhmdulilah dpt kol td..apa2pun blog ni byk membantu aku..terima kasih sume..

  602. daud,
    how long hav u waited for your car???ada 2 bulan tak??….

  603. krul..dah approved kena pakai guarantor lagi ker…i tak payah pun..

  604. ryna, maybe your salary is expensive so not nid any guarantor..

  605. hi all…
    i’m new here…just a silent reader b4
    fyi, i ws booked my 206 on 18dec but still didn’t get the car.
    loan was approved b4 CNY.
    dunno how long i need to wait. my 1st booking ws a black + auto.
    currently change to grey as my SA told me that black color is not available anymore.
    oh ya…i’m from JB.
    ryna, BP is my hometown πŸ™‚

  606. hana, congra..i booked mine same date with you..but im not lucky as loan still in progress πŸ™ … you nid to keep follow up with your salesman to get your car..

  607. Hi everyone … Im getting my car tomorrow afternoon…. i tekan the salesman and manager naza…
    Ok Nie tips sikit utk dapatkan kerete anda cepat… u all call ur salesman tanya dia kerete sudah ready or tak … kalau die cakap ready tunggu utk register… suruh die register dulu… dapatkan roadtax… kalau dah register kerete kena keluar dalam 1 minggu….
    Macam kes i.. salesman i cakap kerete sudah located kat rawang dan sudah dapat Casis @ Number Enjin… i suruh die register la….. sekarang manager yang uruskan kes i…… esok dapat… hopefully la… u all have to must push them….

  608. hana, i book last dec..but submit to HQ 1 week after…but get the car after CNY,,mcm forumer lain..sabar tu separuh dari iman…maybe u get car same area with me..BP branch..hmm…jb area mana…maybe after u get the car..blh lepak together…

  609. ryna, i booked the car at naza plentong.
    i stay at Setia Tropika – just nearby kempas exit.
    my hometown is parit raja.
    how bout u? where r u staying?
    haha…it’s true “sabar tu separuh dr iman”
    luckily i’m pregnant now…kalo x SA tu mesti kena maki ngan i tau.

  610. Hi all,
    Silent reader gakk.. heh3.. Tgh try survey2 psl keta ni.. tibe2 terjumpe maintenance cost for 206Bestari ni.. ni link die..
    Total sampai 80k km tu lbh krg RM3.2k.. if kena service every 10k km or 6 mths; mane2 lg awal (as per NASIM), so total tu utk 4thn la..
    RM3.2k bahagi 4 thn, dlm RM800 SETAHUN..
    Korang rase byk ke x? Ni 1st time aku nak beli keta.. TQ..

  611. ofis at kempas..every day i lalu kat jalan Setia Tropika tu..i stay at Desa Mutiara…i booked at Giant Tampoi..get the car at Naza Tampoi…so…when u get the car…can met together…
    i pun dulu selalu col salesman i..
    kalau tunggu..jgn harap ler ..nak update apa2 news kat i…

  612. wahhh…great news!!
    dah ade geng boleh lepak2 pasni
    will inform u when i get the car.
    hopefully x lama lagi la

  613. Salam.. im Silent reader gakk from p.gudang…baru blik from sign agrement. boking $50 on 19 Jan. last week 10 Feb intervew and 2day sign agrement. only blue color in stock, other color need to waiting, donor until when.. but my problem is my saleman need i to pay $1800 bcoz he say my loan approve $61200, the car price is $63000 this true? Brapa harga sebenar kereta ni eekk. kata 0 d/p & 0 interess… but now i need to pay $1800.. sapa boleh tolongggg.. i kener tipu ke.. ke mmg kener bayar..

  614. To Rocky: pls report to NASIM now!!!

  615. rocky… i wonder what is happening… if you placed an order during the promotion period… there is no way that you need to pay extra… my advice is, to check with NASIM… coz due to this promotion… dealers commission is being reduced… just check with HQ… pelik..pelik…

  616. rocky,u better check with Naza and far as i know the price for the car itself is 61200 OTR.and the promotion of 0% and down payment is still going on.unless if u hav requested to add additional accessories like,head rest,reverse sensor,bodykit and etc baru ada extra charges……u better check carefully…This SA people they are very good in putar belit….

  617. rocky..where ur u booking the SA said the car price is RM61700 and need down payment RM1188 and booking RM100, fyi i’m booking at Giant Tampoi..My SA pun putar belit gak ker…

  618. TQVM all.. i will call HQ on this monday. any result will info here.. I book at kip mart masai.. sebulan book dah sign aggrement alhamdudillah.. but ada problem pulak.. tp x per tengok ari monday ni aper criter… hope not keluar duit any more… $1800 wooo bleh tukar spot rem, tintet dll tuuu…10s guy.

  619. GUYS…

    i am also one of he silent reader..
    planning of changing my kelisa 850 (going to be 5 yrs) honestly no problem at all.. as i said.. plan to upgrade a bit to auto.. pls be honest.. is it worth to buy this car?? appreciate your advise

  620. Dear all, as for me, I booked the car on 23rd Dec 08. Got the car on 4th Feb 09. Around 40 days…Changed to Quartz Blue instead of Black to get the car faster as per my ‘knowlegeable’ SA. I’m really enjoying the ride, eventhough it’s more like my wife’s car.

    Yes, when the car arrived at the showroom, it was dusty and all. But upon registered to my name, they had it polished, just like new, at least for me it is.

    For those who are torn between Myvi or Swift, 206 wins hands down in terms of comfort and stability. Eventhough the costs of maintenance for my new car is still doubtful, I’m willing to trade that with the joy of driving a 206. Ah yes, maybe I’m the lucky one, but my sound insulation is good. In fact, very good. Go and test drive one, it’s free…

    You get stares too driving this car, makes you wonder was it really the car or your wife they are staring at…….

  621. i booked my car last december and the naza corp nvr give me any update about my loan status.

    i have waited for 2 month…so my salesman say i can get a loan from other bank other than NASIM.

    the condition is…naza sell me the car for rm50,000 with 2.73%interest,so what i have to pay is 61k.

    my question is…is this procedure allowed?
    anyone here experience the same thing as me.

  622. I bought my 206 on 9 June 2008. Exactly JUST 1 week after, having problem with the gear transmission. Got back the car after 3 weeks batling with TTDI dealer and Peugouet Service Centre in Shah Alam. Problem seems solved. And now, after JUST 9 months having this car, i’m having problem with the central lock. I have to lock the car manually and the best part is that, I CANT EVEN LOCK THE BONET !!!! The gear transmission again making a problem. Problem this time I have keep on pressing for at least 5 min to move the gear. What the helll !!!!! Tell ya, how good it can be !! Having this car less than a year and it giving such a nuisance… !!!!

  623. y some of u are buying at a a diff price??diff interest rate??emmm…so confusing….maybe diff place are diff promotion,m not quite sure thing u guys should do is to call and cl Naza and Nasim…

  624. what i think is that coz of the loan procedures is so slow, some of the dealers get the financing from banks or finance company. Dealers will get their financing commission plus commission on the car… maybe some dealers do that… to rocky n who ever have the issue of down payment and paying the interest i strongly recommend to check with NASIM…

  625. to fefe: Can you pls elaborate on your prob with GEAR TRANSMISSION? i’m considering buying the car… tq..

  626. to fefe… i think you have got a defect transmission… it happen sometimes when you buy a car… esp the car that is being assemble in malaysia… naza should replace the transmission for you… but knowing some of the dealers, they will try to buy time until ur warranty period expired and they will start to charged you for the replacement… fefe… you should really get them to replace the transmission… the most important item for a car… without it the car won’t move… hehe

  627. Ritz Ariff

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone got their car last week? Share with us la ur experience…Sabrina, how about u??

  628. hi ritz..maybe sabrina tengah syok layan keta baru dia tuh…mana kecik?hows ur car ritz? πŸ™‚

  629. hi morning, fyi, just heard my salesman said 28haribulan ni yelah deadline untuk hantar document..jika ada sesiapa belom lengkap lagi application mereka termasuk document gerentor, kena settlekan cepat2 lor…ceh, dah cepat cepat pon, sampai naza mesti process lagi 2-3 bulan..ntah leh caya ke tidak..

  630. Ritz Ariff

    Soba Den Soba…. semua tu terubat bila u dapat nanti.. yolah, sapo yang tak soba kan… hihihi…

  631. Ritz Ariff

    Hi zakie… my car is okay except auto central lock dgn honk…. performance engine tip-top….. aku tgh tunggu rear spoiler, exhaust pipe, fuel lid cover dgn steering logo… lepas tu keta aku perfect dah…. ko punya 206 apa citer???

  632. kecik luar negara skrg… hehe… pegi menenangkan fikiran tanpa memikirkan masalah 206 dier… esok lusa ada la tuh…

  633. ritz…keta ku x da citer lagi…dalam process NCL..hang bli spoiler kat nz gak ker?braper?logo stering plak tukar kat mana?rm?hehehe.. to krul…sampai g luar negara plak…ku ingatkan kes politik jer ke luar negara…hahahahhaha…(joke only kecik) πŸ™‚

  634. Ritz Ariff

    dua-dua tu aku amik kat nz…. mahal siot, tapi takut waranty void amik gak ler….


  636. braper rega yang stering punya tuh

  637. Ritz Ariff

    Mula2 ari tu aku dgr RM200, tup2 last friday dah jadik RM250. Tapi yang RM250 nie waranti by Nasim sendiri, aku amik kat Naza World tepi federal hiway tu….. gienie, ur car tu u dah restore which part??

  638. Hi all,
    Silent reader gakk.. heh3.. Tgh try survey2 psl keta ni.. tibe2 terjumpe maintenance cost for 206Bestari ni.. ni link die..
    Total sampai 80k km tu lbh krg RM3.2k.. if kena service every 10k km or 6 mths; mane2 lg awal (as per NASIM), so total tu utk 4thn la..
    RM3.2k bahagi 4 thn, dlm RM800 SETAHUN..
    Korang rase byk ke x? Ni 1st time aku nak beli keta.. TQ..

  639. Ritz Ariff

    CT, sebenarnya maintenance nie depend on how we drive a car. Kalau kita bawak macam keta lumba, masuk gear satu terus nak capai 100km/j payah le…. kalau bab oil filter n normal service tu u kena tanya sapa2 yang penah servis, for me i have another 2000km for car checking…

  640. hi ritz…hari tuh aku ada dapat pricelist untuk accesories 206 dari nz galaxy…dia letak situ streing trim dia rm 230.00 πŸ™‚

  641. ritz,
    belum berkesempatan lagi nak buat apa2 kat keta tuh,cuz keta pun x kuar2 SA said that it might be release by ths week.hopefully btul lah ape yg dia cakap..cuz i request frm my SA to add reverse sensor to the car,so i rasa mesti ambik masa gak…..dah nak masuk sebulan tunggu nie,tgk org lain pun tgu sampai 2,3 bulan,tu yang macam x confident jer dgn janji2 my SA…..once i get it,wil surely inform u guys…

  642. wa…u all semua tengah tunggu kereta saja…wawawawawa…………… πŸ™

  643. hi all….penantian yang ku nanti hampir 3 bln sudah terjwab…besok aku g sign agrement ngan guarantor aku…yahooooooooooooo……………. πŸ™‚ cuma penantian keluar kereta jer lepas ni…hehehehehe….Amin…

  644. Salam All. aku dah call HQ Liyana , pasal aku punya problem yg kener bayar 1800 ringgit tu, dia terperanjat berok.. dia suruh aku check balik LOU klu kat c2 loan 61200 x yah kluar duit lg tu OTR price.. lain lain lah klu aku ada aditional..

  645. cont. tapi aku raser mmg x der aditional accessory.. saleman tu mmg nak ambik kesempatan .mlm ni aku nak jumpa dia… tengok apa alasan dia pulak..10s all 4 ur advise…

  646. Ritz Ariff

    rocky… aku advise mula2 tu cakap dgn penuh sopan, agak2 dia loyar buruk je, apa lagi belasah je…..

  647. rm800 per year of maintenance cost kire ok la kot.. utk 4thn pertama..

  648. 10s bro RITZ, betul tu. aku pon tgh pening ni nak jumpa ke relex dulu sampai dia call. Agrement dah sign takut mlm ni dia bengang dia lengah2kan pulak keter aku. Aku ingat bia dia settle agriment & register dulu aa tunggu dia call, klu dia mintak duit baru cakap pasal ni. klu dia songel gak aku report kat HQ. klu x ok gak aku bakar kedai dia..ok x. hai Ryna ur punya kes cam ner plak..

  649. hish…tulah salesman skrang nie x leh percaya…to everyone yang berminat nak beli keta nie,better be careful.dapatkan info yang betul,kalau tak sure tuh call je NAZA….
    apsal tak tukar SA/dealer jer?boleh request tuka tapi kena buat letter and send to NCL lah.cuma kena ambik masa lagi…tue yang sakit tuh.

  650. to rocky be patient first..kalau dia banyak songeh ko buat jer report kat naza..mcm salesman aku lak dia minta RM 50.00 untuk registration..buat bayar runner katanya…dari dia bagi runner biar aku jer pg register 50.00 aku..leh buat bli logo ker aper ker..hehehehe… πŸ™‚ pasal nak tukar dealer tuh betul cakap gienie..hari tuh pun NCL call aku tanya nak tukar dealer ker x..kalau nak tukar dia kata kena buat letter untuk tukar dealer..aku ngah outstation mcm ner la nak proceed…

  651. to ritz…email no phone hang kat aku… … ada hal nak tanya hang…

  652. to Azman: At first the problem is, whenever i’m speeding up to 100km, the gear suddenly change to Sport mode. This option is more during long downhill drives and makes your car heavy and of course slow down the car up to 50km. I have to restart the car whenever problem occurs. Then when i sent the car to Peugeout Service Centre in Shah Alam, problem seems solve but they were telling that the new problem is the unsmooth gear transmission. Meaning, from the 50km up to 110km is not smooth and giving a jerking sensation. Fine, they have fixed that ! Well, in other word – NOT REALLY.

    And now, i’m suffered with the gear transmission from Parking to Driving or Reverse that takes me at least 5 mins to move the gear. Other than that, is the central lock pulak. My advise, bring someone who are really expert in Peugeout to test drive before you buy this car.

    Frankly, I’m pissed offf…because this is my brand new car !!!

  653. Ritz Ariff

    Zakie, aku email dah no hp aku…

  654. Ritz Ariff

    All gang… aku rasa Nasim nie dah jadik mcm Proton dulu2… nak speed keta kuar, kena hulur dulu, kalau tak keta lambat kuar… aparaa, org mcm nie pun ada lagi ke????? kebanyakan 206 salesman skang tgh buat duit aku rasa…… yelah logo steering dulu RM200, skang dah jadik RM 250 plak..

  655. Tu la sebab x payah tanya pasal tukar logo ngan ur salesman…huhuhuh… πŸ™‚

  656. tadi tibe2 mase aku bwk keta 206 ni, tibe2 mati enjin.. damn! nasib baik mase baru nak kluar simpang yg xbz, and sempatla berenti tepi jalan.. ade sape2 tau nape? xde tande STOP pun.. radio & aircond sume ok..

  657. Ritz Ariff

    aiyoo tri…. nie yg buat aku takut nie coz jalan aku federal hiway…. panggil lah peugeot assistance punya service car….

  658. rocky..i punya SA mintak RM 1288 utk down payment…booking Rm 100..OTR price is Rm61700,..keta pun dah dapat…mcm kes i ni blh uat report ker gak ker..

  659. Ritz Ariff

    ryna, i advise u buat report kat Nasim HQ… pakej nie 0 d/payment & 0% interest. Bayar pun RM100 je utk booking… mcm saya cakap tadi, semua nie take for granted….

  660. to ryna..u amik keta aper tuh…sepatutnya x da apa2 downpayment..cuba call naza n minta penjelasan dari naza..

  661. ryna… who finance ur loan… bank or ncL… and when did u purchase the car… is it during promotion or not…

  662. Ryna u dah bayar ke… buat jer report kat hq klu x dia akan bermaharaja lela… u call lah hq tanya apa criter.. klu rasa mmg kener tipu u call hq depan dia suruh dia cakap ngan manager, kasi gertak sikit… apa2 infomation pls updated here.. i pon tgh tungu SA call ni..

  663. Hi all..i dah call HQ…harga keta OTR Rm 61200..tentang down payment tu…memang ada yg kena byr..tgk pada qualification pemohon..mungkin sbb ini my first car kot…

  664. My SA promise me can get the car before february, but today was 24/2/09 i just call he said have to wait 3 more weeks. i angry so much , i said if i cant get the car before mid of march i will cancell the order.may i know if cancell order will cause any problem?

  665. Ryna.. u call sapa . betul ke kener bayar .. ur punya loan approve braper.. mana boleh ‘mungkin2’. u dah check LOU ke. Masaklah i mcm ni kener bayar 1800..

  666. Hi.. Guys… Can anyone help me on something? I am getting my bestari 206 by this coming friday or next week. I plan to buy the peugeot logo and key fog.. Any recommended place and get the cheaper accesories? Thank u very much!!!~~

  667. hi william…u can go to batu caves that shop name asli juta or what..near giant..about the key fob you can buy from somebody in my206 club…

  668. where’s sabrina,mimie n kecik?

  669. Ritz Ariff

    william..advise you to browse for all accessories…. u can sources from others but little bit expensive…

  670. for logo and rim centre cap u can call Asli Auto Batu Caves at 03-61876369 or Euromotive Auto Parts (Bandar Tasik Selatan-behind Bank Muamalat) at 03-90570921 or 012-6160660 – Tony…

  671. this is address for Asli Auto

    Subang Jaya SL
    Asli Auto
    4 Jalan USJ 14/1L
    UEP Subang Jaya
    47610 Selangor
    Tel: 03-56214191

    Old Klang RD P. Jaya
    Asli Auto
    Bandar Complex
    36 Jalan Mega Mendung
    Off Old Klang Road
    Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03-79823033

    Batu Caves KL
    Asli Auto
    23 Jalan SBC 1
    Taman Sri Batu Caves
    68100 Batu Caves
    Tel: 03-61876369

  672. Thank u so much Zakie n Ariff.. Zakie did u get ur car? then wat is the price range? thanks…

  673. No need any downpayment bros. Mine last time was like that. He asked me for 400 for the runner fees and bla bla. So I told him that I checked with HQ they said no need. (actually I didn’t). He immediately said then no need. Seriously, don’t get trapped. They are making money out of thin air.

  674. hihi………..good news, they interviewed me yesterday and the guy said that NCL or my salesman will get in touch with me on whether the loan approve or not in about 2 weeks. πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait…….sigh.

  675. hi williams…i belum dapat my car..hope this week can get it…becouse the car already at dealer..just a few things need to settle first..what price range u ask for?

  676. Good news.. suddenly NASIM called me & said I got a RM200 petrol voucher waiting at Glenmarie office.. my SA never told me anything about it.. sigh.. 1st, happy sbb dpt free petrol.. 2nd, why there is such differing info from SAs? Communication mmg out..

  677. oit zakie…rindu aku ea?? huhuhuh…..
    kan krul dah bg tau..aku gi tenangkan fikiran jauh2…..
    ko ngumpat aku ea….haaa…kantoi sudah…..
    niway..congrate…ko dah sign doc ea?? seminggu dapat ar car.. aku dah 2 bulan tunngu car selepas sign doc..jgn ko pun kene tunggu cam aku sudh.. πŸ™‚

  678. Rocky..i call lyana semalam…mcm yg dia ckp kat u..SA i dah kapur i rupanya…no need down payment better dia mintak i check ngan SA cost each part accessories…yg ada cuma tinted saja…i want my money back…how ur u status….

  679. hi kecik…mana i ada ngumpak ko…hahahahaha…dah sign..keta pun dah ada kat dealer..model tahun 2009..huhuhuh…my silver colour..hehehhe… πŸ™‚

  680. kecik…u havent got ur car til now,supposedly this week kan?i takut juga nie cuz i juz went to sign for agreement yesterday.and we both booked with the same dealer probably same SA…..u tggu 2 bulan…lama gilerr…my god!!my SA ckp i wil get the car by next week,ntah2 kene tggu lagi 18 tahun kot baru dapat!!haduwhhhhhhhhh…

  681. hahah..relex ar gienie..aku leh tunggu takkan ko tak leh tunggu kot…
    die nye next week…sampai 2bln la aku tak dapat lagi…pendek kate smlm pun die kate ngah regester n leh amek petng sampai arini pun tak call2…biar je la…agak2 die nak sign aku nnt die call la kot…huhuhuhu

  682. Check list for new 206 owners when sign off new car from SA.

    Document details: with the car, such as the:
    chassis number,
    engine number,
    gearbox number (this one abit hard to find).

    Then check the accessories and functions of the car such as:
    audio player,
    CD changer,
    reverse sensors,
    tyres (check out the make/model as well),
    dashboard buttons, side mirror controls,
    glove compartment.
    door panels by opening and closing,
    does it make any weird noise or does the door slams with a ‘thud!’ or a ‘twang!’.
    Door lock / unlock button.
    Remote control function.

    check the paintjob,
    check for any dents, scratches,
    spare tyres,
    side mirrors, fog lamp (if any).

    Next, turn on the engine then open the hood.
    Check water levels,
    check the radiator,
    check the temperature level,
    check the radiator fan.

    Then turn off the engine and test the central locking/alarm system.

    Fuel level.
    odometer to see how far your car have been driven.
    If its more than 100km, might wanna ask your salesman why,
    cos sometimes they use runners to pick up your car from the depo.

    On my Bestari it states the recommended tyres pressure to be 2.4bar. And
    that is around 35 PSI. Recomended around 29 – 31 PSI.

    Check the power steering fuild too.

  683. Ryna. My SA call i semlm for sign some form. n last night i g n dia suruh i sign NCL form to submit to JPJ just blank form n ipon baca dgn telitilah konon. I cakap dgn dia yg i dah call HQ check status LOU n ngadu pasal 1800 tu n bla.bla.bla.. SA tu gelabah semacam n muka dia pon nampak sangat plastic mcm org kantol. dia pon call bos dia for confirmationlah konon.. dia punya nada suara pon x normal terketar2 nampak sangat klentong. dia cakap this car ada 2 type 61200 & 63000 ada tinted & spot rem dll tp i tau itu semua klentong 2-2 type tu adalah sama. i x sign pon form to pasal dia nak chek dulu yg 61200 tu ada stock ke x.puas hati i dapat bengag kan dia. tunggu la apa criter lepas ni. tp selagi x dpt car , perjuangan blu selesai..

  684. To, after u sign the agrement, the dealer need to send back to NCL for e-pindah hak milik process (chasis no, engine no. , colour n etc)..this take 1-2 days n after that u have to follow up with ur dealer.. πŸ™‚

  685. cantek la rocky…ko jgn byr lebey dr 150 untuk kuar krete…
    100 booking n 50 jpj……kalo mintak lebey ko sekeh pale otak die skali…

  686. rocky..i dah call my SA semalam..i tanya baper harga keta tu..coz konon2 nya ada kwn i yg nak beli…dia ckp RM 62k…i tanya memang kena pakai down payment ker….dia kata memang kena…i x puas ati lagi…i nak jumpa my SA…
    i rasa x puas ati..i pun nak perjuangkan duit i…rocky…u dok kat psr gudang kan..can i get u phone no…nak mintak tlg sikit..