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It was a span of almost half a year since my last work trip to Kota Kinabalu, and I believe anyone would know that this was due to the Covid-19 lock down (2020, what a year huh?).

I had only two meals to dine out on this stopover, dinner was at one of my favorite restaurants in KK – Tung Fong Seafood, and for next day’s lunch, I met up with Ben and was introduced to this new-ish fish noodle place by the name of GK Fish Soup.

fresh fish head vs fried fish 'lam'
fresh fish head vs fried fish ‘lam’

The operation has only been around for about 7 months, it is located about 10 minutes away from city center and can be slightly tricky to find – but if you thought you end up at light industrial area with lots of car workshops, then you’ve reached the right place.

Menu is a simple one page affair – you get to have fish filet, lam ikan (fish stomach), sirip ikan (tails), mix ikan, or kepala ikan (fish head) either fried, or fresh. Soup base can be either peria (bitter gourd), tomato, hamchoi (salted vege), or tomyam.

Ben had fresh fish head and I ordered fried fish stomach with tomato soup, partly due to us being late in arrival (almost noon) and ran out of other options. The seafood were prepared just right, and of top quality, something that I now came to expect at this part of Malaysia. The soup too was packed with flavor and I especially enjoyed the cili paste that was served alongside. This was a good departure as some of the other places often serve subpar condiment (looking at you, Fatt Kee), or have it ultra limited (hello Madam Ing).

GK fish soup, plenty of social distancing
GK fish soup, plenty of social distancing

Priced at RM 10 – 18, it offers rather good value. There’s plenty of seafood in a bowl, but portion of meehun can be a bit on the low side, which suits me but not everyone. I am going to come back here again for sure.

map to GK fish soup, Kota Kinabalu

GK Fish Soup
23, Lorong Nosoob Jaya 1,
Taman Nosoob Jaya,
88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS: 5.931134, 116.075720

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  1. Looks so good. We only have the ones at Sugar Bun here – not really anything to get excited about, just ok.

    • suituapui: Sugar Bun in fact has a shop in KL as well, their version is not bad but these from KK is on another level.

  2. I’m more happy to get more fish & less noodles as well 🙂

  3. Not a big fan of fish head. Will makan fish “lam” instead. :p

  4. wahhhhh ah uncle can goto KK and have delicious fish noodles, I am so envious. Aus going into lockdown again, see you in 2022 ah uncle. Stay safe.

  5. Is that your tomato soup? It looks not very reddish, for a tomato soup?

  6. Nice post. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  7. You travelled! e heard expats cannot yet visit Borneo. Apparently, we could go but not come back 🙁

  8. hi hi, really enjoy your blog. If I have only one day for fish soup, which shop would you recommend?
    Also if I would like to rent a car, where is the cheapest? Thank you ya

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