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For many, Klang is synonymous with bak kut teh, and while that is obviously a true statement, this part of the most populous area in our beloved country has more to offer if you look a little closer.

A couple weeks ago, we went over to San Sin Kopitiam for one of these other hidden gems in Klang.

San Sin kopitiam at Klang
San Sin kopitiam at Klang

Our destination was San Sin Kopitiam, a stone’s throw away from Law Tian kopitiam and just a couple minutes from the famous Boston Restaurant. The kopitiam is home to quite a few different stalls offering bak kut teh, loh bak, grilled fish, and more. Our target was this stall with an old couple offering steam fish noodle, steam lala, and kangkung cuttle fish. We ordered the first two dishes.

pomfret meehun for 2 pax, steamed lala
pomfret meehun for 2 pax, steamed lala

These dishes are made fresh so it took a little while to be served. Steamed fish noodle is a shallow pot with meehun, a whole pomfret, some meat balls, salted vege, tomato, and sour plum in soup. A deliciously healthy meal for sharing, and especially perfect for a cold evening.

There’s also something about this part of Klang with their steam lala. Packed with fresh ginger, cili padi, and garlic oil, their version of lala is competent and certainly serve as a good companion dish to the meehun.

If you want a good, light meal, this is a great option.

San Sin kopitiam map in Klang

San Sin Kopitiam
47 & 49, Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim,
Kawasan 15, 41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.048811, 101.450187
Tel: 012-231 6226

Discuss : KY eats – Pomfret Meehun & Steamed Lala at San Sin Kopitiam, Klang

  1. A whole pomfret? That must have cost a bomb!!! The fish is VERY expensive!

  2. woah this maciam keat an neh

  3. Ooo, I like these type of “ching” dishes which opens up my appetite. Love, love, love white pomfret (not black)…steamed or fried! 😉 Will always get some from the wet market when I see them…”tau tai cheong” (when can afford-lah) for steaming and the normal white pomfret for frying…yummy yum yum! 😉 P/S: They sell kangkung soup?

  4. I once had a pomfret together with bak kut teh…and the bill was a bit shocking…should have asked first. LOL 😀

  5. The broth looked as clear as the normal water, how’s the taste?

  6. Got seafood poisoning in Penang recently. Having trouble looking at seafood again. Guess it will take a while.

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