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It is a bit of a custom to bring back some food whenever you travel, right? And none better than those type that can be kept for a week or three before consuming, when it comes to Ipoh, the default for such item would be these Ching Han Guan pork floss biscuits.

Chin Han Guan biscuit shop, Ipoh
Ching Han Guan biscuit shop, Ipoh

The shop is located at the epicenter of Ipoh town, in fact, just a stone’s throw away from the Aun Kheng Lim salt baked chicken that I penned just a couple entries ago on this blog. Ching Han Guan can command quite a queue especially on weekends, so bring your mask and prepare to wait if you don’t call ahead. If you can call in advance, you’ll have your order prepared to be picked up without having to line up, so do that.

pork floss biscuit from top left - original, pandan, bakwa, salted egg yolk
pork floss biscuit from top left – original, pandan, bakwa, salted egg yolk

These biscuits aren’t exactly biscuits, but pork floss wrapped in thin, fluffy layer of pastry that oozes a mixture of umami and porky goodness, they are savory and sweet at the same time, and goes super well with a cup of black coffee. The biscuits come in four different flavors – original (with only pork floss), pandan, bakwa (sweetened dried pork), and salted egg yolk.

My favorites are between the bakwa and salted egg yolk, and I suppose it is due to them carrying a slight saltiness that brings out the sweetness of pork floss even more.

Chin Han Guan biscuits are individually packed
Ching Han Guan biscuits are individually packed

If you’re in Ipoh and look to bring back some handy food gifts, be sure not to miss this.

map to chin han guan biscuit, ipoh

Ching Han Guan
145, Jalan Sultan Iskandar,
Taman Jubilee,
30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak
GPS: 4.593567, 101.083689
Tel: +605 254 5126

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  1. Never seen this anywhere before, much less tried it. I can imagine it as pork floss wrapped in the heong peah pastry .

  2. told you to bring back 10 packets of the salted egg yolk one for me, i still haven’t received! 😀

  3. Wow all the pork floss biscuits look so delicious. Want to buy them all especially bakwa and salted egg yolk.

  4. This looks great post. Thanks for sharing this!!

  5. Aiyak, I read this too late. I was just in Ipoh over the weekend. Perhaps next trip…I will like the bakwa and salted egg yolk ones, I’m sure. ^_~

  6. I like their other biscuit, salted egg yolk rolls, very addictive. Planned to go Ipoh one of these days but seem like it has to be postponed because of the news of a woman violated her quarantine order there ~>_<~

    • Choi Yen: yaaa, if only people would all do our part to curb down the virus spreading.. kan?

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