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The year of Tiger in Chinese calendar is looming at large, and like many who make new year resolutions for 2010, I too have my own Tiger year wish.

Since it’s a Chinese thing, lets make this wish fit within the auspicious value of RM 8,888. Here goes:

a diving trip at an exotic island

It was 2005 the last time I went for a diving trip at Redang with the guys, we had a whole lot of fun and the underwater world was a really amazing place. For many reasons I can’t exactly pin down, I haven’t dived since, but my wish is to do it again this year.

A comfortable diving trip would cost somewhere in the region of RM 1500 – 2000 depending on location.

Suunto D6 dive computer

To make the diving trip complete, lets throw in a sexy Suunto D6 dive computer. It may just look like a nice looking watch on your wrist, but this baby can do a whole lot more. It can log your dives and calculate surface intervals, show decompression status, and even spot a digital compass you can use underwater.

The Suunto D6 costs about RM 2,500.

full scuba gear (er… for human)

I already have a wet suit, fins, booty, goggle, and the snorkle, so the next logical step is to get a full set of scuba gears so that I don’t need to rent anything other than a tank of gas from the diving lodge. This works out to save money in the long run.

To complete my equipment list, I’ll need a BCD (buoyancy control device), regulator, octopus (secondary emergency regulator), and the accompanying gauges. This should cost somewhere around RM 2,000 – 2,500.

how about a pet that looks almost like a tiger?

So far the diving trip and equipments add up to about RM 6000 – RM 7000, I should still be left with 2k+ or so to work with. I was thinking of underwater photography equipments in my wish list, but perhaps I’ll have a Maine Coon instead!

This is one of the largest domestic cats ever, and can possibly have Cheddie the maltese for breakfast. I might name the fella Tigger, don’t it look so awesome? 😀

I have my tiger stripes on!

So why RM 8,888? Well, Tiger Beer, the official beer of the year of Tiger, is having a Tiger Beer and Nuffnang Run and there are 3x RM 8,888 worth of dreams for the winners. The three prizes are one each for male and female, and a grand prize with an additional RM 1,888 in cash!

What you need to do is not exactly difficult – Write a blog post with the same title as this one “My Dream in the Year of Tiger” and send your name and the blog post’s permanent link to 88 lucky runners will be chosen to participate in this auspicious event, the details as follow:

Time: 4.30pm
Date: 6th February 2010
Venue: Bar Madrid, Jaya One, PJ
Dress Code: Anything!

One of the tasks during the run involves the Tiger Beer facebook page too, so do click on the link and be a fan.

Make it happen! I’ll see you there, I don’t know any more details of this very mysterious run, but I reckon it isn’t your usual half marathon type, which is just as well since I don’t think I can complete a 10 km run in one shot anyway. It’ll be exciting!

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  1. lololol… the doggie in full scuba gear so cute!!!!!!!

  2. That is one HUGE cat. Whoa!

  3. sotong,
    hahaha awesome right?

    Huai Bin,
    Yah I love it!

  4. i wanna join too!!!

  5. no wonder tripod in the living hall.

  6. new year new dream…

  7. JaCJaC,
    Lets do it!

    hee-hee 😛


  8. woaini_87,
    Thanks! 😀

  9. i’ll invite u for reunion dinner if i win, ok? dun sad la!

  10. Robb,
    You better! 😀

  11. ShaolinTiger,
    Yess I want one naoooo!

  12. haha… all the best to you!

  13. eiling,
    Thanks! 😀

  14. Andy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences

    Wow – seems like a busy year. May dreams come true…

  15. Andy Hayes,
    Wow are u a spammer? Emm

  16. PocketAnne

    How about getting married in the year of tiger? It can happen u know…

  17. PocketAnne,
    How about you first?

  18. foodcrazee

    fck . .the cat looks bigger than u. . .:)

  19. foodcrazee,
    I slim ok 😛

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