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Way back in 2010, I wrote an entry about Safegg, introducing the whole concept of egg pasteurization and its benefit.

Without getting into too much details, egg pasteurization is a process where shell eggs go through to remove 99.9% of bacteria, including salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, coliform, yeast and fungus. This extends the shelf life of eggs, and also make it much safer for consumption. The pasteurization is done with heat, time, and clean natural water.

order via website, shipped chilled straight to your home
order via website, shipped chilled straight to your home

You could already buy Safegg from major premium supermarkets here in Malaysia, but now, you can also do it with your finger tips via The shipment is done in containers that preserve it’s chilled temperature to ensure safety, they’ve even came up with a pretty unique packaging system to ensure that the eggs are secured.

Additionally, they’ve also expanded the offering from purely raw pasteurized eggs with a few more additional egg products. Let’s look at them.

Tsukimi Onsen Egg, ready to eat straight from fridge
Tsukimi Onsen Egg, ready to eat straight from fridge

First and most interesting for me is the Tsukimi Onsen Egg. For those who hasn’t tried this before, it is typically found in Japanese restaurants and sometimes served with their version of spaghetti.

This version comes with small packets of bonito sauce as well. You can eat it up and eat with the sauce, or if you’re like me who doesn’t mind eating them chilled, then it’s practically zero prep time! So tasty too!

onsen egg & ajitsuke egg to spice up instant noodle at home
onsen egg & ajitsuke egg to spice up instant noodle at home

There are also three types of marinated eggs you can get via the website.

The Ajisuke Tamago is one of my favorites, with runny yolk that carries a hint of sweetness, they’re best as is, or you can plop one into your instant noodle and immediately have it upgrade to almost restaurant quality affair (at least visually speaking, isn’t it?).

herbal tea & lawang flower eggs too, plus the best egg gadget!
herbal tea & star anise eggs too, plus the best egg gadget!

For those who prefer to have non-runny egg yolks, the Telur Bunga Lawang & Herbal Tea Eggs maybe your calling.

The Bunga Lawang (star anise) eggs have a star anise broth that gives it a unique tasting note, while herbal tea egg is something that most of us are familiar with its cinnamon and Chinese herbal aroma.

If you’re like me and enjoy the convenience of online shopping, head over to and check them out. For a limited time, you’ll get the best egg related Malaysian invention of all time, the “egg boiler” for free  with a single receipt of RM 30 and above.

I remember way back when going to office was a thing, me and my colleagues would sometimes walk over to the myNEWS outlet at Avenue K and grab lunch, I remember one of my favorites being the spicy tuna sandwich.

myNEWS now has an app as well
myNEWS now has an app as well

Fast forward to now, myNEWS has expanded their selection in this section and I’m happy to get to try some of their Japanese inspired bakes & ready-to-eat meals.

Before we talk about the food, you can also win amazing Ang Pow worth RM188,888 with myNEWS, and all you need to do is by spending RM 18 and above in a single receipt using myNEWS app and receive 1 stamp. Collecting 3 stamps and you’ll be rewarded with e-Ang Pow into your app!

Golden Egg Combo Sandwich, Salted Egg Chicken Onigirazu
Golden Egg Combo Sandwich, Salted Egg Chicken Onigirazu

Starting with something for the salted egg fans, there’s Salted Egg Chicken Onigirazu and Salted Egg Chicken pasta.

Onigirazu is something like a cross between an onigiri and a sandwich, and this version comes with a piece of fried chicken wrapped around with Japanese rice and of course, those delicious salted egg sauce.

The Golden Egg Combo Sandwich  is perfect for those who can’t decide if they want egg or chicken in their sandwich, so in this case, grab both!

Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Donburi, Salted Egg Chicken pasta
Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Donburi, Salted Egg Chicken pasta

The Salted Egg Chicken pasta tastes best after heaving up in an oven for 1.5 minutes, almost-instant gratification.

For those who loves lor mai kai, the Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Donburi has a taste that is actually very close to it, which unsurprisingly, makes it one of their best-sellers. I think having with a bit of chili sauce may enhance the taste, but I liked it as is as well.

Strawberry and Mango Peach Croissants
Strawberry and Mango Peach Croissants

Lastly, we also tried their strawberry and mango peach croissants, both may not look like your typical croissant but they do taste rather good! I popped them in toaster oven for about 3 minutes to warm up the pastry while keeping the sweet fruity fillings still slightly cold, giving it a nice contrast. Best served with coffee, which of course you can conveniently get from myNEWS as well.

Additionally, ice cream fans will be happy to know that the Maru Kafe also offers some delicious soft serve dessert in chocolate or mixed flavor

The days of cooking at home continues, and for someone like me who grew up on an island, fish is always a very familiar ingredient on the table, and when you have fresh seafood, the best way to prepare them is almost always by steaming.

Today’s recipe involves a block of fresh garupa fish filet from one of the local grocery stores, and instead of just normal steaming, I’m adding a bit of a twist – with BRAND’S Essence of Chicken.

garupa steamed brands homecooked

I actually got the inspiration from this dish slightly more than ten years ago at Yap Yin & BKT restaurant in Seri Kembangan with their steamed haruan fish dish. The recreation for today is slightly different and simplified. Without further ado, here we go


  • 1 block fresh garupa fish filet
  • 1 bottle BRAND’S Essence of Chicken
  • 1 inch ginger, sliced
  • 1/2 glove garlic, diced
  • some wolfberries
  • 1 tablespoon soya sauce
  • salt to taste

garupa steamed brands homecooked with brand's chicken essence


  • clean and dry fish, salt it lightly
  • placed ginger both above and under fish in steaming bowl
  • pour BRAND’S Essence of Chicken + soya sauce
  • steamed for 10-12 minutes (depending of fish thickness)
  • separately fry garlic till golden brown
  • use garlic & spring onion as garnish, serve while hot

The result is a dish that’s also full of nutrient and also yummy to eat. Try it!

Check out more simple recipe here.

I was at a cousin’s wedding the other day, being seated by a bunch of relatives mostly a generation older, and while you can guess what the topic of conversations generally falls on – whose son just took UPSR, who’s on medication for diabetes etc, one surprise, to me, was this line:

“My daughter very smart doesn’t need to bring cash, all use phone to pay only”

And that of course, was the indication of cashless payments now reaching the lexicon of critical mass in Malaysia.

grab pay

When it comes to cashless payments, or e-wallet apps, none is as ubiquitous as GrabPay.

Most of us already use Grab for other services such as e-hailing rides and food delivery, it makes sense to leverage on the platform and use GrabPay for everyday activities, which is one way to earn more of those Grab Reward points too.

dining at Mei by Fat Spoon
dining at Mei by Fat Spoon

The skeptic in me (and undoubtedly some of you) will ask if GrabPay is up to the task to be a true provider of cashless transactions in everyday life. And whether or not a person is able to live completely cashless solely on their e-wallet.

To answer this question, GrabPay has added more opportunities and brands to its breadth of merchants to enable everyday users to go cashless via the app, from mostly F&B outlets to now including hypermarkets, health and beauty retailers, cinema outlets and even convenience stores. GrabPay is also the first e-Wallet to adopt Malaysia’s national QR Standard, DuitNow QR making cashless payments more seamless than ever.

Grab ride using Grab Pay
Grab ride using GrabPay

Hence, the GrabPay Cashless Challenge – going one week cashless, with the aid of GrabPay as payment and carry on life as you would any normal day.

So, let’s break down what’s to cover for a whole 7 days of activities:

  • 14 – 21 meals (you don’t exactly need 3 meals a day everyday.. I certainly don’t)
  • groceries
  • rides
  • other supplies or gifts
  • entertainment (maybe)

Kenny Rogers via GrabFood using GrabPay
Kenny Rogers via GrabFood using GrabPay

For my typical 7 days, I usually go to restaurants perhaps 7-10 different times, food delivery another 3-5 times, cook few times, and enjoy free biscuits & coffee at office pantry the rest of the meals.

Some of the restaurants I checked out during this period using GrabPay includes Mei by Fat Spoon (their ox tongue was awesome), Gamtong in Kota Kinabalu (tofu pot!), and Universal Bakery (sourdough).

99 speedmart accepts GrabPay too
99 speedmart accepts GrabPay too

GrabFood was my next source of meal – Kenny Rogers (chicken), Mich’sology (poke bowl), Shepherdoo Restaurant (pizza), Thaqwa (roti telur for breakfast!), and DubuYo (soondubu jigae) where what I fed myself with. I also recently learned that GrabFood is now in additional cities around the nation, making it easier to go cashless as they only accept cashless payments.

I got my groceries at 99 Speedmart  too, grabbing some toothpaste, kitchen soap, and of course, the all important instant noodles for those late night emergency meals. Other grocers like  Tesco & MyDin accepts GrabPay too by the way.

Watson, cashless? no problem.
Watson, cashless? no problem

I also took a trip to Watson for some supplies and holiday gifts – I mean, gifting moisturizer with SPF protection works pretty much 100% of the time, the sun is a gift and also a threat, people!

Watson even had a 20% discount for certain GrabPay purchases, a win in my eyes.

It can be hard to keep up with all the different promotions every e-wallet seems to be giving out these days but if you’re looking for a list of GrabPay’s exclusive deals, they can easily be found HERE.

can you sense I use GrabFood quite a bit?
can you sense I use GrabFood quite a bit?

Other merchants that have joined  the GrabPay ecosystem includes Zalora, MBO Cinema, Mr DIY, Dominos, and more. I have a feeling my relatives, despite their age, will be jumping on this platform soon enough. After all, they are already using messaging apps, playing games, and watching online news with overly loud volumes on a daily basis.

All in all with the expansion of GrabPay touchpoints that includes different merchant categories outside of just F&B outlets and with their ecosystem of services, GrabPay is definitely one step closer to being the everyday ewallet.

I’ve personally been on several live aboard diving trips before, usually in tropical water and on pretty “basic” facility and level of service. After all, the aim was mostly for diving.

However, if you’re looking for this sort of experience in Mediterranean with top notch level of luxury, then check out Luxury Yatch for Charter at Croatia. has many options when it comes to chartered yachts, and if you’re looking for ones with everything for a group of up to a dozen, consider My Mustique or Lady Gita.

These yachts are 55 and 49 meters in length, with 6 cabins comfortably takes up to twelve guests.

Other than enjoying good food and sun tanning on board, there’s also a host of water sports to be enjoyed while on the trip, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, jetski, and more. Other fun activities includes fishing, board games, and with My Mustique, there’s even a jacuzzi.

For a larger group of up to 36, consider checking out Freedom – a 48.2 meter yacht with 20 cabins – 2 triple, 14 double, and 4 twins. Again, there’s water skiing, jet ski, donut ride, a jacuzzi, and even a small pool on the main deck

More details and pricing information is available on the website at

If you’re looking for an experience of a life time, you owe it to yourself to check this out.