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This website was created, first and foremost, to be a database of places I’d love to visit again, and of course, to share it with everyone so that these restaurants/eateries continue to offer up their goods. Sometimes, it is a long winded entry with dozen of photo collages, and other times, like today, it’d be super simple and brief, but it is as important to me as the other.

With that, here’s Yummy Fried Chicken at Bandar Puteri Klang, also known as “Fried Chicken and Meehoon Goreng Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri” on google map.

yummy fried chicken
Yummy Fried Chicken, no fuss

This is simply one of the best no-fancy fried chicken I’ve ever had, was introduced by my cousin staying nearby. The stall is almost always with a queue, and chicken are always piping hot, crispy, juicy, and absolutely delicious. Go for thigh/drumstick if you like em fatty like me, RM 3.50 per piece regardless of cut.

They also offer meehun goreng (lousy), and some “tong sui” (Chinese soupy dessert), which are pretty decent. Go for the fried chicken, forget the rest.

map to Yummy Fried chicken, Bandar Puteri Klang

Yummy Fried Chicken
25, Lorong Pending 4b,
Bandar Puteri, 41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 2.993305, 101.467729

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  1. Here, the craze is the RM2.00 fried chicken, stalls all over town. They say it is nice, must go and buy when the stall opens – they use the same oil to fry till they call it a day.

    • suituapui: there are some cheaper options too but I usually find those chicken rather small!

  2. considering that the fried chicken at the popular chains have become so inconsistent, this looks like a worthwhile alternative that could be even more satisfying at a more sensible price 😀

  3. The way the fried chicken is replenished by the basket-load reminds me of the ones in Village Park Nasi Lemak. We can’t get it at such a good price of RM3.50 in KL though where the price of a fried chicken drumstick or thigh averages RM5. 🙁

    • eatwhateatwhere: RM 5 is above KFC price isn’t it, tho usually these are bigger chicken. 😀

  4. ahhhh simple yet comforting fried chicken!!! but so far away to get it

  5. Klang also have Bandar Puteri oh… 😛
    The only famous Klang fried chicken I know is the one with Yao Yao Bing, LOL
    I have soft spot for fried chicken, these beautifully fried chicken with golden skin definitely are calling me~~~~

  6. What are the upcoming hours of this fried chicken shop please?

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