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Good news to Texas Chicken fans, there’s now the new Crunchy Deals that we can all get behind – at RM 5.50 per combo, you get a drink (with unlimited refill no less), and a choice of four different dishes.

Texas Chicken RM 5.50 Crunchy Deals
Texas Chicken RM 5.50 Crunchy Deals

It is simple, the deal is available all day long and consists of the four choices below:

  • 1 Piece Chicken (original or spicy) with drink
  • Classic Chicken Burger with drink
  • Tender Wrap with drink
  • Porridge with Coffee/Tea

RM 5.50 deal not to be missed
RM 5.50 deal not to be missed

If you’re a fan of Texas Chicken, you’ll find these deals rather enticing. I did, so I drove to Texas Chicken at Ultrapolis in Shah Alam to give these deals a try on my own.

classic burger, spicy chicken, tender wrap
Classic Burger, Spicy 1 Piece Chicken, Tender Wrap

In fact, I tried to order all 4 deals but managed to get 3 of them as the porridge was sold out on the day.

The fried chicken at Texas Chicken never disappoints. The Classic Burger too made a fine meal with the sizable chicken patty sandwiched between the soft buns. The Tender Wrap is a good option for those who are looking to have something lighter, perhaps for the late afternoons.

each deal makes for a good afternoon snack session
each deal makes for a good afternoon meal

So if you’re looking for an affordable meal, the Crunchy Deals are now available.

For more details and latest updates, please go to their Website or Facebook

Discuss : Texas Chicken Crunchy Deals

  1. So cheap! Texas is in Kentucky, right?

  2. kekeke rosberg

    I like Texas Chicken as their chicken is more moist and juicy. Also, does their kid’s meal have Ultraman toy???

  3. i agree too about the fried chicken at texas never disappointing – it always tastes fresh, crunchy and juicy 😀

  4. KY, everybody fried chickens. What next? Chicken and waffles.

  5. Hmmmm… just too unhealthy for this nutrition nut.

  6. kekeke rosberg

    Also why is uncle at polis stesyen? Have you been a notti boi??? Also what is the difference between a normal polis and Ultra polis? #nottiboi

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