When exploring for food, there are always a few signs you can safely rely on. For example, it is located at an old part of town, busy, with customers that aren’t young, and perhaps even at an area that’s not exactly comfortable.

Shui Kee Steamed Chicken hits all these signs, with perhaps an added emphasis at “area that’s not exactly comfortable”.

Shui Kee Steamed Chicken stall at PJ Old Town
Shui Kee Steamed Chicken stall at PJ Old Town

The stall is located at a road side food court by Jalan Penchala in PJ Old Town, nearby the industrial area. Like most food court set up by the municipals, the tables and chairs are fixed much like McDonald’s in the early 90s. If comfort is what you look for, this may not be the best, especially on a hot afternoon.

Which then brings us to the food itself.

Shui Kee’s main offering is their steamed chicken. For the three of us, we ordered half a chicken (RM 20) to go with kuih teow soup as our carb of choice, there’s also lou she fun, meehun, and such. We also ordered a plate of bean sprouts as a side dish.

The steamed chicken was carved much better than most chicken rice places, to a point where it’s mostly boneless. The meat was soft, tender, with the light soy sauce bath that’s just nice on the salty level. I also like that there’s some dotted fried garlic to give it an extra dimension. There’s chili padi as the accompanying condiment, but I wished there was good home made chili paste to go with the chicken.

steamed chicken and bean sprouts
steamed chicken and bean sprouts

The kuih teow soup itself were fine, they weren’t particularly flavorful but did serve its role as  vehicle to gobble down those delicious steamed chicken. Bean sprouts was .. adequate.

Overall though Shui Kee offers very good value and rather awesome taste on their main offering. I’ll try to order some chicken innards next time!

shui kee steamed chicken map

Shui Kee Steamed Chicken
4, Jalan 2/27, Seksyen 2,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.08487, 101.64542
Tel:016-657 3919
Hours: 7am to 2pm, closed Thursdays

KY eats – Shui Kee Steamed Chicken with Horfun, PJ Old Town
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