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I made it to the top of Low’s Peak on Mount Kinabalu after a grueling two day hike from about 1800+ meter to 4095 meter above sea level.

We’re still at Kundasang nursing sore legs right now. Will pen down the experience and share some of the other exciting stuff around this area on the blog soon!

Discuss : KY travels – Got to the Top of Mt. Kinabalu 

  1. Bravo! Bravo!!!! Awesome! I’m so much nearer in Sarawak but I’ve never gone all the way up there. Too old now…unfortunately. :'(

  2. Congratz on the achievements!

  3. KY, nearest to mountain climbing is wall climbing around
    San Fran. with friends and my guy.

  4. immature 2.0

    congratulations uncle KY. Hope you did not stay at waras hut, because inside is colder than freezer hehehehehe. My friend used to stay there, and until today, his b****s is still frozen LOL………..

    • immature: that is unfortunately, true! haha. It does get really cold up there.

      • immature 2.0

        ahahahaha, it is what happens if my friend booked too late…

        He also saw lots of 80 year old Japanese climbers. He ask “so old man, how u do it man???” Ahpek replied “No not old, just not Fat and Lazyheheheheheheheheehehhe…. *points*

  5. Depan meja kamu

    No wonder the ‘hentak keyboard’ sound u made in office laju gile bunyi die.. Found u!!! 😄😄😄

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