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Who said ice cream is bad for health?

While frozen yogurt isn’t technically ice cream in the strictest sense, they do look like it and actually tastes even better. Very low to no fat, and that wholesome goodness of yogurt, I don’t think I can ask for more.

yogurt ice cream at Tropicana City Mall
looks almost like the McD sundae but a whole lot tastier!

Ever since I discovered YOGURplus a few weeks ago, I’ve been purposely going to Tropicana City Mall just to have my fix of yogurt ice cream. I introduced it to Mellissa and she too, was hooked instantly.

yogurt ice cream at Tropicana City Mall

I love my yogurt ice cream plain, with no flavor but that original yogurt sourness that is just so addictive. A small cup here costs RM 4, medium goes for RM 5, and I have yet to order the biggest cup so you’d have to find that out for yourself.

YOGURplus also offers 1-2 types of flavored yogurt ice cream as well as normal ice cream. You can add toppings to your selection too. I’ve tried their normal ice cream, and while they are alright, I still prefer the yogurt version.

Map to Tropicana City Mall
Tropicana City Mall is located at Damansara Intan

YOGUR plus
Tropicana City Mall
Damansara Intan, PJ

GPS: 3.130757,101.626421