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For all Blackberry users, and especially the new comers who’s just signed up via Xpax with their brand new BB Curve 8520, it’s time to update your Blackberry Desktop Manager (originally came with the CD).

blackberry desktop manager 5
notice the IP Modem icon?

With the latest update, the desktop manager not only allows the usual contact sync, backup, application installation, and media synchronization that some of you are familiar with, but also the new IP Modem functionality.

Modem tethering with Blackberry isn’t something new, but it used to be quite a hassle to set up and usually only someone who are quite well versed with the computer could get it done. With the latest Desktop Manager, setting up your blackberry as a modem is made very very simple.


Simply click on IP modem – Configure, then choose Celcom as the connection profile. To connect to the internet, click Connect! That is all.

Do note that data rate and caps apply, for example, Xpax has a quota of 1GB per day for unlimited access, while Hotlink capped their monthly BIS premium at 1.5GB per month. Use wisely, for more comparison, refer to the rate plan comparison post.

The Xpax Blackberry you’ve been hearing about all these while is finally being launched this Saturday, and you can score an invite simply by pre-registering for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone with Xpax right here.


Details on XBerry Party:

  • Date: 10 Oct 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time: 8pm till late
  • Venue: Republic, Sunway Pyramid
  • Highlights: Special performances by Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd, Lapsap(Xu), and Twilight Action Girl
  • Dress code: Party chic


Other than the performances and free drinks vouchers, there’re also lucky draws and other freebies at the party. There will also be these promotions that runs precisely only for this particular night!

  • BlackBerry Curve 852 for only RM 888 (with no contract, RRP 1188)
  • free 1 month BB prepaid access (BIS)
  • free limited edition designer skin (exclusively designed by Lapsap, TAG, Black Fryday, Yayawoo & Bangkit)
  • free leather holster or car charger

RM 888 for this phone is gonna be pretty sweet. I actually went to the shop this afternoon and asked for the price on “underwater” set and it came up to some 1.2k.

Cindy, Cheesie, and I are going to be there, see you! Remember to preregister yourself with Xpax!