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RM460++A few weeks ago I was invited to one of the more unique wine pairing dinners in town –¬†Salon & Delamotte Champange Tasting Dinner at Nadodi KL. Being just a stone’s throw away from my office, the location was perfect, and with proper champagne & wine from Salon & Delamotte? I couldn’t say no.

Salmon and Delamotte Champange tasting dinner at Nadodi KL
Salmon and Delamotte Champange tasting dinner at Nadodi KL

Interestingly, Nadodi also offers something I have yet to try in so many years of writing about food – fine dining Indian cuisine. More specifically, southern Indian cuisine in a fine dining setting.

The dinner was a bespoke 11-course menu called 11-mile journey priced at RM460++ by Nadodi, they also offer the 13-mile journey dinner at RM 490++.

Had to pleasure to attend the Exclusive Salon and Delamotte Champagne Tasting Dinner at Nadodi last night. 11 course of exquisite modern interpretation of Indian cuisine with excellent pairing of Salon and Delamotte champagne and wine. . Had the pleasure of sharing the table with sommelier @pakillo_galdeano and Mr Hiroki Kuwabara. @lky64 was an excellent host as usual. . Thanks to @kampungboycitygal for the intro & @wxingyi for coming with. ūüėč . #kyeats #liveandloveme #nadodikl #delamotte #salon #wine #champange

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As for our drinks for the night. We have Salon – creation of¬†Aime Salon, from the region of C√īte des Blancs. The wine from Salon is always of a single harvest, single cru, single grape variety and of the best vintages. Hence the resulting champagne is perfectly balanced and among the most sought after.

A neighbour of Salon, Delamotte too is from¬†C√īte des Blancs and sources its grapes from the same region. Delamotte¬†produces non-vintage Brut, Blanc de Blancs and Ros√©.

In attendance at the dinner was Didier Depond, president of Champagne Salon and Champagne Delamotte.

cone, manga, and pillow
Cone, Manga, and Pillow

Three exquisitely prepared starters to kick off the night. Cone was sambar & onion chutney, Manga made from mango patchadi & pistachios, while Pillow consists of beetroot and cheese.

While presentation is rather modern, there’s undeniable underlying tone of Indian cuisine, Cone had a spicy note to it, Manga balances sweetness of mango with pistachios, and Pillow the richness of cheese often found in Indian dishes.

We had Delamotte Blanc de Blancs non vintage with these, an delicate wine with subtle fruitiness and floral character.

shell shock - Hokkaido scallop + sodhi
Shell Shock – Hokkaido scallop, sodhi. Tiano & Noreno Malbec 2010 Magnum

Shell Shock was Hokkaido scallop with sodhi (coconut milk curry), an unfamiliar mix of taste to the usual scallop preparation, but one that worked out well.

We had Tiano & Noreno Malbec 2010 Magnum, with less than 800 bottles left in the world, a gracious gift from the President himself in this session. The wine is powerful, full-bodied, and has a delicate acidity with a touch of French elegance. It was one of our favorites of the night for sure.

Go Bananas, Salon Le Mesni 2006
Go Bananas, Salon Le Mesni 2006

Go Bananas is one of the iconic dishes at Nadodi, the dish is made with the stem, fruit and flower of a banana tree. We had Salon Le Mesni 2006, a champagne with a finish that is clear, aromatic, round and well balanced.

heads up, Delamotte Blanc de Blancs
Heads Up, Delamotte Blanc de Blancs

Heads Up, a seafood dish with coral trout, head curry espuma, and lemon flat rice. The trick to eating this to stir it up and scoop up the mix, the contrasting texture of creamy curry and those crunchy rice was quite an experience.

Crabs Day Out
Crabs Day Out

Crab’s Day Out is Nadodi’s play with Alaskan crab meat with rasam (you should be familiar with this at banana leaf rice places). Not quite as exquisite as I thought it’d be, but something with a little bit of acidity was welcoming after mostly creamy dishes.

Sorbet & Peek-A-Boo - lobster ishtu, dry coconut
Sorbet & Peek-A-Boo – lobster ishtu, dry coconut

We had a sorbet made from Delamotte Rose NV as palette cleanser, can’t get more luxurious than that.

Then came Peek-A-Boo, our lobster dish of the night. Lobster ishtu (Kerala style potato with coconut milk) with dry coconut. I liked the way they prepare the lobsters by cooking it only just very so slightly, retaining the natural taste of the crustacean. The whole thing too is wrapped by very thinly sliced scallop skin, my favorite dish of the night.

Billy - pepper crusted lamb, drumstick curry
Billy – pepper crusted lamb, drumstick curry

Billy – our red meat of the night, consists of pepper crusted lamb with drumstick (moringa, not chicken drumstick…) curry. The lamb was perfectly cooked too, with the peppery crust seasoned how it should be. I really enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

Nomads Globe - country chicken biriyani, egg plants
Nomads Globe – country chicken biriyani, egg plants

Nomads Globe, our main for the day consists of country chicken briyani and egg plants in peanut masala gravy. A competent dish in its own, but I thought one that perhaps sit a bit lower than the two dishes preceding it.

Filtered Kapi, and the great people I shared table with
Nomads Globe – country chicken biriyani, egg plants

Overall the experience was certainly positive, with good food, great wine & champagne, and certainly excellent company with Paco Galdeano, Hiroki Kuwabara san, and Xing Yi.

Check out for more of exclusive champagne and wine pairing such as these. Thanks Wei Zhi for introducing me to this event!


map to Nadodi KL

Lot 183, Jalan Mayang,
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.160381, 101.711203
Tel: 017 367 0200


Chinese New Year is around the corner, so I guess it is appropriate to participate in at least one CNY dinner review session, and since Intercontinental Hotel is nearby my workplace as well as having a sterling reputation in their culinary department, I decided that paying a visit to their Tao Chinese Cuisine for this very purpose should be a rewarding experience, and indeed it was.

Tao Chinese Cuisine at Intercontinental KL, with Chef Wong Lian You
Tao Chinese Cuisine at Intercontinental KL, with Chef Wong Lian You

Tao is headed by Chef Wong Lian You, who joined Intercontinental since 2012 to develop the concept behind this restaurant. The good chef has a long list of awards won in competitions, but above all, he is also humble character who does not shy away from being bold with his culinary inventions.

The¬†CNY menu¬†starts from¬†11 January to 22 February, 2016 and priced from RM 1,888. There’s also a¬†20% discount with payments made¬†before 18 January 2016, but I guess this article is a little too late for that.

For our session, we tasted the Opulence set menu 3, priced at RM 2988 for a full table. A bottle of wine comes compliment with the dinner.

Bird’s nest with passion fruit sauce yee sang
Bird’s nest with passion fruit sauce yee sang

We started out with a rather special yee sang dish invented by Chef Wong – bird‚Äôs nest with passion fruit sauce yee sang. Other than traditional yee sang ingredients, there’s deep-fried salmon skin and bird’s nest in the mix, the use of fresh passion fruit as the base instead of palm sauce also made the experience rather unique.

I find myself enjoying it a bit too much actually.

Double-boiled fish maw with sea treasure soup
Double-boiled fish maw with sea treasure soup

Next up was double-boiled fish maw with sea treasure soup. The soup is served in individual bowl and packed with flavors ¬†– there’s scallop, abalone, mushroom, chicken, and of course, fish maw. Certainly very satisfying, and beat the radish soup from my own kitchen by about 26.2 miles.

Braised eight treasureS duck
Braised eight treasures duck

Braised either treasure duck show cases the chef’s skill in combining different traditional ingredients in a duck braised to perfection. I don’t want to attempt to pretend that I remember¬†the different individual ingredients, and was too busy chomping down the dish while other more serious journalists were taking notes.

Steamed Soloman star garoupa, stewed abalone with sea cucumber
Steamed Soloman star garoupa, stewed abalone with sea cucumber

CNY dinner menu is never complete without fish, and for this we have steamed Soloman star garoupa with braised tangerine skin, ginger, garlic and mushroom sauce. The fish was good and certainly packed with flavor, the tangerin skin gave it a bit of sophistication not usually associated with Chinese style fish. Part of me still want to have the good old old fashion steamed variety with soya sauce though.

Another classic dish served was the stewed abalone with sea cucumber¬†and bean curd skin bag. This dish was executed as good as any I’ve tried in the past, and abalone is never disappointing.

Wok-fried AlaskaN king crab leg with salted egg sauce, lap mei fan
Wok-fried Alaskan king crab leg with salted egg sauce, lap mei fan

Fifth dish in the 7-course dinner is one that combines luxury with modern, perhaps Malaysian Chinese style of cooking Рwok-fried Alaksan king crab leg with salted egg sauce.  Rich, strong tasting, and certainly delicious, the crab leg is also easy to handle and a definite joy to eat.

The penultimate dish was chef Wong’s lap mei fan – steamed glutinous rice with preserved duck leg,¬†salted egg yolk and dried oyster. If you still have space left in your stomach by then, this dish will fit the bill just nice, if not, packing it home for next day’s breakfast is certainly a good alternative.

Pan-fried ‚Äúninko‚ÄĚ with sesame seeds, salted bean paste dumpling served with chilled peach gum, papaya, snow fungus and glutinous dumpling in soya bean
desserts to end the night, KY & Xing Yi

For dessert, we had pan-fried ‚Äúninko‚ÄĚ with sesame seeds, salted bean paste¬†dumpling served with chilled peach gum, papaya,¬†snow fungus and glutinous dumpling in soya bean, which actually sounds like two different dishes to me. I absolutely loved¬†the ninko which carries a taste not entirely unlike¬†salted caramel mixed with lotus paste + nian gao, you have to try it! The soya bean dessert also served as good and slightly sweetish ending to the awesome 7-course dinner.

I want to thank Lisa & Justina for the invitation, and Xing Yi for being the stand-in partner in crime for this session.

map to Intercontinental Hotel, KL

Tao Chinese Cuisine
Intercontinental Hotel

165 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.159767, 101.718045
Tel: 03-2161 1111