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We only live once, I always believe that you do what you can to make the best of it:

Live life interestingly, but do cover your butt.

insect cook out at my house, yums!

In the past few years, I can single out a couple things which are worth a highlight when it comes to doing something not exactly conventional, nor were they particularly risk-free.

The insect cook out (with video) was definitely one of them. After tasting the professionally cooked (I use the word “professionally” quite liberally) insects at Bangkok, I decided that it’ll be interesting we do it ourselves. So we did, and as it turned out, my version actually tasted better than those from the land of the smile!

Thank goodness, none of us came down with food poisoning. So cover yourself, make sure the insects are well cooked. 😀

boating at taman jaya lake during chap goh meh, 2006

The other perhaps crazier thing I did was to convince horng to go on a boating expedition with me at Taman Jaya lake during chap goh meh (15th day of Chinese New Year) back in 2006.

What basically happened was that we used a fiberglass fish tank as a boat, with squash racquets our makeshift oars and paddled ourselves to the middle of the lake and  collected loads of mandarin oranges. These are oranges with phone numbers on them, single girls looking for partners!

Of course, we did a proper proof of concept at a friend’s in-house swimming pool to make sure the whole idea works and that we won’t drown.


For the more ‘normal’ things in life though, there are still risks and there will be accidents and sickness and things as such. To cover our butt, there is PRUhealth. An insurance plan to cover our butt and better deal with Murphy’s Law. They have the whole NCB concept and you can even claim medical benefits while overseas.

Check out the PRUhealth website for more information.

crazy photographer
one crazy photogrpher at grand canyon

However, I don’t think I’ll ever do something as crazy as this photographer at Grand Canyon though!