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While most of us love to travel to exotic places and faraway land, those are nice and dandy, but also cost a lot of time and money. But if you look a options closer to home, there are actually a lot of hidden gems all within a couple hours’ drive from Klang Vally that makes for great day trips.

A couple months ago, we went to one of such places for a bit of eco-tourism at Perting Falls (also known as Lata Hammers), near Bentong. It was organized by Suan with Yen (who took us to Chilling Fall back in 2007) as our guide.

we started our journey, walking past rubber estate
we started our journey, walking past rubber estate

Take the Bukit Tinggi exit on Karak Highway and get on Route 68, the old road to Bentong. Follow that scenic route for about 16 km and try not to hit any of the many bicyclists typically found on this beautiful swerving road in the morning.

You will pass a hot spring right before the turning to Perting Valley training resort, take this exit and drive about 2.5-3 km inwards, or as much as your car can take. The road condition isn’t great, a 4×4 would be most awesome.

along the way we had to pass Sungai Perting Pandak
along the way we had to pass Sungai Perting Pandak

Since we drove normal sedans and did not want end up buying new wheels, we parked conservatively at about 2 km or so before the actual trek begins. The trail itself is almost 3 km, and reasonably easy to trek bar some overgrowth that might scratch your legs just a bit.

after 5km of trekking, the final steep descent to the waterfall
after 5km of trekking, the final steep descent to the waterfall

In total we trekked just over 5 km each way, which takes about 1.5 to 2 hours if you do it leisurely. The jungle trail itself should take only an hour if you manage to drive closer. While there are a few steeper areas, the walk isn’t a particularly challenging one, Ahfa’s retired mom had no problem keeping up, in fact, she was better than half of the youngsters. (ok maybe not youngsters anymore if you’re over 30.)

Check out the embedded endomondo trail at the bottom after the map.

Jamie had a zen moment
Jaime had a zen moment

Perting Fall has a beautiful pond with chilling cold water. A few of us took a swim in it, it was fantastic. The closer you swim towards the waterfall, the more it pushes you back, kinda like swimming on treadmill.

Like most waterfalls, there are sometimes whirlpools which present a danger. Always exercise caution and not do anything stupid. It is also advisable to bring along a small box of first aid kit with you.

Yen had a "penunu bunsen" and made tea, we tapao some nasi lemak too
Yen had a small gas stove and made tea, we tapao some nasi lemak too

Due to the distance one has to trek, this waterfall isn’t particularly crowded. Other than our group, there were perhaps maybe around 10 other people, including a few who camped overnight.

Our well prepared guide also brought along a small gas stove and made us some 3 in 1 coffee & milo, together with some nasi lemak we packed earlier in the morning, we refueled.

map to Perting Fall

We started our journey back at around 1:30 pm after spending 2-3 hours at the waterfall. Another 1 hour 40 minutes and plenty of sweat later, we got back to the parking lot and made our way back to KL, but not before having an awesome late lunch at Bukit Tinggi (it’ll be on another post).

Eco-tourism spots is aplenty in Malaysia, and something that we should treasure and enjoy. Check out if you’re interested in trying out something like this, there are easier trails and more accessible waterfalls too.

Travelling can be cheap and fun while being healthy all at the same time!

In the spirit of cuti-cuti Malaysia, Suan organized another trip to Chamang Waterfall (N03 30.56′ E101 51.47′) near Bentong (plus the Elephant Sanctuary and Deer Park) just a little over a week ago on Labor Day. Nine of us noobs participated in this awesome trip, the participants were Suan, Sammy, Dree, Tock, ST, Kim, Rachel, Kerol, and of course, yours truly. For the other reports, check the posts here, here, here, and here.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. Look ma, it wasn’t me!
2. last camwhoring session before driving
3. Suanie’s car leading the way

We had a pretty decent dimsum breakfast meal near my house and then started our journey towards Pahang. Our first destination, the Chamang Waterfalls. We arrived in less than 2 hours of driving. Unlike the Chiling Falls we went whereby a 1.5 hour trekking is needed, at Chamang Falls, the car park is situated right beside the river. It took only a few minutes to walk to our “camp site” near the main fall.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. Kim with really long arms
2. setting up our pad by the waterfall
3. my zen moment
4. ze noobs minus tock the cameraman

We had loads of fun there, the weather was hot but the water was super cold. We eventually found a way to swim and climb up to a somewhat dry platform just below the main fall (see my zen moment photo) and hanged out there for a bit.

Chamang Waterfall at Pahang
1. crossing the lucky suspension bridge
2. what do you want me to do, suan?
3. who said you can’t swim and smoke?

Dree, the dude who can swim and smoke, even bought a portable stove and made coffee! Cold water, warm coffee, great view, even better company, it was awesome.

Elephant sanctuary at Pahang
1. the two baby elephants
2. the super exaggerated Rachel
3. hello giant baby!
4. Sammy was a bit shy with the elephants

We had to leave the waterfall by around noon as we hoped to get to the Elephant Sanctuary in time to register for the free elephant rides (valid only for some 100 people daily). Though we did arrive there before 1pm, the list was all full as the sanctuary was packed with visitors on this Labor day.

Elephant sanctuary at Pahang
1. tock tock setting up the camera
2. ze group, look at how tock was hugging the pillar
3. haaaaaaaaaa! my superpower!

We played with the two baby elephants a bit. They were very playful and still had trouble controlling their trunks and it was very cute. The sanctuary is also a home for many adult elephants, but they are placed on a fenced up area. We hang around the place for a bit, took a few silly pictures, had some ice creams and cold drinks under the hot sun, then proceed to yet another destination – the Deer Park.

Deer Park at Pahang
1. Kerol & Suan looking as Sammy feeds the deer
2. Kim posing with the ostrich
3. don’t they look alike? ST & the hedgehog
4. Suan again so interested in Dree and the sugar glider

The entrance fee for Deer Park was RM 5 per person, and it was totally worth it. The place is more like a petting zoo than a mere sanctuary for deers. We fed the deers with sweet potato, the ostriches with some leaves, had our hands on the spiky (but not sharp) hedgehog, and the very shy (and shivering) sugar glider. Of course, there’s the sun bear with extremely small wiener! It was a very fun place.

Deer Park at Pahang
1. ze small wiener!
2. Dree feeding the big sun bear

We actually headed to the Chamang Falls again after that and had a second session of sun, water, and swim. By the time we got back at PJ it was already dinner time. We had garlic fish and some other dishes at Lucky Loke nearby my house and called it a day after that. It was an excellent trip, we should do this more often!

Less than 2 weeks ago, Suan organized a day trip for us, and specifically for the hot chick to the Chiling Falls. This waterfall that is sitauted less than an hour’s drive away from PJ is listed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Selangor. Together with ST, Kim, and FA, we had a great time two Thursdays ago.

More pictures at my flickr set

Chinese Temple, guardian lion
the guardian lion, temple at Rawang

We engaged a guide for this tour, which turned out to be an excellent decision as our guide, Yen, turned out to be very good at what he is doing. After meeting at PJ, we drove to Rawang and first stopped by a Buddhist temple for some prayers and photography opportunity.

Buddhist Temple at Rawang, Selangor
Buddhist Temple

After that we stopped by the small town of Kuala Kubu Bharu for a heavier breakfast before proceeding with the journey. The small town reminded me of the Penang of yesteryears, very peaceful and simple. We had some really good wantan mee there.

Just before heading to the waterfalls, we also stopped by the Selangor Dam.

Kuala Kubu Bharu
stopped by Kuala Kubu Bharu for breakfast

The Chiling Falls is actually located quite deep inside the jungle. To reach there, we had to track the jungle for over an hour through pretty thick growth in the jungle.

walking the jungle track
jungle tracking for over an hour

The trail was pretty challenging, we had to cross the river on 5 occasions and the water could be up to chest high. Luckily our guide is very experienced and came prepared with safety ropes. I had to pack the camera in waterproof plastic bag, and hence denied the opportunity to captured some of the more interesting moments whilst crossing the river. It was quite an experience.

crossing the river
hot chick crossing the river

The river falls under government protection and absolutely no fishing is allowed. The river is actually packed with a lot of native fresh water fish that are absolutely fearless to human. We fed them with some bread Yen brought with him.

The guide was a lot more prepared than I thought, he actually had a stove set and made some hot drinks for us from boiling the water from Chiling river. I made a joke that it would be perfect if he had a hammock as well, and to my utter disbelieve, he ACTUALLY have a hammock with him (sans the ropes to tie it around the trees)!

fish feeding at chiling falls
feeding the fish with FA

After hanging out at the main waterfall for over an hour, it was time to make the return journey. On the way back FA actually lost her shoes in the rapids and had to walk over half an hour barefoot. The guide also picked up some trash (such as broken shoes) that were left from the other irresponsible tourists. We then had a very late lunch at Ulu Yam before returning home dead tired.

Chiling Falls, Selangor
The magnificent chiling falls

It was quite an adventurous trip and certainly a very enjoyable one. Perfect for a weekend getaway that does not involve going to the shopping malls. Yen can be contacted at happyyen at or 017369 7831. He charges RM180 for a group of 2 to 8 person and will supply more guide if you have a bigger group.