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Been a while we had any party at home, in fact, the one was the x’mas of 2005, which of course, will be repeated this coming december for the 3rd consecutive time. Since it’s the mid-autumn/mooncake festival last friday, we decided to have a little party to work up our mood instead.

Mooncake festival 2006
all the haze shrouded the real moon, we spotted a fake one though.

There were 4 of us who live in this house, Terence and the wife, small meng, Jack, Galvin, Faggot, and also Margie. Not a big crowd, but just nice to have a little get together. The FA went for a vacation and the Suan went back to home town.. but we managed to have fun anyhow.

Mooncake festival 2006
what’s a party without some close friends and booze?

There were plenty of mooncakes to go around, and equal amount of Vodka to go with them. Of course, there’s also tea, juice, and coca cola. (we actually only drink 10% of a bottle cos FA wasn’t here, with the rest merely as decoration for the photoshoot and to impress our neighbours.. shh…)

Mooncake festival 2006
a couple neighbours having a go at this too

There were two other houses celebrating the same festival, both are new arrivals with younger residents. We were tempted to barter some food from the other houses, but none of us has the balls.. It was a good evening despite the haze.