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Of so many Japanese restaurants in Klang Valley, this is probably the one I visit the most. They might not have the best food, or the greatest ambiance; but Omitsu Koshi at DJ certainly offers above average Japanese dishes with very, very affordable price. Cheaper and definitely worlds better than certain conveyor belt sushi chains.

Omitsu Koshi, Japanese food at Damansara Jaya
good food with pretty nice ambiance

We ordered a Sashimi Set and a Ramen with Gyoza set for dinner, and of course, some hot green tea which goes well with Japanese food. Other than set lunch and dinners, this restaurant actually offers a variety of other choices, such as udon, Japanese fried rice, sushi, and even porridge.

Omitsu Koshi, Japanese food at Damansara Jaya
Jap food, slurps!

It actually took a while for the food to come as it was a busy Saturday evening. The Sashimi set came with plenty of salmon, tuna, octopus tentacles, and baby octopus. There’s also sushi rice, miso soup, and a few slices of fruits. As for the hot babe‘s set dinner, it came with charsiu ramen, 3 pieces of gyoza, fruits, and even a plate of fried rice (a bit excessive actually).

Omitsu Koshi, Japanese food at Damansara Jaya
we were definitely enjoying it!

The food were fresh and tasted authentic, like how Japanese food should be, not excellent like Raku Zen, but above average. While the servers did not try to impress you with crudely memorized Japanese phrases like some other places, they were mostly helpful and provided decent service. It was a very satisfying meal, after the customary 5% government tax and 10% service charge, the bill came to only RM 36.80. RM 19 for the raw fish set, and only RM 13 for the other. Great value isn’t it?

Omitsu Koshi, Japanese food, map to Damansara Jaya
Omitsu Koshi is situated right next to Atria shopping complex

Omitsu Koshi
No 17 & 19, Jalan SS 22/23
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.127821, 101.617291
Tel: 03-7722 2779