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It’s been a while since I last went on an island trip here in Malaysia (the last one was Redang in 2005!),there is a chance that can be changed pretty soon, but I will need your help! I need two guys with good hand-eye coordination skills who can work their desktop rodent in a quick and coordinated manner to be my teammates in the Heineken UEFA Champions League flash games.

For those who think of football as 22 men running around on a field, UEFA Champions League is pretty much the most prestigious club football competition in the world with top clubs from various European leagues participating in it. Past champions include MU, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and even underdogs like Porto. Last year’s final had two English clubs, Chelsea and MU pitted against each other, and I’m hoping for another strong English showing this year too.

Lest I digress, lets get on the program..

Heineken UEFA Champion Leagues
notice that “win 3 tickets” box?

For winning the games, the team of trio will get three tickets to watch the UEFA Champions League final at an “exotic tropical island”. Now I too have no idea which tropical island is the event going to be held, but that is part of the excitement isn’t it? I am pretty sure there should be plenty of proper drinks to go with the event too.

Heineken UEFA Champion Leagues
my beer truck navigation prowess

There are actually not one but three games to be played, and this requires team work with each player responsible for a different game. Team leader plays the Beer Delivery, and nominate 2 teammates to complete the Mexican Wave and Beer Slide games. Shortest combined time to complete all 3 games win! Doesn’t sound too difficult, right?

Heineken UEFA Champion Leagues
now I need you guys to continue 2nd and 3rd!

I’ve tried the first game and did a pretty decent 42-43 seconds. Now I need some teammates to complete the other two games, any takers? I’ll select the first 2 person who leaves their email address on the comment box. We can then coordinate a bit online for the games.

As for now, I’m going to practice a bit more to reduce that score too! Lets do this and get ourselves the prize already! Check out the site!