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“Hello Makcik, kueh teow soup satu, tapau yah!”

I lied, that line wasn’t what I uttered to the employee at 60s Teow Chew Fish Ball Noodle Restaurant at Sea Park, for the very simple fact that she is probably a Chinese national who does not speak nor understand our National language.

tapao noodle at 60s teow chew fishball noodle restaurant
tapao noodle at 60s teow chew fishball noodle restaurant

In fact, I didn’t really have to specify the word “tapau” (or take-away, in non-Malaysian English). As soon as she saw the Tupperware in my hand, she had already asked what I wanted to order for take-away. Smashing!

The Tupperware that I brought for this very purpose was the very aptly named Tapau Set!

fish ball kueh teow soup in tupperware
fish ball kueh teow soup in tupperware – all in all less than RM 10

The Tapau Set comes with 3 containers – 2 Crystalwave dish (1L), and a single Crystalwave bowl (2L) that comes with a noodle holder. This noodle holder gadget eliminates the whole problem of soggy kueh teow altogether, you wonder why nobody has thought of that till now.

In the above “exercise”, I bought a portion of kueh teow soup, with soup and fishball in the 2L Crystalwave bowl and the kueh teow on noodle holder. I also used the 1L Crystalwave dish for some yong tao foo. (since the tupperware containers are quite big, sometimes hawkers will unknowingly give you bigger portion! shhhh…)

eco friendly design, rewashable
user friendly design, tupperware eco bottle

The Tapau Set also comes with this very nifty Grip n Go Cariolier that allows you to hold all 3 containers at the same time. A bit like a modernized version of old picnic set, no?

Together with the Tapau Set, Tupperware also have some new 500ml  Eco Bottle Spring that comes in several colors. They’re small enough to fit into a handbag, and big enough to quench your thirst.

cendawan the Bengal approves of tupperware!
cendawan the Bengal approves of tupperware!

Ultimately though, the most important message in this advertorial is about something that is better than recycle – REUSE. Using Tupperware for all your take-aways eliminates disposable plastic bags that ends up in landfills (or worse, the ocean where turtles can mistakenly ingest them), it is a step to the right direction for a better environment.

After all, the Penang government has already say no to plastic bags, shouldn’t we do our part too?

Above is the short video by popular hosts Winson & Orange showcasing the benefit of using Tupperware Tapau Set. Check it out!

And I said what about “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
She said, “I think I remember the film,
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it.”
And I said, “Well, that’s the one thing we’ve got.”

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it gives you the jolt of energy you need for the rest of the day. Breakfast, as they say, gives you brain fuel.

nasi lemak from taman bahagia, tapau with tupperware
tapao my nasi lemak with tupperware at Taman Bahagia LRT station

Since everyone knows that nasi lemak makes you sleepy, but breakfast gives you energy, that makes having nasi lemak in the morning a perfect timing. The extra jolt and the sleepiness cancel each other out, and you are left with just the right amount of dopiness at the office so that nobody will accuse you of being too lazy, or too hardworking. Balance is important.

One of my favorite nasi lemak places is conveniently located at the Taman Bahagia LRT station, which happen to be the station I go to every workday. This nasi lemak stall doesn’t have any accompanying tables or chairs, everything is to-go.

tapau nasi lemak with tupperware
very microwave friendly, this Tupperware box!

So instead of having the nasi lemak wrapped in newspaper (or worse still, foam container), this time I brought along my newly acquired lunch box – the Tupperware Reheatable Divided Lunch Box. Canggih!

For RM 3, the pakcik at nasi lemak stall give me a good portion of that fragrant rice, cucumber, 1/4 hard boiled egg anchovies and peanuts in one side of the lunch box, plenty of sambal and beef rendang on the other two smaller sections.

At the office, I popped the little vent cap up and put this into the microwave for a minute. The result – envy of the entire pantry. hohohooho!

latte, nasi lemak, tupperware, recycle
reduce the use of disposable packagings, and start recycle!

After breakfast, I filled up the Commuter Mug with some cafe latte. East meets West. I kinda like the mug, the design is very different from the other heat retaining flasks you see from anywhere, and I think this one is a lot tougher too.

However, the real message of this advertorial is not about how tasty the nasi lemak was, or how the tidy container keeps your coffee warm. It is about reducing the usage of disposable packaging materials such as PET bottles, foam containers, or even newspaper that ultimately end up in the landfill rather than being recycled.

my tupperware collections
I got all these, thank you Tupperware!

From now on I’ll tapao only with the lunch box, it is actually quite a lot less messy and I think the pakcik actually gave me more ingredients!

Do your bit for the environment, and potentially even profit from it! Did you know that 85 million PET bottles ended up in the landfill yearly just from Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei alone?

Go to Reuse, Reduce site, fill up the pledge to mother nature and stand a change to win daily Tupperware prizes too. Give mother nature a chance!

p/s: there’s a video on Tupperware’s ECO range product that you can view here.