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If I told you that I drive a car older than yours, 99% of the time I will be right, and if you’re born after 1991, my car is actually older than you. Yeap, my ride is a 1991 Toyota MR2 that I have owned for more than 9 years.

And I am ashamed to say that while I’ve washed the car myself and even taking it for car wash on occasions, I’ve never gotten it polished or detailed. Until I did that a few weeks ago at Summer Splash at Aman Suria, PJ.

Their FB page is at Summer Splash Pro & HD High Definition Malaysia

dirty car deserved a bath at Summer Splash, Aman Suria
dirty car deserved a bath at Summer Splash, Aman Suria

To be fair, I knew what waxing and polishing does, but was never really quite convinced how coating can benefit a car. So when Mimi (a friend) introduced me to this professional car wash & detailing shop operated by his sister, I had to give it a try.

After all, the Japanese mistress has just gotten a new paintjob and should be pampered a little after all these years.

wash, polish, clay bar decontaminate
wash, polish, clay bar decontaminate

The treatment done to my car:

  • Exterior Wash & Vacuum – Premium
  • Hd Paint correction
  • Nitro seal wax
  • Leather Protection
  • Dashboard protection
  • Anti bacteria Mist
  • Tyre dressing
  • Front Windscreen Repellent
  • Watermark remover on front windscreen for car

applying coating is a pretty delicate job
applying coating is a pretty delicate job

The entire process took about half a day, and it was actually quite a lot of work that was being done to the car. Masking tapes were used to cover the areas that were not supposed to be affected by the chemicals, and pretty strong strobes were used to ensure that every square inch of the car is covered. It was some real professional work.

all nice and shiny, Shah got his bike detailed too, looking awesome
all nice and shiny, Shah got his bike detailed too, looking awesome

The result is that my car has never looked as shiny, and I don’t think it’s ever as shiny even when it was new.

The coating also does a marvelous job of repelling water. When it rains, the body now accumulates water in small droplets and it is very easy to rinse away all the dirt. The windshield coating also does a great job to increase visibility when it is raining, expelling water droplets as with the case of the coating. As a bonus, car washing is now easier too with the car not attracted to dirt as much.

KY & Shah with our rides, all clean and super shiny
KY & Shah with our rides, all clean and super shiny

The coating lasts about 12 months and I was recommended to give it a touch up wax/polish every 3-6 months or so.

So if you want your car (or motorbike) to look as good as it should, check out this place.

In the previous post on Mitsubishi FTO, I’ve mentioned Japanese car maker’s reluctance on making affordable performance cars in the past decade or so. This painted a pretty bleak picture for sports car enthusiasts (who aren’t also super loaded).

There’s good news on the horizon. Apparently this trend might see a reversal with the news of the concept car from Toyota – the FT-86

Toyota FT-86 concept sports car

The FT-86 is pretty much inspired by the popularity of AE-86 that is made popular by the comic series Initial-D. Nicknamed the tofu car, AE-86 has a huge cult following especially in the drift racing series, and still cheered upon whenever appeared at Autocross events.

interior of Toyota FT-86

A collaboration between Subaru and Toyota, the FT-86 is to come with a new 2 liter Toyota-Subaru “D-4S” Boxer engine. Targeted to cost around US $20,000 when it is eventually launched, that’ll place it cheaper than a fully loaded Honda Accord (or Toyota’s own Camry for that matter).

I, for one, welcome Japanese manufacturer’s return to this segment, 6 speed manual with 2.0 liter boxer sounds like a good combination to me.

Check out wiki page for more details.

Toyota LogoContinuing the declining trend of the big three American automakers, Ford is the latest victim overtaken by the unstoppable Japanese machine that is Toyota.

The sales of Toyota vehicles already surpassed DiamlerChrysler last year and now stands roughly at 15%, increased from about 10% from five years ago, while Ford is still struggling after it’s restructuring and predicted that their market share will stabilize at around 14-15% within 2 years.

This is with regards to the American market, Toyota is a very close second to GM globally. Even here in Malaysia, Toyota and Perodua (basically re branded Toyota cars) chalks up about 50% of the local market.

There seems to be no signs of Toyota going stopping their momentum.

source: cnn money

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006

The Toyota MR2 club organised a convoy to Ulu Yam at Selangor on the New Year’s day. Though most of us had partied the night before, about 13 cars and over 20 people still managed to show up for the fun drive on the first morning of 2006. There were 3 MRS, an MK1 MR2 with super charger, 7 SW20 MR2s, an EVO, and an S2000. By about 11am, we have had our breakfast at McDonald’s near the Curve and was on our way to the Petronas petrol kiosk before heading off to Ulu Yam.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
filling it up for the trip

I had some trouble starting up the car at the petrol kiosk, but after the guys removed and put back the relay, it seems to be fine again. So we started our journey to Ulu Yum. About 20 kilometers later, we regrouped at Selayang. It was there my car stalled at idle and refused to be started again, most probably due to some electrical problems. We left our car there and I followed another member to continue the convoy.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
passing by Batu Caves

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
this was where my car stalled

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006

By the time we regrouped again at another petrol station. Another MR2 faced with a mechanical problem and had to abort the convoy as the clutch would not engage. The car had to be towed back, it was lucky we weren’t at the hilly area of the jorney yet.

We then reached Ulu Yam and had lunch at Hock Lay restaurant. Ordered steamed fish, asam prawn in coconut shell, vege, deep fried squid, guiness chicken wing, and tofu. It was very good, and at RM 15 per person including drinks, pretty reasonably priced too. We then decided to go to Fraser’s Hill instead.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
lunch at Hock Lay restaurant

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
negotiating the bend

At Ulu Yam the elevation was only 75 meters above sea level, by the time we reached the foothill of Fraser’s, it was already 800+ meters up and the temperature was pretty nice and cooling, feeling like air conditioned atmosphere. A very welcoming breeze especially when KL averages more than 30 Celcius.

As the road going up to Fraser’s hill (8km) is small and only wide enough for a single car, the authority sets up a system whereby the traffic is alternate every half an hour between going up and downhil. We waited at by the gate for quite some time before we got to go up to the top. The drive up the hill was curvey and very tight. The guys enjoyed it alot.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
going up to Fraser’s hill

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006
installing the spare tyre inside out

Well, 3rd time is the charm. Sure enough, we had the third casualty of the day. Another MR2 had a flat tyre on top of Fraser’s hill. We put in the spare tyre in the reverse way since it wouldn’t fit otherwise due to the rear brake. It had the maximum offset look that was rather hillarious. By then it had started drizzling and was pretty foggy. We decided to call it a day.

Toyota MR2 Convoy New Year 2006

About an hour later we go back to where I left my car. Luckily, after resting for some 8 hours, I was able to start the car without too much trouble, and drove all the way back home pretty smoothly. However, the car stalled again in the car porch at home. Will have to get a mechanic to sort out the problem soon.

fixing the noisy side mirror

A common problem that plagues the Toyota MR2 (SW20) is the leaky side mirror mounting that results in a lot of wind noise when cruising at high speed. This is rather annoying, especially when you try to have a decent conversation with your passenger, not to mention it dampens the sweet turbo spooling sound that we all love to hear.

The procedure described below is for Toyota MR2, but I assume the same should be able to applied to other make and models facing with the same problem.

To determine if the noise is from a leaky side window mounting, place your finger near the tweater when travelling over 80 km/h. If you can feel a tiny stream of air coming out of the tweater, you’ve got an air leak that needs fixing, unless you have a very loud stereo.

I first read about this procedure from the Japanese MR2 FAQ site, and decided to do it myself. This is what I did:

fixing the noisy side mirror

First, take off the tweater mounting by prying it off with a flat screw driver. It is mounted much like cell phone covers, should come off with relative ease. Proceed with unscrewing the 3 screws that are holding both the tweater and the side mirror together. If the screws are too tight, use a hair dryer to melt the thread locking glue that are covering the screws. I did not face with this problem.

fixing the noisy side mirror

After the screws are undone, the side mirror should be left dangling on the power cord that powers the motor for adjusting the mirror.

fixing the noisy side mirror

Other than screw drivers (both philip and flat), all you need is some thick double sided tapes, and a pair of scissors.

fixing the noisy side mirror

Apply generous layers of double sided tape around the mounting of the side mirror. Make sure you do not leave any holes for any chance of air seepage. I applied about 3 layers of double sided tape.

fixing the noisy side mirror

Put everything back together, the screws might be a little tougher to get in this time since the 3 layers of double sided tape are rather thick. Just push the mirror closer to the door and give it a good squeeze.

After putting everyting together, give it a test run. The wind noise should be gone, you’ll be able to enjoy the turbo spooling sound even at relative high speed now.

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