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I think Macao people has got life all figured out, instead of having shops and restaurants all day long, if you go out on the streets at 11 am, you’d see that most shops are still tightly shut. It isn’t until around noon that they get started, and of course, by 8 pm it’s going home time again. Which probably contributes to them having one of the longest life expectancy in the world.

Don’t work overly hard, have a balanced work-life, I guess?


Anyway, walking from Ole Tai Sum hotel in the morning looking for breakfast at around 10 in the morning, we spotted one of the very few eateries that conduct business in the first half of the day – this super small restaurant by the name o f Hap Seng by the corner of R. da Felicidade.

In fact, this is the smallest ever restaurant I’ve ever been. Take a look at the video above and tell me if you’ve been anywhere smaller. There’s one round table you may squeeze 3 pax uncomfortably, and another rectangular bench the size of ironing board fit for 2.

That’s all.

porridge with fish or innards?
porridge with fish or innards?

Hap Seng is manned by a lady who loved to chat and showed off the fresh ingredients (fish, in this case). We ordered a fish porridge, and a pork innards porridge. Both were cooked on the spot, with the thick creamy congee tasted rather proper. Definitely fitting as stomach warmer in the morning.

They also offer a type of fried noodle (seen on video), but my advise is to skip that, stick to the porridge.

hap seng porridge, macao

2 R. da Felicidade, Macau
GPS22.193545, 113.537961
Tel+853 2855 9106
Hours: mornings till noon