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A couple days before my birthday, I got a special delivery from down under, a big package all the way from Australia, the land of dozing wombats and slimy skinks. It was a gift from my hot chick, and I couldn’t be happier receiving the original super star snack Tim Tam and Pods! Just look at them! *drools*

Tim Tam and Pods
chocolate goodness to die for

Due to fluctuation in temperature while shipping these goodies, the pods seemed to have melted before, but fortunately, while the cosmetic is a bit off, they still taste great! Pods is something like a bigger version of Koko Krunch cereal but filled with chocolate and caramel, very rich and very addictive.

I think Tim Tam needs no introduction to most people, especially those who studied in ozzie. This chocolate mud biscuit is the best seller in Australia. The snack is full of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit in a harmonious combination that treats your taste buds the way good snacks do. Kinda reminds me of Reese’s although they are completely different.

Tim Tam and Pods
chocolate and strawberry flavors too!

You can get the local version of Tim Tam from places like Cold Storage (they now sell Reese’s too!), but I’ve heard that it doesn’t taste quite the same.