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Sometimes last year I went to a Heineken sponsored event at TTDI Plaza. It was a bit of a last minute plan that Horng and Suan ended up joining me to form a team of 3 and participated in a flash game competition, a game that we ultimately won against the other 9 teams of players. I had previously blogged about the game here.

The prize was a 3 day/2 night trip to Krabi for the 3 of us together with some 280 winners and media guests from all over the world during the Champions League week. Mell decided to join us to the trip as well.

Mell, Horng, KY, and Suan at Krabi
Heineken basically booked the whole of Sheraton

We took an Air Asia flight to Krabi last Wednesday and arrived at the destination at around 1pm, bright and sunny. Heineken had apparently booked pretty much the whole Sheraton for the event.

I had previously stayed at the very same hotel (probably the same block), the room was very nice with its lush bed tastefully done interior design overseeing the huge garden and beach. We were each given a hotel room as the winners of the competition.

Lunch at Sheraton with Heineken
KY, Mell, Horng, and Suan enjoying lunch

After checking in and got our programs all sorted out, we were treated to the buffet lunch at the hotel. I must say that the lunch was a bit lackluster and I had initially expected a lot more out of Sheraton, but well, at least the drinks was good.

It would have been a lot more awesome if we were able to go to the Duck Noodle place instead but the hotel proved to be too far (at least 45 minutes and probably 800 baht worth of taxi ride) from where the restaurant is located.

kayaking and swimming at Sheraton Krabi
kayaking and swimming at Sheraton (pic from

After dinner, we adjourned to the beach for some fun under the sun.  There were kayaking, wind surfing, beach football and a variety of other activities organized by Heineken. Mell decided that she was going to join us in kayaking while Suan was happy to be the photographer. As you can see, Mell did a great job “kayaking”, no?

We then spent some time at one of the two very nice infinity pools, it was both relaxing and tiring. A perfect start of the holiday.

Thai food at Krabi
Thai steamed fish, seafood tomyam, and green curry

Not wanting to risk another bad meal at the hotel, we decided to head to town for some Thai food. The taxi we managed to get was actually not exactly a proper taxi, but the lady who runs a massage place just opposite Sheraton. We negotiated with the lady to send us to Aonang town for 700 baht round trip, and we were there some 30 minutes later, it is that far.

dinner at Aonang town, Krabi
Dinner at one of those touristy restaurants

Aonang is basically a very touristy town that is much like Batu Ferringhi in Penang. We walked for some 20 minutes and before concluded that there were no “authentic” dining place, so dinner was at a touristy restaurant by the name of Krabi Tour Thai Cusine.

We ordered seafood tomyam, green curry, vegetable, and a Thai style steamed barramundi to go with some steamed rice. The food was quite good (especially the fish), but not to the standard of those Mell and I had at Pradiphat street, Bangkok. It came to about 900 baht, a bit pricey for Krabi standard, but at least it tasted pretty good.

Thai massage at Krabi
Thai massage is a must, look at Horng’s facial expression when he saw his masseuse

We walked along Aonang for a bit, the town is littered with shops selling a variety of art works, t-shirts, and souveniers. Suan and Horng bought an soft plastic camera underwater casing for 340 baht that turned out to be a very wise investment.

Before heading back to the hotel, we went for a Thai massage at one of the many massage parlors (for 200 baht an hour). I’ve always enjoyed Thai massage, a bit of stretching and human pretzel actions always make my body feel very relaxed and rejuvinated. Horng was a bit apprehensive of his big masseuse but she turned out to be very good at what she does. Suan, on the other hand, complained that her first massage experience did not go so well as the lady was not strong enough.

We then called our taxi and headed back to the hotel to crash, it was a pretty tiring but very enjoyable first day at Krabi.

I went to this place in Chow Yang area of SS2 thanks to my house mate Kerol having to spend Jack, who has helped fixing her computer numerous times thanks to her attraction to the world of spyware, worm, and computer virus. Being hungry at the same time, I accidentally got a free meal too.

Restaurant Shanky at PJ SS2
a standard kopitiam “tai chao” set up

After deliberating for a few minutes, we decided to go to Restaurant Shanky, a tai chao (大炒) place on the same row as KAYU Nasi Kandar at the SS2 Chow Yang area. The restaurant is of a typical kopitiam set up but kept rather clean and hygienic looking.

We ordered 3 dishes for, well, 3 of us. A Thai style deep fried fish with Siakap, spinach, and pork belly with salted fish (咸鱼花腩). All these to go with steamed rice.

Restaurant Shanky at PJ SS2
Thai style fish, spinach, and pork belly with salted fish

Food came after about 15-20 minutes, pretty standard waiting time for a tai chao place. The Thai style fish was really good, the fish deep fried to a crispy texture, and it came with Thai chili sauce and plenty of garnish such as parsley, shallots, and red chili. The combination of the sweet and spicy sauce with the crispy fish meat was pretty addictive.

The spinach is topped with some “silver fish” just like the one from Ah Leong’s fried rice at the nearby mamak square. An interesting combination. Lastly, the pork belly with salted fish is just as good as I’ve tasted from any other places, a very sinful dish that will nullify 3 hours of intense badminton.

Restaurant Shanky at PJ SS2
restaurant shanky is situated on the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar

The bill came to around RM 50 for the 3 dishes. Pretty reasonable, I’d say it is inline with the nearby new Chow Yhang restaurant in terms of food quality and price.

20, Jalan SS2/10
47300, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.115850, 101.617012