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I was driving around PJ after picking up my car just the other day and wondering what I should have for dinner. As my route includes driving around Kelana Jaya, I figured I should just stop by Ayamas and get something to take home for dinner. Little did I know they have chicken rice set, with my favorite Ayam Percik too!

Ayamas Ayam Percik chicken rice
delicious ayam percik chicken rice

I had always thought that Ayamas only sells chicken and other processed food and actually didn’t aware that they have the chicken rice set for take-away (almost all Ayamas outlets do not have a dine-in area). I ordered the 1/4 chicken with rice combination and chose my favorite Ayam percik (chicken with very strong coconut and lemon grass aroma). It came with a generous portion of chicken, chicken rice, few slices of cucumber, and chicken rice chili sauce.

Ayamas Ayam Percik chicken rice
couldn’t have spent better on dinner for RM5.80

I was a rather happy camper when I started to dig in the food at home. The ayam percik is of course, very delicious, the aroma of lemon grass and the sauce that is similar to traditional Malay curry/rendang was as good as it gets. The rice is cooked perfectly and cucumber compliments the slightly greasy food nicely. The meal only costs RM 5.80, a very good value for the generous portion of chicken, and there’s no service charge or government tax either.

Ayamas Ayam Percik chicken rice
of course, Ayamas carries a host of other products too

For the uninformed, Ayamas is the company that supplies nine-piece cut chicken and chicken based products to all Malaysian KFC outlets. You can find out the location of their stores at their website, their procesed products can also be found in many supermarkets.