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A few days before the Malaysia GP at Sepang International Circuit where Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 team finished one-two with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, there was another race at KLCC park with the two drivers, and we were among the few who was invited to the event.

Before that, I would like to congratulate the two drivers for the historic win. It was the first one-two by the Mercedes factory team since 1955!

Nico Rosberg and team, with Lewis giving advise?
Nico Rosberg and team, with Lewis giving advise?

This was an invitation where top scorers from the PETRONAS Primax Challenge facebook game got to claim their prize – teaming up with the F1 drivers for an up close and personal session playing the final round of the game.

team Lewis working hard
team Lewis working hard

After some intense driving (with the keyboard), Nico’s team, with his partner Kenny, won over Lewis’s team in the challenge. It was a fun and relaxing session, I can’t imagine what must go through the drivers’ mind as they are getting ready for the weekend’s race.

interview with Raja Mazhar Mohar Bin Raja Tun Mohar
interview with Raja Mazhar Mohar Bin Raja Tun Mohar

We also got the opportunity to have a chat with Raja Mazhar Mohar Bin Raja Tun Mohar, head of PETRONAS Customer Experience Department. He explained that the fuel used in the Formula 1 cars basically used the same base as those we find at every PETRONAS station, except with a higher RON rating of about 100 (we can get PRIMAX 95 and 97).

Through this partnership, PETRONAS also came up with higher quality lubricant that can penetrate the thinner crevices of the Formula 1 engine. The same fuel and lubricant (SYNTIUM) is used in every circuit on the calendar, and PETRONAS PRIMAX fuel powered every race for the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 team.

the PETRONAS Team with Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg
the PETRONAS Team with Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg

During the session, we also discussed about how PETRONAS view their fuelling stations as something more than a place where you only go when your tank runs empty, and this is achieve by adding other conveniences like the Mesra store, partnership with banks in hosting their ATMs.

He also mentioned how PETRONAS is committed to improving the customer experience by constantly finding ideas to enhance their service.

At the end of the session, we asked him about Sunday’s race. The man predicted a one-two with Lewis coming ahead, and boy he was right.

First it was the Highway Incident, a CCTV footage showing a cargo truck being lifted off the highway by some sort of transporter beam. The cargo, however, went missing.

Then there was Abduction, giving us a sneak peek of the super sleek, all new AMG A45 machine that generates 355 horsepower. That was quite a treat.

In this latest video, a janitor at MERCEDES AMG-PETRONAS lab set his eyes on the new AMG machine and the PETRONAS lubricant powering it.

So there it was, the awesome power of the AMG A45 came from its collaboration with PETRONAS SYNTIUM. The SYNTIUM 7000 spotted in the video is the result of advance R&D carried out by PLI as the official technology partner to the Mercedes GP PETRONAS Formula One Team.

This fully synthetic lubricant combines high fuel efficient characteristics with optimum engine protection at all weather condition. It is truly the type of lubricant that is worthy of high performance cars like the A45.


Back to the story. The janitor then sneakily took the A45 AMG out for a ride to satisfy his curiosity on the machine’s performance.

And as it turns out, the janitor wasn’t exactly a janitor, the alien within can’t handle the intensity and was beamed up to the mothership, but not before bringing along a bottle of PETRONAS SYNTIUM with him.


The combination of the machine and the lubricant is so advanced even extraterrestrial beings want to get their hands on it.

Remember Liquid & Metal? It finally made sense isn’t it? The machine and the lubricant working together as one.  I can’t wait for the final product to hit the market and see what this product of love between AMG and PETRONAS is capable of.