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Note: this restaurant is no longer in business

I had an appoitnment at BU Centerpoint the other day at around dinner time, and thought I might as well settle the little whining sound my stomach was making over there instead. BU Centrepoint has been a totally new place ever since the expansion and renovation earlier this year, with Starbucks, Dragon-i, 1901 hotdogs, and many other international franchises now occupying the floor space. In sharp contrast with the earlier years.

Shanghai 1930s at BU Centre Point
old school but clean and pleasant setting

As I was walking around the mall, I came across this curious little place with the weird name, Shanghai 1930’s Cafe. The interior decoration bare resemblance of a Nyonya restaurant, and the menu offers mostly local dishes, albeit the presence of siu long pao (小龙包). After a quick check on their menu and price list, I found myself sitting in this restaurant with the strange name. Partly due to the name, and partly cos I wanted to have a relatively light dinner (ie, not Momo).

We ordered 2 of the fish sets that comes with rice. A Thai style Tengerri (Mackerel) and sweet and sour Tengerri. We had wanted to go for the black Pomphret with black sauce but unfortunately they ran out of stock for the evening.

Shanghai 1930s at BU Centre Point
two fish and two rice, a nice and simple dinner

The two dishes actually tasted quite good, the Thai style is prepared with some sliced okra and onion, while the sweet and sour dish with spring onion. The filets were slightly smallish but just enough for a single portion. The strong taste of the sauce gives good compliments to the relative bluntness of the Mackerel filets. However, some might find the sweet and sour sauce a little too sour.

With drinks, the total price came to be slightly under RM 20. A pretty decent value for a place with air conditioning and clean, if not comfortable eating environment. By the way, their sambal isn’t bad either, though up to par with Mum’s.

Shanghai 1930s at BU Centre Point
BU Centrepoint is just right next to the big 24hr McDonald’s

Lot G4, Ground Floor, Centrepoint,
Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.138245, 101.610231
Tel: 03-7722 1152