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When I first received the invitation email for a food review at Paradise Inn, I was wondering why I haven’t heard about this hotel since it’s located near Sunway Pyramid, an area I’m quite familiar with. As it turned out, Paradise Inn is actually a Chinese restaurant WITHIN Pyramid.

Traditionally, the word “inn” refers to a place where travelers seek food, drinks, and lodging. Paradise Inn provides two out of the three functions, so I guess it is more legit to use the word “inn” than most political parties in forming government.

Paradise Inn at Sunway Pyramid, yes it's a restaurant
Paradise Inn at Sunway Pyramid, yes it’s a restaurant

Paradise Inn is a subsidary of Paradise Group Holding, Singapore. While only been in Malaysia since 2011, the group has been operating several F&B brands in Singapore since 2002. The concept of the restaurant is to combine traditional Chinese cuisine with a touch of modern innovation, and serve the resulting dishes at a reasonable price.

The interior of the restaurant reflects that very concept, with decoration true carrying tell tale traditional styling with added modern touches. I find it quite classy.

stewed pork belly with lotus bun
stewed pork belly with lotus bun

We kick started the food review session with one of Paradise Inn’s signature dishes, the stewed pork belly served with lotus bun (RM 4.80). It reminds me of the similar dish at Fong Lye at Mid Valley Gardens, but I like this version even more. It’s more juicy, and certainly very savory and flavorful.

The portion is perhaps a little big for appetizer, but I’m not one with huge appetite, so your mileage may vary.

doubled boil water goby with spare ribs and fresh apple
doubled boil water goby with spare ribs and fresh apple

Like any proper Chinese dinner, soup is of the essence. We tried their double boiled water goby with spare ribs and fresh apple (RM 39.90 per pot), one of the nine different double boiled soups offered here.

The soup is supposed to reduce internal dryness, relieve thirst, and improve metabolism. What I know is that it tastes great, and I’d have never thought that the addition of apple in this otherwise very traditional soup managed to give it a hint of freshness and sweetness that adds to the overall taste. I should try this at home.

coffee pork ribs, eggplant with minced pork, crisp fried prawn in wasabi mayo
coffee pork ribs, eggplant with minced pork, crisp fried prawn in wasabi mayo

Next up was another pretty unique dish that was a first for me, the coffee pork ribs (RM 19.90 onwards). Imagine Guinness pork ribs, now imagine the aroma from the black beer substituted by the smell of coffee. It was different, not better or worse than it’s sibling, but different in itself, people who loves coffee would definitely love it. I quite like this.

Stewed eggplant with minced pork and salted fish (RM 16 onwards) isn’t quite as unique, but something that carries its own and goes well with steamed rice.

Crisp fried crystal prawns in wasabi mayo (RM 29.90 onwards) came across to me like something from a dimsum restaurant with great Japanese influence, minus the dimsum skin. The wasabi mayo and that sprinkle of ebiko really adds to the otherwise straight forward fried prawns.

fried prawns with salted egg yolk, spinach in superior stock, fried shrimp paste prawns
fried prawns with salted egg yolk, spinach in superior stock, fried shrimp paste prawns

Another prawn dish we had was the crisp fried crystal prawns with salted egg yolk (RM 29.90 onwards). This should be quite a familiar taste to most, and execution of the dish here is pretty good. I like how the prawns are shelled.

Poached Chinese spinach with egg trio and minced pork in superior stock (RM 16 onwards) is a bit of a fancy name for the familiar “siong thong yuen choi” dish that is common across most Chinese restaurants. The difference here is that they use century egg, salted egg, and chicken egg all in one dish, which makes for a more interesting tasting soup, but I wish there was more liquid.

Crisp fried shrimp paste chicken (RM 18 onwards) might have been inspired by local Nyonya cuisine (my mom cooks this), and turns out to be quite delicious. Great with some cold beer.

chicken with fragrant herbs, steamed minced pork with salted egg yolk, braised vermicelli with pork trotter
chicken with fragrant herbs, steamed minced pork with salted egg yolk,
braised vermicelli with pork trotter

Another poultry dish we tried was chicken with fragrant herbs in clay pot (RM 18 onwards), this dish isn’t all too different from Taiwanese 3 cup chicken, but with a stronger taste of spices and herbs.

Steamed minced pork with water chestnut and salted egg yolk (RM 18) looks pretty interesting, the flattened egg yolk though, was probably more for aesthetics than practicality. I’m also not sure if water chestnut with pork is my thing and probably prefer the traditional type with salted fish instead. It’s not bad per se, just not really my thing.

Braised vermicelli with pork trotters (RM 19.90) is a dish that must be consumed while piping hot. The collagen and fat from pork trotter melting into those meehun – heaven! One of my favorites.

hasma with red dates & longan, lemongrass jelly w lemonade, mango sago
hasma with red dates & longan, lemongrass jelly w lemonade, mango sago

There are eight different traditional desserts to choose from at Paradise Inn. Hasma with red dates and logan (RM 12), lemongrass jelly with lemonade (RM 6), and chilled mango sago (RM 8) were among the few we tried. The desserts serve as sweet conclusion to the session.

there are lunch sets too
there are lunch sets too, and look at how these bloggers work

To me, Paradise Inn seems to sit right in between the cheaper Chinese “tai chau” and the higher end restaurants in hotels in terms of their price point. Quality of food is pretty high up there, offering very decent value for what they are asking.

This review was arranged by HungryGoWhere Malaysia.

Sunway Pyramid map

Paradise Inn
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
OB3.LG1.7 & 1.8, Lower Ground One,

Oasis Boulevard
GPS3.07208, 101.60539
Tel: 03-5637 8822

Astro On The Go Live Explorer event at Sunway Pyramid happened on the 18th May, 2013, myself and a few other bloggers had the privilege to be there and be part of the event coverage team to witness the participation of more than twenty pairs of contestants in this elaborate tele-match like competition.

Astro On The Go Explorer Live Explorer at Sunway Pyramid
Astro On The Go Explorer Live Explorer at Sunway Pyramid

Participants gathered at Sunway Pyramid starting just before 10 am, they were then paired in groups of two and were geared with Astro On The Go brochure, iPad, and mobile 4G wifi dongle, tools they will need to complete their adventure of the day as explorers in Pyramid.

contestants figuring out what they have to accomplish at this station
contestants figuring out what they have to accomplish at this station

Each team has a pilot and co-pilot, the aim was to figure out the clues and then find the booth/station in which the team had to answer questions and/or perform certain tasks.

There were 10 stations in total, scattered at different places in Sunway Pyramid. Do remember that Sunway Pyramid is the 9th largest mall in the world with over 4 million square foot, so it is quite challenging.

juggling the ball isn't exactly a very simple task
juggling the ball isn’t exactly a very simple task

The ten stations represent some of the channels on Astro On The Go, for example – Sports, Maharaja Lawak, Geng Bas Sekolah, Hanna Montana, Korean Series and so forth.

I went to the Sports booth located outside the ADIDAS store to check out what was happening.

At this booth, the participants basically had to juggle the ball at least 3 times, answer a question regarding the sports channel available on Astro On The Go, then snapped a photo and upload it on twitter/facebook. Some groups really struggled quite a bit on the juggling part, but everyone eventually got it right and no display window was broken.

it's a carnival like atmosphere at Sunway Pyramid with Astro On The Go
it’s a carnival like atmosphere at Sunway Pyramid with Astro On The Go

Pearl Harbour, love and hate, Empress in the palace
Pearl Harbour, Love and Hate, Empress in the Palace

Oh My English! is everyone's favorites
Oh My English! is everyone’s favorites

Lunch was served after every team had completed their tasks, and a long line up of performances followed on the main stage to treat guests and participants. The cast of Oh My English! was there, and there were Aaron Aziz, Johan Raja Lawak, Ajak Raja Lawak, Ila Damia, and more too.

There were also sketches including Pearl Habour, Love and Hate, and Empress in the Palace. The crowd was thoroughly entertained.

the winners walked away with Nexes 7, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S4
the winners walked away with Nexes 7, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S4

Then of course, there’s the announcement of winners.

Grand Prize  went to Blablablabber & Leonhart90 who won a pair of Galaxy S4. 1st Runner Up were Pena Berkala & By Rawlins and they walked away with a couple iPad Mini. 2nd Runner Up, Mahamahu & Miracikcit, won Nexus 7 for each of them. The bonus prize for top-tweeting team were Eyriqazz & oh-alicewonderland, who walked away with RM 500 cash.

The winners also had a RM 800 cash bonus if they are Astro-On-The-Go subscribers.

Overall it was a very well received event and one that certainly many enjoyed and entertained. Lets have more!

For more information, please visit

Undoubtedly many of you has noticed that there is a renaissance in the fast food business in Malaysia. In the last few years, we have the introduction (or reintroduction) of chains like Carl’s Jr and Subway. I think this due to consumer’s acceptance to higher priced fast food, higher price in hawker offerings, and the general deterioration of hawker food standards in Klang Valley.

The latest that came on board would be Wendy’s at Sunway Pyramid, the restaurant opened on the 5th of April and I just came back from my 3rd visit this afternoon. 😀

Wendy's Fast Food at Sunway Pyramid
Wendy’s at Sunway Pyramid

During my stay at the States, Wendy’s was one of the few fast food restaurants I used to go on a regular basis. I would put it second on my list after Chick-fil-A, but above A&W, Arby’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway. The reason was simple, it was relatively cheap and the food tastes good.

Wendy's 1/4 pounder burger
juicy burgers with beef, chicken, and shrimp, fried chicken too

I was overjoyed when Wendy’s opened here, and the first thing I tasted was of course, the 1/2 Pounder Burger. Two patties of 1/4 pound beef (a big Mac has slightly less than 1/4 pound beef in total) with a cheese in between sandwiched by soft but firm bun. The quality was just as good as I remembered, very juicy and flavorful. In the subsequent visits I tried their Shrimp Burger and Spicy Chicken Sandwich, both the items were equally good and I do attribute it to the quality of ingredient used. The shrimp burger nullified my complain of McDonald’s not serving their shrimp burger in Malaysia (they do have it in Bangkok and Tokyo).

Wendy’s is in between Carl’s Jr. and McDonald’s when it comes to pricing. A small set goes for 7.99 (nuggets) to 17.99 (3/4 pounder), add RM 1 for medium and RM 2 for large, and additional RM 1 if you want Ribena instead of soft drinks. Not a bad deal considering the quality, give it a try!

map to Sunway Pyramid, Wendy's
check out my hand drawn wendy’s logo!

Wendy’s have plans for outlets in IOI Mall, Jaya One, and Berjaya Times Square.

Wendy’s Pyramid
(opposite McDonald’s)

GPS: 3.073297, 101.607576
Tel: 03-5637 1059

One of my favorite shopping mall parking lot is at Sunway Pyramid. They have installed this nifty little light with a sensor on top of every parking spot. If the spot is occupied, the light is red, if free, it is green. A quick glance down the isle will tell you if there’s an available spot so you don’t have to navigate the whole parking lot aimlessly to find an empty space.

So I went there for lunch the other day. The parking lot was almost filled, but I spotted 2 green lights very close to the entrance, must be my lucky day I thought. I quickly drove there just to find this idiot.

A Toyota Vios parked right in between 2 handicap parking spots. The sensor missed the car.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
WPK 6393 the idiot.

I don’t know if this guy is genuinely handicap, the vehicle did not display a handicap sticker or anything. However, there is no excuse for parking right in between two spots even if you are disabled. Patients with that kind of spatial disability shouldn’t be driving anyway.

I took the opportunity and snapped the driver’s name card that was hanging on the rear view mirror inside the car. The N82 did a decent job getting the face, but unfortunately the gentleman’s name is obscured by the furry crap right next to it.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
Mr. Lim with Sense Health Solutions

Apparently the guy (Mr. Lim) is a member of Sense Health Solutions. I tried to check more on this particular “club” online to no avail, anyone knows about this?

I want Peter Tan to beat this guy up with a stick.

I have wanted to try Carl’s Jr. ever since it was reopened in Malaysia last year, but for one reason or another, I didn’t manage to try it until just a couple of days ago when my colleagues suggested that we should have lunch at the joint at Sunway Pyramid. When I saw the tag line on one of it’s posters saying “Screw the Diet“, I started to like the place already.

Think of Carl’s Jr. sitting in between Chilis/TGI and Burger King/McD. While it is set up as a fast food joint, the quality is far above BK & McD, and priced accordingly too.

Carl's Jr Burger
unlimited refill of drinks (including ice lemon tea, coffee) and pickles/onion

Being my first time there, I didn’t really know what to order. I had wanted to get the Portebello Mushroom Burger but they ran out of stock, so I naively followed my colleague and ordered myself a medium size SuperStar double combination, or something like that.

I got my cup and filled it up with some coke while waiting for the burger to be served. The one thing I like about Carl’s Jr. is the fact that other than soft drinks, they have unlimited free refill for coffee, ice lemon tea, pickles, onions, and even slices of lemon.

Carl's Jr Burger
it was a big meal

When the burger came, the size of it makes the Whopper look like a White Castle sandwich. The taste was actually rather good as well, the two charbroiled beef patties were juicy and tasty. While I prefer the real bacon, this halal version did not disappoint either. I actually had to waste more than half of the fries as my stomach was totally stuffed up after finishing the awesome burger.

While the price is a little high at RM 10+ to RM 20+, I think the size and taste factor do make up for it. I’m going to get the Portebello Mushroom Burger next time!

You can find Carl’s Jr. in Sunway Pyramid (new wing), Mid Valley, 1-Utama (old wing), and Pavilion KL. I’ve heard that they’re going to open 40 outlets between Singapore and Malaysia, can’t wait!

GPS: 3.150050, 101.615939 (1 Utama)
GPS: 3.073297, 101.607576 (Sunway Pyramid)