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Note to self: never bet on football again!

I bet against Spain in Euro 2008 and ended up owing a home-cooked meal to Eiling, stupid Germany squad, hmph! Anyway, to keep to the promise, I went to Isetan last week and spent too much money on a Tefal frying pan to prepare one of my favorite traditional dishes specialized by my mom: fried mee hun with stewed pork.

fried mee hun with stewed pork and prawn
tools, material, preparation, fruit of labor

On the day itself, I called up mom to recap the recipe since this was something I’ve never attempted before. According to her, the ingredients as are as follow:

  • a clove of garlic
  • some shallots
  • mee hun for 3-4 pax
  • a can of stewed pork
  • a carrot
  • cabbage
  • some prawns
  • dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, sugar and salt

Not overly complicated, she also mentioned I should remove excess lard and oil from the canned stewed meat. Lets just say I am one who does not like to follow recipes verbatim.

fried mee hun with stewed pork and prawn
shallots and garlic go first

Now, this is slightly more complicated than the angel hair pasta with scallop that I made, but I’m sure with a little bit of practice and a few meals of mee hun to your pet dog, you will be able do it too. Here goes:

  • soak mee hun in water for 30 mins to an hour
  • prepare mixture of 2 sp soya sauce, 2 sp dark soya sauce, some salt, and some sugar with water
  • fry chopped garlic and shallots until fragrant
  • add prawn and cook till they start to turn red
  • add mee hun, the sauce from 2nd step, stir
  • add canned stewed pork, stir, add some water if your pan gets too dry
  • add cabbage and carrot, stir till they are cooked
  • slightly overpriced but awesome mee hun is ready!

fried mee hun with stewed pork and prawn
can’t you smell it from here?

Believe it or not, the mee hun actually turned out better than expected. In fact, it was as good as mom’s! Eiling, Rachel, and I all finished our huge servings rather quickly and was very satisfied. The mixture of pork, prawn, and vegetable worked beautifully, and the hint of lard in that mee hun, *slurps*, you just have to try it.

Total cost of the meal was close to RM 30 for 3 person, but that includes a one time purchase of dark soya sauce. The canned pork was close to RM 10 but well worth it. Eiling brought a bottle of wine to commemorate the occasion too (that, or she’s just an alcoholic) It was a splendid dinner.

fried mee hun with stewed pork and prawn
a bottle of red wine to go with the awesome dish

Take home chef signing off!