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One of my female friends, Steph asked for a favor to spread the word about the Signature List on the Samsung Journey of Harmony.

Samsung Journey of Harmony

Now this is all in conjunction to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Basically it works like this, you put in your name and email address, Samsung will donate RM 0.10 to a charity house. The names of the charities can be found on the site. I know RM 0.10 isn’t much, but it’s not exactly a lot of work on our part either. The girl promised that the email address is only going to be used to send a thank you note by the system and not for any commercial purposes. So, why not? Sign up here.

Stephanie Yep at Facebook

Other than that, Steph has also requested me to pimp her facebook link. She is looking for a rich boy friend who is not stingy (kinda like every other girl). So go search and add her at facebook with the name “Stephanie Yep” if you are qualified. A scanned copy of your bankbook and a supplementary platinum card is highly desired.