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Kampung Baru is a one of the most interesting areas this site of Kuala Lumpur, within the heart of the city just a stone’s throw away from the KLCC vicinity with it’s glitz and glamor lies a very traditional kampung with proper wooden houses and even chicken roaming on the streets. How this piece of land estimated to be worth up to RM 1.4 billion withstood the lure of development is in itself a marvel in heritage preservation.

I digressed, this is a mainly a food blog, so lets get to the point.

gerai pak lang ikan bakar, kampung baru
Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar, with plenty of dishes besides ikan bakar

Yesterday I followed a handful of colleagues out for lunch, and instead of the usual Nasi Kandar Pelita or KLCC food court, we went all the way to Kampung Baru via the LRT instead.

There are plenty of restaurants on the Jalan Raja Muda Musa, the main food district of Kampung Baru, we settled upon Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar since it was recommended by the lads that this place serves the best nasi campur and ikan bakar in the area.

malay dishes, ikan bakar
ikan bakar, ulam, and plenty of other lauk to choose from

As you walk into the make shift restaurant under zinc roof, the ikan bakar (grilled fish) station is on the right side. There are freshly grilled ikan pari (stingray), kembung (hard tail), and cat fish for your choosing.

Next to it is a line of various lauk to choose from. There’s beef, chicken, fish, tripes, lung, vegetable, egg, and various other ingredients cooked in a host of different methods, there is also ulam (raw vegetable) with at least 3-4 choices of sambal.

radzi, KY, anas, sofian, diana, shamsul
Radzi, KY, Anas, Sofian, Diana, and Shamsul

I picked up a plate of ikan pari bakar with the two sauce, three ladies fingers, a portion of daging kunyit (beef) to go with rice and plenty of curry and sambal. The meat was tasty and not at all chewy, sambal was awesome and plenty hot enough, and of course the ikan bakar too was top notch.

Though we had to walk under the sun all the way back to the train station, the lunch was well worth it.

map to gerai pak lang at Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

The ikan bakar costs something like RM 4.50 with the rice and beef a further RM 3.50, I also ordered a big glass of orange juice for RM 2.50. In all a RM 10.50 meal that was very very satisfying. The HR & another finance lady merajuk cos Radzi didn’t asked them to tag along, hehe, but I’m sure we’ll go again.

Gerai Pak Lang
Jalan Raja Muda Musa,
Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.162268, 101.703878