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Snickers is at it again with another online contest! This time it si the Hunger Buster Challenge!

This can’t be a more appropriate name, Snickers is one of my favorite condense pack of energy bars. A stick of Snickers is the most convenient food one can get when you’re on the go: hiking, trekking, or very handy especially in one of those late night candle burning sessions. After all, going out to eat late at night can prove to be pretty disastrous these days.

Hunger Buster, therefore, is very a aptly chosen title.

Snickers Game - Hunger Buster

First and foremost, the prizes. After all, that is what everybody’s interested in when it comes to contests, right?

Snickers does not go all “kiam siap” in this department. There are 18 Sony Playstation 3 (I wanna play GT5!) to be won, another 36 Canon IXUS 95 IS camera, 18 Sony Ericsson W995 mobile phones, and more! In total there are over 600 prizes. Now we’re talking!

Prizes for Snickers Game

The story of Hunger Buster Challenge goes like this:

The city of SNICKERS has been robbed of its SNICKERS bar. People in the city are out of energy now. Your task is to help restore the people of its energy!

Hunger Buster Challenge online game

The game is simple, find the hidden Snicker bars and feed it one by one to the people of Snicker city. Do this as fast as you can with your mouse/touchpad/touchscreen or whatever. All you need is sharp eyes and really fast hand.

Oh, proof of purchase is not required to join this game, all you need to do is register (if you’re from Malaysia, Singapore, or Philippines, read T&C from

Mission Accomplished!

I managed to complete in slightly less than 19 seconds after several tries. With practice and a little bit of luck I shall be able improve it further. Rawrrr

The contest runs until 21st August, I still have some time yet!

Hunt for the Golden Snicker clue board

By the way, that is only the first of two games.

Game 2 is the Bonus! Hunt for the Golden Snickers bar across the world wide web. There are clues available on the clue board, Snickers facebook page, as well as @snickersgame on Twitter. Find the Golden Snickers bar and win! It’s that simple (or complicated, depending on how well you read clues)

arghh the top 15 scorer

I was all proud at my sub 19 second result, then I checked on the current leader board. Apparently the top player this week scored a time that’s short of 8s. Daymmeee! I shall not give up!

So, head to and good luck to you too (just leave a PS3 for me ok!)