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Some of you might know that I am quite a consumer of pork and lard. Things that aren’t exactly healthy, but so tasty I just couldn’t help myself. Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, and pork crackles (or pork rind/pork scratching) happen to be one of mine.

Mr Porky Pork Crackles
Mr. Porky pork crackles, from UK

Cheesie knows this fact rather well, which was why she gave me a packet of Mr. Porky pork crackles she obtained from a friend who came back to Malaysia from UK a few weeks ago.

For the uninformed, pork scratchings is basically pork skin with a layer of fat that is seasoned with salt and baked until most of the liquid fat is drained off. The resulting snack is mostly dry but with a hint of fat you can still taste, it is quite salty and porky. Without saying, this thing goes very well with beer.

It’s actually almost like a cross of fried lard (chu yau cha) & salted fish, in a very good way!

I didn’t manage to procure a can of cold beer to go with this little packet of goodness. Perhaps the next project would be self baked pork scratching as suggested by Kim (who also bought me a packet of pork scratching from UK sometimes last year, but I finished it before having a chance to take a picture).

Some of you might recall that I absolutely love the popiah at Melaka that comes with the very sinful fried lard. Well, now I have finally found one worthy Halal version here at PJ thanks to Kelvin.

Popiah basah at seksyen 14, petaling jaya
the very old school food court

This popiah stall is located at the wet market food court next to the PJ Digital Mall at Seksyen 14, for those who are a bit challenged geographically, it is one street behind the opposite of the new Jaya 33 mall.

According to Kelvin, the popiah stall has been in business more than some bloggers have been alive. Still with the same owner serving the same very best popiah basah (wet spring roll).

Popiah basah at seksyen 14, petaling jaya
ahh, glorious popiah!

At just RM 1.00 each, the popiah comes with the traditional ingredients of bean sprouts, tofu, and I believe Chinese turnip (mangkuang), kunyit and perhaps a few more ingredients I can’t name. A sweet brown sauce topped the roll and you can have chili paste according to taste as well. I usually love mine a bit spicier than normal, I think it goes very well with the brown sauce. The juiciness and the satisfaction from this traditional snack is something worth way more than the RM 1 you have to pay.

map to digital mall at seksyen 14, petaling jaya
now you know how to get there from Federal Highway

The stall is open on afternoons, give it a try especially if you find yourself at Digital Mall.

GPS: 3.109652, 101.635863

This place at SS2 probably sells one of the bigger chicken curry puffs this side of Klang Valley. If you like your curry puff big, fresh, and tasting just nice, this stall called HOMI is the place to go.

Homi Curry Puff at SS2
freshly fried curry puffs

For the uninitiated, curry puff is our traditional Malay pie originated from this region. It consists of fillings wrapped by a deep fried pastry shell. Traditionally chicken curry with generous amount of potato were the de facto ingredient, but these days you can find many puffs filled with everything from sardine to durian.

Homi Curry Puff at SS2
big and handsomely filled!

At this particular stall, the curry puff is made the traditional way, except in a very generous size. For RM 1.20 each, it gives pretty good value, and of course, tastes pretty good too! The shell has a slight buttery taste to it and the curry is thick and juicy. However, the best thing is that business is so good and hence you’ll always get freshly fried curry puff. Warm curry puff is so much better!

Homi Curry Puff at SS2
Homi is located at Sun Hin Loong kopitiam, opposite KFC

The stall operates in the afternoon. Situated at SS2 Sun Hin Loong kopitiam, it is only across the road from SS2 Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

Intersection of SS 2/62 and SS 2/67
GPS: 3.119498, 101.621819