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Continuing our effect of exploring more eateries in the west part of Klang Valley that is .. Klang itself, today we’re going to look at one of the most popular roast duck restaurants in the area.

The name of the restaurant is I-Po, and as you may have guessed, a play on the spelling of Ipoh, the town up north famous for ladies with fair skin and temples within holes in their mountains.

Resotran I-Po, Klang
Resotran I-Po, Klang

The restaurant itself isn’t too difficult to find, it is accessible via two different major roads in Klang, and parking isn’t something entirely too challenging.

As an additional advantage, unlike most restaurants in Klang, this one speaks Cantonese (since they’re from Ipoh, I assume) in addition to Klang style Hokkien and Mandarin, which can be convenient to some.

roast duck, roast pork, ribs, and more
roast duck, roast pork, ribs, and more

The restaurant offers a little more than just roast duck, you can also find roast pork, bbq pork, pork ribs, and several types of vegetables, tofu, eggs, almost ala mixed rice style.

For lunch, we ordered a portion of roast duck, roast pork, ribs, and some salted vegetable to go with good old fashion steamed rice. A little bit of everything, really.

a closer look at these roast meat goodness
a closer look at these roast meat goodness

The roast duck did not disappoint, properly flavored, succulent meat with crispy skin, could hold its own among the better ones (such as Loong Foong & Sunrise in PJ, Chen Chen in KL, Sun Ming in Cheras), but the duck seems slightly smaller in size though.

They’ve also got the skin for their roast pork down perfectly, which seems like something eateries at Klang does very well. The pork ribs though isn’t exactly comparable with the gems at Peng Heong just a few kilometers away.

What I really like though, is the condiments they provide here. The home-made chili sauce here is very different from the ones you get at usual roast duck places, it is slightly sweeter but has a good kick to it, I find it very appealing. Of course, the usual roast duck sauce is offered as well.

Haze and KY at I-Po restaurant
Haze and KY at I-Po restaurant

Overall I’d say it is a restaurant definitely worth visiting, especially if you’re at this part of town. Food’s pretty good and prices are fair. Remember, Klang isn’t just about bak kut teh.

map to i-po roast duck, klang

I-Po Restoran
180, Jalan Batu Unjur 1,
Taman Bayu Perdana,
41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.015270, 101.432853
Tel03-3324 2295
Hours: 8am to 5pm, closes on Wednesday

I’m a fan of curry mee, whatever type of curry mee, I’ll try them so long as my taste buds agree.

I’ve heard about the Nyonya Curry Mee at USJ for quite sometime, and finally we managed to try it last weekends when we found ourselves at USJ for an appointment to check out some invisible grille option for our new home.

Fushou Lou Nyonya Curry Mee, USJ 2
Fushou Lou Nyonya Curry Mee, USJ 2

Originally from usj 2, fushou lou Nyonya seafood curry mee is now at seksyen 14 near digital mall, Hai Keng kopitiam. Having mine with stingray and roast pork 😚👌 #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #hawker #currymee #nonhalal #pj

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Located at USJ 2 kopitiam just right next to the Shell petrol station across from USJ Summit Mall, the stall is called Fushou Lou Nyona Curry Mee, or literally the “bearded man”. The stall offers Nyonya curry mee, dried curry mee, and seafood curry mee. There’s also the option to add roast pork, curry chicken, and other ingredients into the mix.

Nyonya Curry mee, with extra roast pork
Nyonya Curry mee, with extra roast pork

For our virgin experience, I ordered Nyonya curry mee with roast pork (RM 8).

It was quite beautifully presented. It came with noodle/meehun, some long beans, bean sprouts, tofu pok, mint, cuttle fish, and of course, those yummy sambal in addition to roast pork.

Compared to KL or Penang curry mee, this has a more sourish taste, slightly more refreshing, and absolutely delicious.

KY & Haze, obviously enjoying the curry mee
KY & Haze, obviously enjoying the curry mee

If you have an affinity to curry mee or laksa, this is definitely a stall to check out. The normal version starts at RM 6, and I’m going to try their seafood noodle when I have a chance.

map to USJ 2 kopitiam

Kedai Makanan USJ
2, Jalan USJ 2/2c
47620 UEP Subang Jaya
GPS: 3.057137, 101.591065
Hours: 10 am – 2 pm

Jalan Peel has always been a place where the locals go to eat. The area has some of the most old school traditional eateries one can find outside Pudu area.

A few weeks ago I went there for the first time when we visited the Sunway Velocity showroom. It was the good people from Sunway who actually treated us lunch at Kar Kar Lai (家家来). Thanks!

Edit: According to Aaron Lim – They have since then shifted to China City Restaurant and renamed to Yoong Char Siew after their stall at Jalan Peel is demolished.

Kar Kar Lai 家家来 at Jalan Peel, KL
Kar Kar Lai 家家来 at Peel Road

The set up at Kar Kar Lai isn’t much. An inconspicuous stall with plenty of meat on display, with make shift tents over a dozen of so tables by Jalan Peel. Not very different from Thim Kee at Pudu, 10 points for old school feel, 1 for weather protection.

We ordered steamed chicken, siu yok (roast pork), char siu (bbq pork), steamed tilapia, and vegetable to go with rice for lunch, but did not try the yummy looking pork knuckle or chicken feet, unfortunately.

steamed tilapia, steamed chicken, char siu
steamed tilapia, steamed chicken, char siu

The steamed tilapia with thai sauce was pretty good. The meat fresh and tender, the sauce packs a kick, goes well with white rice but probably too strong to eat as is.

Steamed kampung chicken was yummy too, slightly tougher than normal chicken, but quite a bit more flavorful. After all, Kar Kar Lai’s signboard shows that this is a chicken rice stall.

My favorite of the day though, goes to the char siu (bbq pork). The caramelized meat was tender, sweet, and positively delicious, don’t miss this out if you come here. This is on par with some of the better char siu in town, like Meng Kee at Glenmarie and Famous Seremban Favorites at Aman Suria.

siu yoke (roast pork), vegetable at Kar Kar Lai
siu yok (roast pork), vegetable at Kar Kar Lai

The siu yok (roast pork) was what our host kept telling us about, but to be honest, while it was good, I couldn’t say that it is exceptional with a straight face, an off day perhaps? (Our host swore it’s better on other days). I would definitely give it another try.

As usual, we also ordered a vegetable dish to make sure mom approves.

Nic Gan, Kim, Gareth, Haze, KY
Nic Gan, Kim, Gareth, Haze, KY

Overall, Kar Kar Lai is a place definitely worth visiting even just for the char siu and steamed chicken, I’d also like to try their pork knuckle and Chinese sausage next time. Price information is absent since lunch was bought by our generous host from Sunway, but I have a feeling it’s pretty affordable.

map to Kar Kar Lai at Jalan Peel

Kar Kar Lai 家家来
Jalan Peel, Cheras
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS:  3.12865, 101.72488

Everyone in a while, Kerol would come over and pick us up for brunch over the weekends. Being from Penang, this not-terribly-young lady is a truly picky when it comes to choosing her food. So whenever she brings me to a new eatery, it is most often one worth the stomach.

new restaurant ipoh chicken rice
New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing

A couple weeks ago she brought myself and housemate Rachel to the New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing.

I am quite a fan of chicken rice, from Malay stalls, Ayamas, air-conditioned restaurant, to the famous Fatty Loh Chicken Rice in Penang, I’ve really tried them all. However, none of the above mentioned outlets is as big as this place.

meat balls, bean sprout, roasted pork, chicken
pork meat balls, bean sprouts, roasted pork, steamed chicken

Since arriving at PJ from Ipoh in 1977, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice has expanded to four shop lots with tables on both levels. There were at least 30 workers including servers, hosts, cleaners, cooks, and kitchen helpers in the very efficiently and rather clean restaurant. Order is done with an assistant of a PDA connected wirelessly to the kitchen too.

For the three of us, we ordered roasted and steamed spring chicken, roasted pork (siu yok), six pork meatballs, and a portion of bean sprouts.

rachel, kerol, KY at ipoh chicken rice, jalan gasing
Rachel, Kerol, and KY enjoying some chicken rice

One very important thing at any chicken rice places is the quality of it’s chili sauce, and in this regard, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice did not disappoint. The chili does pack a kick, and minced ginger is available too.

The chicken was really delightful, even the breast meat was rather smooth and rather tasty, but of course, I still prefer dark meat anytime. Bean sprouts were fat and juicy, providing a nice contrasting texture to the meat. The meat balls were, although famous and tasted pretty decent, isn’t at the same league Wan Hou Steamboat‘s version. The roasted pork too, was alright but isn’t something I would recommend strongly, I had wish we ordered more chicken instead.

map to ipoh chicken rice (since 1977)
New Restuarant Ipoh Chicken Rice is pretty close to Federal Highway

With everything we ordered, lunch came to about RM 10 or so per person. Not exactly the cheapest meal but a pretty satisfying one. The place opens from 7:30 in the morning till some 11pm at night daily. Interestingly, there’s another chicken rice shop right next to it that is more old school, and as Mell said, her grand dad’s favorite. I shall check out that particular Satellite Chicken Rice shop soon.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
107, Jalan Gasing 10/1
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.107456, 101.65334
Tel: 03-7956 0958

I have been a fan of roasted duck for the longest time and usually get my fix at Loong Foong in Taman Paramount whenever temptations got the better of me. While roasted duck is all good, everyone has been telling me that roasted goose is a whole other level altogether when it comes to taste, people like Horng who has been to HK on numerous occasions. As you might have guessed, roasted goose is a rather common dish there.

Soon Fatt Roasted Goose at Jalan Pasar
glorious glistering roasted goose

However, some weird cosmic arrangement has resulted in the relative scarcity of this dish back in Malaysia. They are so rare that so far I am only aware that less than handful of places offer them around KL.

It wasn’t until late last year that I got myself a taste of this Chinese/HK delicacy at a food review session on Canton-i, and I can attest to the claims. Roasted goose is really quite a bit more succulent and juicy compared to duck, not to mention the relative larger portion which makes it easier to eat too.

Soon Fatt Roasted Goose at Jalan Pasar
Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Goose is a shack by the corner of Jalan Pasar

Since that event, I had been back to Canton-i a couple times only to find out that the roasted goose is sold out every time I get there. Something had to be done, and I vaguely recalled the availability of this dish at Jalan Pasar.

A few clicks on google and a short drive later, a couple colleagues and I arrived at Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Goose at Jalan Pasar on one fateful Friday afternoon.

Soon Fatt Roasted Goose at Jalan Pasar

For the three of us, we ordered quarter portion of roasted goose (thigh and drumstick portion), another generous portion of char siu (bbq pork) and siu yoke (roasted pork) on the side, three rice and some drinks.

The dishes came with 3 types of condiments: a plum sauce and 2 types of chili sauce. Soup is served with rice as well.

The portion of roasted goose was actually rather big even for 3 of us. The meat juicy and very scrumptious, which leaves me wondering the differences the breast portion would bring since duck breast and duck confit do carry different taste. While the siu yok wasn’t as impressive as Wong Meng Kei, they still tasted pretty good. The char siu though, was actually better than expected, on par with some of the bests in town (such as meng kee at pudu, or Aman Suria’s famous Hakka noodle char siu)

map to Soon Fatt Roasted Goose at Jalan Pasar
roasted goose, roasted & bbq pork, rice, soup, bliss!

It was a satisfying lunch but also one that came with a pretty steep price. The meal was some RM70 for three of us, still, RM 20+ per person isn’t too exuberant for something you don’t get very often. Now if only this place has air conditioning…

Intersection of Jalan Pasar and Jalan Yap Hin,
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.135315, 101.716479
Tel: 012-212 9018