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On a fine Tuesday, my colleague Sheng Huah came over to my corner and asked if I wanted to join a couple of them for dinner on Wednesday, and promised something different from the ordinary ‘siu chau’ at Wisma Cosway.

I am constantly looking for new things and places to eat, so why not?

Restaurant Jiang He at Jalan Padang
Restaurant Jiang He at Jalan Padang

We took a good 10 minute walk from Jalan Kia Peng, passing Pavilion, Starhill Gallery and arrived at Restaurant Jiang He right next to smallish Fei Har Ching Ser temple at Jalan Padang (directly across Bintang Palace, the infamous pub/karaoke.)

On normal days, restaurant Jiang He serves chap fan (Chinese mixed rice), but every Wednesday, they have this special fried chicken.

the fried chicken is the killer, every Wednesday
the fried chicken is the killer, every Wednesday

The photos here are taken over the span of two separate visits. Both times I ordered the excellent fried chicken, with it’s crispy crunchy skin and succulent tasty meat that is quite irresistible, I suspect the marinate involves belacan. Definitely worth a try if you’re at the area. Thumbs up to Sheng’s recommendation.

indoor and outdoor seating area, colleagues
indoor and outdoor seating area, colleagues Sheng & Sam

Their char siu (bbq pork) and siu yok (roast pork) were not particularly impressive though, I suggest leaving more space for the chicken instead. However, if you like potato, don’t miss their wedges, they’re slightly burnt and very good!

The pricing at Restaurant Jiang He is pretty reasonable. Drumstick (actually almost a 1/4 chicken) chicken rice costs about RM 7.50, while thigh version goes for around RM 6 or so.

Remember though, the fried chicken is only available on Wednesdays.

map to restaurant Jiang He at bukit bintang

Restaurant  Jiang He
Jalan Padang,
Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.145980, 101.71378