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Remember the good old days of computing when avoiding virus means scanning untrusted floppy disks and not accepting funny files from IRC? It was the time of megabyte hard disks and 14.4 kbps modem, and of course, a relatively trivial and safe online environment.

Trend Micro Titanium maximum security product launch

With the increasing popularity of the internet and diminishing use of floppy disks, computing security threats evolved to be more complicated. There aren’t just virus anymore, but trojan horses, malware, and a host of other nonsense.

This is when security software became essential of everyday computing. These days, not having your computer protected is akin to going into the African Safari naked and roam around with lions and vultures, not exactly a very smart thing to do.

Trend Micro Titanium

A couple weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Trend Micro Titanium maximum security, the latest internet security software by Trend Micro, one of the big boys in this industry.

I have always been one of the fans of Trend Micro and been a user with their Housecall product as well as an administrator of their corporate anti-virus/malware/spam software, so personally this wasn’t just any product launch for me, I actually do have an active interest in what they are announcing.

product launched
speech by Product Marketing Manager Terence Tang & Director Goh Chee Hoh

The event was held at Grand Millenium KL over lunch time, which was rather convenient for me since it was a short walk from where I work.

Instead of the typical boring speech speech speech + powerpoint powerpoint powerpoint type of product launch, Trend Micro actually added quite a bit of spice to the day by having dance performances, games, and lucky draw in the event too.

comparison between old and new internet security software
comparison between old and new internet security software

I’m not gonna bore you too much with super detailed explanation on the software, but basically the points to be taken were:

  • there is a new security threat every 1.5 seconds, and the number will be ever increasing
  • current security software mostly run on virus/malware signature file technology
  • signature file will get too big hence network becomes bottleneck
  • Trend Micro maximum security utilises Cloud Technology to report/block threats automatically
  • the software runs lighter on system resources

performance and games
stack em up game and dance performances

The number one complaint most people have when it comes to security software is that they make computer sluggish, well there’s good news. Comparing to previous version, Trend Micro Titanium uses 47% less memory (60 MB) and a quick scan takes only 16s instead of 2 minutes.

In fact, the software is a complete rewrite with a major overhaul in the architecture as well. Pretty cool technology at that (took 5 years to complete since it’s inception). If you’re interested in the tech, go to the product page.

food at Grand Millenium KL
food at Grand Millenium KL was quite impressive too.

If you’re looking for home computing protection, Trend Micro Titanium is definitely worth a serious consideration.

By the way, the lunch at Grand Millenium was quite impressive as well, we had chicken, fish maw soup (proved that you don’t need sharks fin), huge pomphret fish (but no waiter seems to know how to properly cut them these days), butter prawns and such.