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I finally got to meet one of my favoritest personality on TV – Samantha Brown of TLC. For those of you without the privilege of satellite TV, she is one of the most cheerful and bubbly travel hosts there is.

Originally from Dallas and now residing on Brooklyn, Samantha Brown has covered Latin America, Europe, China, and – Asia. Naturally, her latest travel show is appropriately named Samantha Brown’s Asia.

Samantha Brown of TLC, and yours truly
Samantha Brown of TLC, and yours truly

Samantha Brown’s Asia premiers every Monday at 10.00 pm on TLC (Astro channel 707) beginning 25th July, 2011. The episod on Malaysia falls on July 29 with a special airing on the Sunday of July 28, 7:00 pm.

In the show Samantha Brown travels across Japan, Hong Kong, and all throughout South East Asia seeking experiences usually not found on everyday visit. For example, she went to an orang asli village near Ipoh, I didn’t know we even have orang asli in Perak.. oh well..

So don’t miss the brand new show especially if you’re a fan.

Samantha Brown's Asia, on TLC (Astro Channel 707)
Samantha Brown’s Asia, on TLC (Astro Channel 707)

We had the opportunity to have a short chat and some photo sessions with her, and in real life, Samantha Brown behaves pretty much exactly as you see her on TV, very lively, funny, and full of smile. She’s the type of person you would want to have in any party, even one without alcohol.

There was a quiz at the end of the night, together with Helenness & another dude, I walked away with a pair of X-mini speakers after correctly answering her question. Yey me!

Asian dinner served by Hilton KL
Asian dinner served by Hilton KL

As for the dinner, we were served foods from all over Asia – started with som thum from Thailand,summer roll from Cambodia, and sushi from Japan; then pho from Vietnam, soft shell chili crab from Singapore, dimsum from Hong Kong, tempura from Japan as mains; and Sago gula melaka from Malaysia, Lapis legit from Bali, and mini egg tart from Hong Kong as desserts.

It was a great concept, but execution was another manner altogether. The tempura was good (from Iketeru I bet), chili crab was alright, and the rest didn’t live up to the standard you’d expect.

But hey, meeting one of my favorite persons and winning a pair of speakers made it a plenty great night!