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At the end of the month is again the most important day in the history of Malaysia – our national day. Chantings of merdeka, merdeka, merdeka is sure to fill the heart of KL and in the heart of every true Malaysian.

celebrity sightings at Astro Negaraku'13 event at Midvalley Megamall

celebrity sightings at Astro Negaraku’13 event at Midvalley Megamall

This Merdeka, Astro celebrates our very unique culture and way of life, our quirks, language, food, and actions that essentially make us Malaysian. Something that we would not change for the world.

Phrases like  “Rilek-lah Bro!”, “Stylo Mylo”, and “Dah Makan?” are bred and born and tied to our Malaysian way of life.

celebrities include Datuk Aznil, Haniff, Lisa Surihani, Jie Ying with Astro COO Henry Tan
celebrities include Datuk Aznil, Haniff, Lisa Surihani, Jie Ying with Astro COO Henry Tan

To kick off the Merdeka Celebration, Astro COO Henry Tan unveiled the #GoBeyond positive engine.

The positive engine is an effort to enhance the level of positivity in Malaysia during this Merdeka.

the "positive engine", activated by positive tweets
the “positive engine”, activated by positive tweets

The engine is powered by and activated by #GoBeyond tweets that spread positive attitude, with the very first tweets started from Henry Tan and celebrities including Datuk Aznil, Haniff, Lisa Surihani, and Jie Ying.

My very own #GoBeyond tweet – “push it a little harder, be it on the ball game or in the gym, #GoBeyond

There were a lot of fans showing their support on the ground at the event outside Food Junction at Midvalley Megamall as well. It was a very “riuh rendah” atmosphere.

#UrMalaysianIsShowing tweeting challenge winners
#UrMalaysianIsShowing tweeting challenge winners

The event also include a tweeting challenge participated by 16 groups of bloggers and twitterers. Each group of five had to complete a number of tasks involving updating their twitter and facebook with @UrMalaysianIsShowing and @GoBeyond hashtags. There was a lot of positive and competitive energy in this.

Jie Ying's fans, chuckei, Azaria, Redmummy, Rachel, Tian Chad
Jie Ying’s fans, chuckei, Azaria, Redmummy, Rachel, Tian Chad

Join the spread of positivity this Merdeka by doing something positive and sharing the act with #GoBeyond hashtag and show our uniquely Malaysian way of life with #UrMalaysianIsShowing too!

Check out and if you’re interested in those awesome t-shirts, there’s an app on to design your own!

astro #UrMalaysianIsShowing t-shirt design

The t-shirt application allows your to choose your version of Malaysian words & sentences and have the #UrMalaysianIsShowing hashtag at the back as well. After you’re done you can actually purchase the t-shirt itself for RM 25 and all proceeds to go charity.

spread positivity and share it with #GoBeyond

spread positivity and share it with #GoBeyond

My personal #GoBeyond act is to be more courteous on the road, especially when the traffic is bad. I will make it a point to always allow a waiting car to come out from the junction even if I have the right of way.

And as for this weekends – Merdeka! and relek k bro!

KFC is always one of my favorite places to be. I remember back in the days when I was a boy, my late dad would bring the family to KFC once a month or so as a treat. It was always a very anticipated event.

A little bit of memory quiz for those who listens to Light & Easy FM (aka old!), do you still remember that KFC was once a sit-down restaurant? Ahh.. the memories.

KFC outlet at Suria KLCC
KFC outlet at Suria KLCC

To this day, I must get my KFC fix at least a couple times a month over lunch. Thus it came as no surprise that I”m always interested when KFC introduces new product on the market.

And this time around I think KFC has hit the bulls eye. I believe the new KFC Chicken Chop is going to be a winner.

KFC chicken chop, with sweet corn, potato wedges, and mushroom sauce
KFC chicken chop, with sweet corn, potato wedges, and mushroom sauce

9 out of 10 times at KFC, I order the Original Recipe snack plate with drumstick and thigh. So what could be better than that?

The original recipe drumstick & thigh chicken ….. BONELESS! This is just sheer genius, which made me wonder why they haven’t taught thought of this before.

boness OR chicken thigh & drumstick, mushroom sauce, yums!
boness OR chicken thigh & drumstick, mushroom sauce, yums!

The KFC chicken chop also comes with sweet corn (again, without the corn stem!) and potato wedges on the sides. To top it off, there’s the mushroom sauce too, with chunks of button mushroom in it.

Best of all, this wholesome meal with a Mountain Dew is only priced at RM 9.90. That’s cheaper than some hawker stalls already if you factor in drinks, and you won’t get the clean environment and air conditioning at kopitiam that’s for sure.

finger lickin' good!
finger lickin’ good!

The KFC chicken shop is served with fork & knife too, but nothing’s stopping you from eating without utensils so that you can have that finger lickin’ good experience!

OK, writing this has been tough on my stomach, I think I’m gonna have this for lunch today!

During the HOMEDEC weekend at KLCC Convention Center, I had the privilege of attending a workshop hosted by Nippon Paint with a bunch of usual suspects. I went with the “not another boring event!” mentality, but came out with a host of knowledge about colors and living spaces I didn’t have a clue about, it was a very pleasant surprise to say the very least.

Nippon Paint workshop at HOMEDEC
attending the very informative presentation – Redmummy, HB, CityGirl

The workshop started out with a presentation by Ms. Gladys Goh of Nippon Paint, in an almost classroom like environment, we learned about colors.

Color to evoke emotions, one of the things I never thought about, for example:

  • Yellow – Happy
  • Purple – Romantic
  • Light Green – Refreshing
  • Light Blue – Soothing and Calm
  • Maroon – Passionate
  • Red – Energize

So for example, it is appropriate to paint a study room light blue, but you wouldn’t want it to be all romantic and purple. Make sense, no?

colors galore with Nippon Paint
colors galore, with small tubes for painting decals too

Next we also learn about color schemes. Again, this is something that I’ve never really given any thoughts.

  • Monochromatic – the simplest and least imaginative, a single color in combination with different hues that gives a cozy, relaxing, and sooth ambiance. Easy to not go wrong.
  • Adjacent/Analogous – picking a few colors within 90 degree of the color wheels (colors that are close to each other.)
  • Complementary – using colors that are opposite to each other in the spectrum, like blue and orange to create contrast of cool & warmth.
  • Triadic – this is probably the most daring one, choosing 3 different colors that forms a triangle on the wheel, for example, green, yellow, and maroon. This can create a vibrant theme but if you’re not careful, the living room might turn out to look like a kindergarten.

my masterpiece, created with Nippon Paint
look at my creation, hohoho

Other than the roles of colors and color schemes, there were other useful tips in painting. Some of these are just common sense that we often overlooked.

For example, always paint the ceiling, follow by walls, then windows and doors before proceeding to floor (yes, some people do paint their floor).

Other good habits in painting smart is to ensure that you always paint the difficult area first. Paint the edges, corners, and high spots before proceeding to the main area. Keep strokes continuously and do it in the same direction (up-down or left right), and always paint two coats or more.

huai bin, ringo, at Nippon Paint
Huai Bin, Cheesie, Ms. Wong Meng Lee, and Redmummy‘s husband’s creations

After the lecture we were each given our canvas to experiment on some wall arts.

Now some of you might say that wallpaper and stickers are and easier solution. To a certain extend, they are, but with our climate, wallpaper is usually not a very long term solution, same goes with stickers.

For those with a braver soul looking for a more permanent solution, using real paint for wall art is the way to go. We use a variety of different colors and the tools provided (brush, masking tapes, foams) and created our own wall art.

cindy, cheesie, redmummy
KY, Cindy, Cheesie, BeautifulNara, Redmummy

With some masking tapes I did some square thingy on my canvas and also experimented with drawing a tree free hand. I think the results are alright, a little more care and thought with it I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something better. Huai Bin’s wall art was probably one of the weirdest, while Cheesie of course, stamped her canvas with pieces of cheese (then added a really fat rat).

Next up would be my living room make over with a fresh coat of paint and some wall art. I’ve actually found a designer to aid me in the wall art department since I basically accepted the fact that my designing career won’t really go anywhere.

Stay tuned!

I went to Singapore for a couple days, my first time there in the last 13 years. A short trip for an interesting event, a competition organized by Brand’s that we eventually came up first… running up (which involved only two teams.)

Details of the trip shall come soon, but first, I want to also make you envy by showing you this little toy David sent me a day prior to the Singapore trip for review. A Nokia XpressMusic 5800!

Nokia XpressMusic 5800
Nokia XpressMusic 5800

The phone actually exceed my expectations, very polished touch enabled user interface. Still a few bugs to iron out prior to the full release I bet. Full review on this blog soon, stay tuned.

Singapore MRT station
Singapore MRT

Singapore MRT is a lot busier than I remember, and commuters don’t seem to line up nor actually let passengers get down first prior to barging into the train. I thought that was a little surprising.

Brand's Blogger's Challenge
Brand’s bloggeer’s challenge

The Malaysian team did not win (sorry folks!), but Red Diva, KK, Suanie, Sultan Muzaffar, and I did try our best. It was a pretty close call. More on the event on this blog soon.

Brewerks at Singapore, a micro brewery
Brewerks at Singapore

Suan brought me to Brewerks, a microbrewery along the Singapore river. Good beer, good company, but my alcohol tolerance is still tragically low.

along Singapore River
this reminds me of the Rainbow bridge in Tokyo

The scenery at Clark Quay at night is very nice. The photo above is what you can see from Brewerks. Strangely there are quite a few people jogging along the riverside at 9pm, and they’re almost all whites. We’re still deciding if they were exercising or showing off.

along Singapore River
Singapore River at night

The river cruise looks like something I might want to try in my future visit, Sheryl and I had a pretty good riverboat tour back when we were in Chicago a number of years ago when we were both very much together in the States.