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By now most of you should be rather familiar with the stray dog incident at Pulau Ketam that happened a little over a month ago. The residents at Pulau Ketam basically rounded up some 300 hundred stray dogs on the island and sent them to fend for themselves in a small mangrove island called Pulau Selat Kering. This was their way to solve the ‘stray dog problem’.

The news spread from twitter to blog to facebook and mainstream media, and it all started off from one particular person – TV Smith.

pulau ketam dogs

Through his website at (which is a wonderful resource of everything Malaysia), pictures and videos of the abandoned dogs struck many of us in a very personal and direct way that a side column in newspaper can’t. From there hundreds of blogs and news sites picked up where he started and ultimately the rescue mission went underway, and is still on going.

To donate or sponsor (time, material, or money) for the cause, please check out donation information on furryfriendfarm.

TV Smith
picture from

TV’s contribution in bringing this awareness to the public and tireless effort in the rescue mission is something I truly admire and applaud.

So when I came across Honda Challenging Spirit website, TV’s name came up immediately as someone who fits right in to the word Dedication. My nomination goes to TV Smith.

Do help towards the cause.

Itchy for steamboat again, the gang and I decided to try the “original” pulau ketam steamboat at SS15, Subang Jaya. The name of the restaurant is Bee Ho (美好海鲜火锅之家). This is of course, the same style as offered at the Patrick Teoh’s Damansara Village steamboat.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
the chili paste is awesome!

Unlike the grand set up at uncle Teoh’s outlet, Bee Ho is just a big old school kopitiam. Meaning the tables near the sidewalk are much preferred as those situated deeper in the restaurant can be a little hot and humid with all the steamboat boiling on every table.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
the steamboat, the crab meehun, and the two noobs.

For the 8 of us, we ordered 5 portion of standard steamboat meal, a plate of fish fillet (actually wanted to have the fish cubes but they ran out), string mushroom, extra meat roll, dumplings, and a big plate of absolutely must-order crab meehun.

The joy of having steamboat with plenty of people is that you have more choices ordering the side orders and not have to only settle for the standard steamboat meal.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
the sloppy diner!

We boiled the soup with plenty of ingredients at least 4-5 times over. The ingredients were fresh and pretty good, the soup with good herbal taste, and the chili paste was really awesome. I think I had at least 3 small plates of those spicy stuff. Above all, the crab meehun was really something special, the aroma of crab soaked into the meehun, making it tastes unique of the crustacean’s sweetness, this is something that everyone MUST TRY at Bee Ho.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
Bee Ho steamboat is at SS15, near the college areas.

The dinner only came to RM 17.50 per person that night. We had Chinese tea as drinks.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant
no. 52 Ground Floor,
Jalan SS15/4C
Subang Jaya 47500

GPS: 3.076773, 101.587862
Tel: 012-250 7177

Steamboat is best enjoyed with a group of friends, so I gathered the usual suspects last weekend and eight of us went to the relatively new Damansara Village Steamboat opposite ProJET gas station near Atria at Damansara Jaya.

Damansara Village Steamboat (pulau ketam style)
very nice set up and excellent ambiance

This place is more than just a simple restaurant, there’s a little pool for kids to catch guppies (longkang fish) from, some furry animals, Iguana, and a giant tortoise on one side, a miniature vegetable farm, and even a guy twisting balloons for free. At least this local restaurant is catching up to McDonald’s concept of making the kids happy first.

As for the restaurant itself, there are indoor and outdoor areas, with everything set up in an open concept. No need for air conditioning when you have high ceiling, no wall, and plenty of fans. The tables are not arranged too close together either, very spacious and comfortable.

Damansara Village Steamboat (pulau ketam style)
the standard steamboat set

For the eight of us, we ordered five portion of the standard steamboat set (assorted fish balls, prawns, mussels, eggs, bamboo clams, noodle, and vegetables). To complete the meal and add some variety, we also asked for 300gm of live tiger prawn (still jumping on the plates!), straw mushroom, 1kg of giant clam, and a pretty good size batfish that looks and tastes pretty much like pomphret.

Damansara Village Steamboat (pulau ketam style)
the extras: tiger prawns, clams, fish, straw mushroom

As this is a Pulau Ketam style steamboat, we go for the traditional clear soup with some herbal ingredients. The sambal provided at this place was pretty good too.

We started out boiling the soup with some seafood, fish balls, and noodle for the first round. Finished everything in less than a few minutes; and proceed with the second round of giant clams and others; then it was the fish; and after that the live prawns; with the final round of more noodles and egg. The soup got better and better as the essence of seafood ingredients got sucked into it. It was a very fulfilling meal, fresh ingredients with very good soup. The food went well with the fresh coconut juice and a bottle of toddy we ordered.

Damansara Village Steamboat (pulau ketam style)
the happy diners

The dinner came to slightly less than RM 30 per person. I would consider that a very good value for the ambiance and great food we had. A place worth visiting again.

Damansara Village Steamboat (pulau ketam style)
less than 2 kilometers from Kelana Jaya LRT station

1067, Jalan Jenjarum
SS23 Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.124233, 101.612672
Tel: 03-7803 1832

By the way, if you haven’t know already, the big boss is Patrick Teoh.