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A couple Fridays ago my buddies Terence and Horng made a trip down to KL and bought me birthday lunch. Since it was a little too early for the best roast pork at Wong Meng Kee (they only start serving at 12:30pm sharp), Terence suggested that we head to Thim Kee Steamed Fish, a place with the best Tilapia, according to Mr. Goh.

Thim Kee Steamed Fish at Pudu
Thim Kee Steamed Fish at Pudu

As with anywhere in Pudu, parking is always a challenge, Pudu plaza car park is an option since the stall is situated just directly opposite the old mall. The hawker shack itself isn’t exactly the most comfortable of all dining places, but it’s largely sheltered, and relatively clean.

The three of us were joined by Sean, so four of us ordered up a total of four dishes to share.

delicious deep fried tilapia
delicious deep fried tilapia

First to come was their famous deep fried tilapia that was so crispy on the outside but still has its meat fresh tasting and tender (must be fried with really high temperature, check out the gas canisters on top collage). The fish is served on top of a sauce that carries a hint of sweetness and fermented bean flavor, unique and in a very good way.

This is a definite must order, I’ve never tasted tilapia so good, it’s even better than Sister Lan’s tilapia at Rawang.

butter squid, herbal steamed tilapia, fried chicken
butter squid, herbal steamed tilapia, fried chicken

The butter squid here is served in a clay pot and comes with butter in liquid state, which results in soft and tender squid but one that doesn’t get as much flavor from the butter/spice/curry leave. Still a dish worth ordering though.

Herbal steamed tilapia is another fish we ordered, since this place is famous for tilapia, so why not? I couldn’t find any fault from this dish except for the fact that there’s only so much you can get out of tilapia, I think this would taste much better if only it was a siakap (barramundi) or pomphret.

Fried chicken is another must-order dish. This tastes like a cross between Vietnamese style lemen grass chicken and traditional Malay pandan chicken but deep fried. The sauce that came with the chicken was sweet+spicy and definitely flavorful. I wanna have the whole chicken drumstick by myself next time!

map to Thim Kee Steamed Fish, Pudu
note: GPS should be 3.136585, 101.713824

As with most hawker stalls at Pudu, price is rather reasonable. The total bill for four of us came to some RM 60+, we left with really satisfied stomachs. Will definitely return, thank you guys for treating!

p/s: By the way, do call and make a reservation to make sure fish and more importantly, seats are available!

Thim Kee Steamed Fish
Jalan 1/77c, Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.136585, 101.713824
Tel:  03-3986 3097

I remember when I was young, near my grandma’s house at the old village of Pengkalan Weld in Penang, there was a neighbor that has a business in selling cucur udang (prawn fritters). High school kids in the area took up part-time job as cucur udang door to door salesmen. My late grandma used to buy a few of this snack whenever the kids with their baskets full hot prawn fritters and chili sauce came by the house.

Cucur Udang at Pudu Plaza

Fast forward some twenty odd years, the same aroma of freshly deep fried cucur udang greeted me at the entrace of Pudu Plaza (for the uninformed, it is behind Berjaya Times Square.) Even though I have just had lunch, I surrender to the temptation and got myself a piece of cucur udang, with chili sauce, of course.

The RM1 snack was just as good as I remember it to be. The crunchiness of the deep fried dough with whole prawns on top, chewing them down with chili sauce is like a walk down memory lane, the taste and aroma brought up flashes of those innocent days.

The traditional cucur udang is not as popular as it once used to be, but do give it a try if you are around Pudu Plaza area.

GPS: 3.137034, 101.713389