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So some of you might have heard of Project Alpha by now, but for the rest of you who didn’t realize this blog owner has somehow managed to get on Full HD videos shot by professional camera crews. Though stranger things have happened, this is still pretty amazing, at least when it comes to yours truly.

Here’s the very short version of the story and what has happened last January.

cheesie, shaolintiger, kimberlycun, and KY at project alpha
Jojo, Cheesie, the crews, Kim & Gareth, and Cheesie pretending to be a diva

So our shooting location was chosen to be the Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh. To be honest, I had initially anticipated it to be boring. What’s with this lost world thing? Is it another tiny amusement park that couldn’t make it?

We made our way to Tambun, and to get the day started, we stopped by the very yummylicious dimsum place that is Ming Court at Ipoh. (my all time fav dimsum place)

i had to put on make up :S
and they put make up on me, wtflux :S

But as it turned out, Lost World of Tambun was this huge amusement park that has a huge water park, lots of attractions, hot spring, a petting zoo, free running horses, and even live Siberian tigers!

It was an amazing location to do the shoot and I think the #porkgang should seriously plan a day trip there one of these days.

shooting cheesie and jojo with snake
the snake took some getting used to for cheesie & jojo

We did quite a lot of our shootings at the petting zoo, and even managed to sorta cured the snake phobia of Jojo & Cheesie at the same time though the latter screamed like Shrek on speed on burning charcoal when I first put the lovely albino python on her shoulder. (check out the video below)

Gareth and I were able to take some lovely shots when the girls finally settled down with the poor animal.

i was in the serpentarium!
raccoon’s cute, slithering snake by my shoes, awesome Siberian tiger

I somehow volunteered myself to go into the Serpentarium and almost got myself bitten by a reticulated python, but it was all fun and my Chinese zodiac namesake didn’t do me any harm. We also visited the raccoons, the monkey that bit Cheesie’s blackberry, and the really amazing Siberian tigers. They were so awesomely magnificent.

Guess I shall save writing more cos it’ll take forever, watch these videos instead!

Read this

What’s better than an ice cold beer? A frozen beer of course!

I’ve heard about this wonderful concoction from Gareth several years ago, so when Cheesie, Kim, Jojo, and I were shooting Project Alpha season 2 at Lost World of Tambun, we made it a point to have dinner there.

Kafe Yoon Wah with frozen beer
super chilled beer poured on frozen mug = frozen beer!

After spending a good 20-30 minutes looking for the place and almost ended up at a wrong shop with a deceptively similar name, we finally sat our collective butts on the table. Except this time around the 5 of us sat at a semi-circle aka TVB style dinner, and I got to do the food review in the video below:

Before talking about the food, lets concentrate on the frozen beer for a moment. The idea is actually pretty simple, the beer is chilled till it’s almost frozen, I’m guessing probably below 4 C.

The beer glasses are super chilled separately, and when the two meets, the beer foam is instantly frozen, and the beer itself remained super cold but in liquid form. The beer tasted super awesome! I’m not sure you can do this at home, but I think it’s worth a try, just don’t leave your beer in the freezer though.

tofu, kung pao chicken, vegetable, fried lala
tofu, kung pao chicken, vegetable, fried lala

Since the shop uses a super cool and ultra efficient wireless PDA for ordering, we ended up asking for way too much food. The five of us had 7 dishes, and later added on 2 other side dishes since we found out Jojo doesn’t eat seafood, at all!

We had tofu with minced meat, kung pao chicken, and vegetable (vitamin c quota :D) for the non seafood dishes. While the tofu and vegetable dishes were pretty decent, the kung pao chicken was rather good, it had a good “wok hei” going on. Those were the only dishes Jojo eats, FHL.

mantis prawn, steamed pak sou kong, steamed frog
mantis prawn, steamed pak sou kong, steamed frog

As for the seafood dishes, we had deep fried mantis prawn, steamed cat fish (pak sou kong), steamed frog with chicken essence, and fried lala.

Other than the fish which tasted rather ordinary, the other 3 dishes were excellent. The mantis prawns was my favorite, deep fried, salted, and with fresh chili all over, it packed a punch and was really flavorful. The steamed frog with chicken essence were very sweet too, Kim loved that max!

stuffed chicken wings, frozen beer, satay
stuffed chicken wings, frozen beer, satay

Since Jojo were only able to have 3 out of those 7 dishes, we ordered stuffed chicken wings and satay for the tv celeb without telling her that the wings are stuffed with a variety of ingredients including mutton and fish. We liked it, and so did Jojo, but she almost killed me when I told her they had fish in them.

The stuffed wings are a must order item, and it’s sold by this old lady that has a stall next to Yoon Wah. Don’t miss out if you’re there. The satay though, was forgettable.

Kim, Gareth, Jojo, KY, and Cheesie
Kim, Gareth, Jojo, KY, and Cheesie

Since this was for Project Alpha, the production treated us dinner and I didn’t manage to find out the exact price of the feast. But from all the other blogs and comments, Yoon Wah seems to charge pretty reasonably. So if you’re in Ipoh, get some frozen beer and good seafood there.

map of kafe yoon wah at ipoh

Kafe Sun Yoon Wah
No. 7, Jln Bijeh Timah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak

GPS: 4.596231, 101.078977
Tel: 05-253 9980

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If you told me I’ll be among the “top” bloggers when I started this little blog five years ago, I’ll call you crazy. And if you are from the future (like Time Traveler’s Wife) and told me there’ll be this thing called Project Alpha and I’d be in season 2, I’d have laughed so hard I’d die instantly, much like Martin of Aragon.

project alpha season 2

The good thing about this version of reality we’re in is that time machine is very much confined to science fiction, and truth itself is often stranger than stories the best script writer could conjure up.

So yah, together with my fellow porkgang member Cheesie and Shaolintiger, proper celebrity Azwan Ali, pretty boy Niki Cheong, yoga instructor Ninie Ahmad, and Joe Lee, yours truly is in Project Alpha season 2. *bow*

KY's project alpha photoshoot

Life is ridiculous like that, and thus for the photo shoot of Project Alpha season 2, the make up artists gave me a ridiculous hairstyle that’s been described as.. *ahem* “Korean pop star” look. Don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, I’ll just keep my hair messy and free of combing as usual TQVM 😀

project alpha launch at the curve
Jojo working the camera, and the Project Alpha season 2 casts + sponsors

Cheesie, ST (with Kim) and I had our session shot with Jojo and the crew at Lost World of Tambun earlier in the year (will blog about the trip soon). It was a fun and exciting experience, being in front of the camera with half a dozen crew working behind it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

But here we are, it is done, and Project Alpha season 2 is coming on the 19th April! Very soon now!

project alpha season 2 launch

Last Wednesday the show is officially kicked off! We had a press conference and screening at Cineleisure with all the cast (except Cheesie who’s in Japan) and sponsors. Gareth and I were pulled aside for an interview with Nanyang daily too, though the mat salleh can’t exactly speak in Mandarin.

At the same time, the trailer is launched and will be on big screen before movies this whole month at Cineleisure too!

Check out for more videos that are coming, and if you’re on twitter, follow #ProjectAlpha hashtag too.

Life just got more exciting! 😀

Project Alpha season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 as well as MAS.