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Working at the KLCC area basically dictates that I usually frequent Wisma Sentral for lunch. Afterall, it breaks the bank to satisfy the stomach at the KLCC food courts and restaurants otherwise. Hence it was a delight to find out there was a new establishment in the building busiest around lunch time, the Ikan Bakar Portugis (Portuguese style BBQ fish).

Ikan Bakar Portugis at Wisma Sentral, near KLCC
a pretty small establishment just next to the main elevator area

I went to the place on friday after 1pm, the best time as our muslim brothers are at the mosque and thus the place is not too packed. Then again, it is Puasa month now, so that might not be a factor at all anyway (in fact, I’m not sure if the place is open for business at regular hour during Puasa month. update – open for regular business during puasa month)

The menu is simple enough, starting from RM 4.50 to RM 6.50 for seafood and rice. There are sting ray, tilapia, squid, lala, prawn, and other combinations such as sotong with petai, sting ray with lala, and so forth. I ordered the string ray with petai (twisted cluster bean) and a glass of sea coconut drink.

Ikan Bakar Portugis at Wisma Sentral, near KLCC
string ray with petai, yumm

Since every dish is freshly cooked, I had to wait for some 10 minutes before lunch is served. The smell that attacked my nose was first indication that lunch was going to be good. Fish + sambal + petai can never go wrong for me. The string ray and petai were very well cooked, with plenty of excellent sambal on top. For a Malay dish, the ikan bakar was not overly spicy. The rice was of nice and soft texture and goes down well mixing with the fish and sambal. It was a very good lunch.

map to Wisma Sentral, near KLCC
here is how to get to wisma sentral

My lunch combination and drink cost me RM 7.50. Slightly high for Wisma Sentral standard, but definately worth it. Still a lot cheaper a plate of mixed rice with 3 items at the food court anyway. Give it a try if you are around KLCC.

GPS: 3.158728, 101.714473