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I woke up at 7 something this morning, even earlier than the usual working days. I showered and freshened up, took my trusted Canon 400D and went to the polling station just a couple kilometers away from my house. It was going to be my first time voting. I was as anxious as the first day of school.

find out your stream here

Fittingly, the polling station is at a school. There were already quite a number of people when I reached the station. I went to the checking station to find out that which stream I will be casting my ballot. It was a pretty fast process.

waiting in line, election 2008
waiting in line

There were lines everywhere but the situation was in order and everyone behaved rather well. No shouting, no chantings, it was very quiet, and the process proceed without a hitch.

waiting in reflection, election 2008
waiting in reflection, election 2008

When it was my turn, I gave the lady my IC. My IC number and my name was announced for checking, and I was given 2 tickets to put my precious crosses in. I duly did so and carefully put them in the ballot boxes. I’ve done my part.

register here, election 2008
register and get your tickets

Before leaving the station, I talked to a policeman and thank him for doing his part. He was friendly and even posed for this photo. We do have a future, don’t we?

smile, you
smile, you’re on camera!

As I walked towards my car, I took this photo of expired banners and buntings with fellow voters leaving the station upon fulfilling their duty. I can’t help but be anxious for the result tonight.

If you are registered but haven’t voted yet, please do so. As of writing you still have 5 hours.

More photos at my flickr set.