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I went to NAZA’s showroom last weekend to take a look at the rebranded Peugeot 206 (as Naza 206 Bestari) as one of my friends is in the market to get a car. I checked out the interior of this ride and took a few pictures.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari rear shot
The four door hatch rear shot

The european hatch, as you would expect from a hatch, is not very spacious. However, it will accomodate four adults comfortably. I would say the rear seats are slightly more spacious than that of a Proton Satria, with the extra advantage of having 4 doors.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior dashboard
The 206 dashboard and center console

The dashboard and center console of the 206 is pretty stylish and yet simple. Essentials like the techometer, speedometer, fuel meter, and temperature gauge are right in front of the steering wheel, unlike some of the new designs that put it in the center (eg. Kancil’s interior.)

The built in CD player has a seperated display mounted on the top of the center console, just right above the hazard light button, this is a good configuration as the driver does not have to adjust the eye lever too much while fiddling with the radio.

The climate control is pretty simple, though you can see the heater setting on the temperature knob, Naza has already taken out the heater core, adjusting the knob to red will merely switch off the aircond compressor.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior glovebox
glove compartment

The door for the glove compartment also serves as a cup holder. It also has a place for you to place sunglasses securely. The actual glove compartment itself though isn’t very big. I would actually rather they have dedicated cup holders and not needing to keep the glove compartment opened whenever I have a can of drinks in the car.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior mirror
the make-up mirrors

Female drivers rejoice, the 206 comes with not just one, but two make-up mirrors. I think this is the only car that I have come across that has a make-up mirror on the driver side. Lets hope we don’t see any girls using this while driving.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior rear boot
the rear boot space

For a hatch, the rear boot is surprisingly large. The rear seat is collapsible to create a larger boot space. Spare tyre is mounted under the car and not accessible from the rear boot.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior rear seat
rear seats

While not very spacious, the rear seats can easily accomodate 2 average sized adults. The power window buttons are mounted in the center of the car for the rear passenger, a little counter intuitive but probably a good safety feature when you have little kids on board.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior gear shift
triptonic gearbox

The tiptronic gearbox offers ease of driving just as an automatic transmission while offering the manual override that until recently never heard of in cars of this price range. This could come very handy, for example, being able to downshift to increase braking power while going downhill from Genting, if only the engine is more powerful..

Note the cigarette lighter, power window, and side mirror adjustment controls are all mounted right below the shifter.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari engine bay
the 206 engine bay

The engine bay packed the 1.4 liter engine (TU3). The airscoop on the top left of the bay serves as a cool air intake for the engine, a pretty innovative touch that is both cosmetic and practical. I wonder if this configuration can still allow installation of struct bars.
The listed price is RM 68,888 on the road. A pretty good buy if you’re in the market.

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