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A few years ago I came very close to heading to Western Australia for a vacation, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, that plan got axed, and I eventually went to Melbourne a couple times a year after that. The experience at Melbourne was very positive, a first rate place where people are friendly, food are good, and places are beautiful.

After a bit of research and going through, I now believe that the trips to Australia would have been quite a bit more awesome if I had gone to WA instead.

There’s simply just so much more that’s on offer. Especially for someone who loves both the allure of city as well as the great outdoor.

city of Perth
the city of Perth

The city of Perth is a beautiful city and is often marked by its friendly and laid back environment that visitors like. After all, vacations that are hectic never appeal to me. If I want to have a hectic lifestyle, I can just stay put.

For those who love a dose of good retail therapy, this Western Australian city does not disappoint. Gucci, Prada, LV, Tiffany & Co are all on King Street. For bargain hunters, there’re also the Harbourtown Factory outlets in the city.

Shopaholics covered.

making friends with the wallaby
making friends with the quokka on Rottnest Island
the Greenhouse, Fremantle prison tour

Perth is full of quirky surprises too, a prime example is the Greenhouse located at busy St Georges Terrace right in the city. The exterior of the wall is lined wild strawyberry plants. I’d love to be there when the plants start to fruit. What a sight that will be.

The port of Fremantle is a lively fishing boat habor and one of the best preserved 19th century portscapes in the world. The historic Fremantle Prison, Maritime Museum, and Round House are among the tourist attractions.

Of course, never miss the chance to meet Australian creatures when you’re in Western Australia. Rottnest Island is one of the very few places where quokkas can be found. These little marsupials are the size of house cats and look a bit like a cross between rodent and kangaroo, too cute.

Coral Coast
Coral Coast, and yes that’s a dolphin

A couple hours north of Perth is a scenic stretch of coastline by the name of Coral Coast. If sand surfing, wind surfing, four-wheel driving, or feeding dolphins are your thing, this is the place to go.

Near by there’s also Lobster Shack, a popular tourist attraction in Cervantes where visitors get to tour the lobster farming facility (and order some to go, of course)

At the top of the picture collage above is the famous Pinnacle desert that is formed over million of years. At spring time (August to October), the weather is milder and there are wild flowers blooming at the moon-scape like terrain, a uniquely beautiful place.

whale shark at Ningaloo Reef
whale shark at Ningaloo Reef

For me though, the one thing that I would cherish most is probably the chance to dive with whale shark at Ningaloo Reef. These magnificent creatures usually visit the reef between April and July each year. They’re only the largest fish in the ocean, and the number one marine creature I want to dive with right now.

I dive with manta rays & mola-mola in Bali, but whale sharks? That’s a whole different category altogether.

wine and dine at Margaret River

wine and dine at Margaret River

Just 3.5 hours away from Perth is Margaret River, often considered as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Western Australia’s gourmet offering, definitely the place for people who loves good food.

The area is perfect for growing grapes, and accounts for 30% of Australia’s premium wine production. This is a result of its Mediterranean climate and pristine environment.

Winery hopping, anyone?

Australian delicacies at Margaret River
Australian delicacies at Margaret River

The restaurant in premier Margaret River boutique hotel Cape Lodge is placed in the top 10 hotel restaurants in the world by respected travel magazines. Now that’s a place I want to visit. They also offer cooking classes as well, very tempting.

festival and events at Western Australia
festival and events at Western Australia

For those who loves festivals and events, here’s the list of what’s happening at the region in 2012, do take advantage of the events and plan your trip accordingly.

  • Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 1 to 19 March
  • Telstra Drug Aware Pro Margaret River 19 to 26 March, Margaret River
  • Fremantle Street Arts Festival 7 to 9 April, Fremantle
  • Margaret River Wine Region Festival 13-16 April, Margaret River
  • Busselton Festival of Triathlon 4 to 6 May, Busselton
  • Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival 25 to 27 May, Exmouth
  • Truffle Kerfuffle – Southern Forests Food Festival, 16 June, Manjimup
  • Picasso to Warhol: Twelve Modern Masters 16 June to 3 December, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

south western australia

This post illustrates but a very small sample of what Western Australia has to offer, visit for everything that you need to know for the very promising vacation destination.

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There is also information on for the facebook generation, and for those who uses smartphones, you’re in for a treat:

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There is usually at least one type of food that represents a city, and when you are lucky, they are those that can be tapao-ed.

For Penang, it is the Him Heang tambun biscuit, from London, you shouldn’t miss the pork crackles, if there’s someone coming back from the States, get them to source you a pack of Reese’s peanut buttercup, and from Perth, the Corica Apple Strudel.

Corica Apple Strudel from Perth

When Val came back just the other day, it was Cheesie who had asked her to get a loaf of apple strudel from the original Corica Pastries all the way from Perth.

I became the courier for the prized dessert out of convenience since Cheesie was still enroute from Tokyo, Val and I had dinner at BU Centrepoint to complete the transaction and catching up some lost time. After all, we were together for some two years prior to her departure to the land down under.

KY, Horng, Kim, with Cheesie and Koyuki eyeing the Apple Strudel

The next day, Jaclyn, Eric, Kim, Horng, Cheesie, and I got to share the pastry (with Koyuki the huskies & Fatty and Ally the schnauzer eyeing us).

The apple strudel made of layers of crispy pastry with generous amount of apple fillings and custard in between, topped with a thin layer of caramelized sugar. Even though it was more than 36 hours since the strudel left the bakery, it was still awesomely delicious! Not overly rich nor too sweet, it was wholesome and definitely very fulfilling.

I believe a loaf costs over A$15, a bit on a pricey side, but I’d definitely want more! Val, you’re reading this right? 😀

Corica Apple Strudel
106 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge Western Australia 6003

GPS: -31.945753,115.858855
Tel: +618-9328 8196